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Sixty-sixth session of the Specialized Section on Standardization of Dry and Dried Produce (GE.2)

24 - 26 June 2019

Geneva, Switzerland

UNECE/FAO Conference and Expo

Session Documents

Document Symbol Document TitleENGFRE RUS
Item 1: Adoption of the agenda
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.2/2019/1 Provisional Agenda and annotationsPDFPDFPDF
Item 2: Matters arising since the last session
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/2018/2 Report of the 74th session of the Working PartyPDFPDFPDF
Item 3: Review of existing UNECE Standards
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.2/2019/3Proposals to amend the recommendation for Prunes by the delegation of FrancePDFPDFPDF
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/2018/13Recommendation for PrunesPDFPDFPDF
Item 4: Developments of new standards
(a) Dried coconut kernel pieces
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/2018/14Recommendation for dried coconut kernel piecesPDFPDFPDF
(b) Dried Papaya
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/2018/16Recommendation for dried papayaPDFPDFPDF
(c) Dried melons
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/2018/17Recommendation for dried melonsPDFPDFPDF
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.2/2019/4Proposals by Uzbekistan - amendmentsPDFPDFPDF
(d) Peanuts
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.2/2019/5Draft standard for peanuts
(e) Pecan nuts
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.2/2019/6Draft standard for pecan nuts
Item 5: Walnuts from forests
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.2/2019/7Proposal by KyrgyzstanPDFPDFPDF
Item 6: Sampling plan for tree nuts and dried produce and guidelines for inspections of dry and dried produce 
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.2/2019/8 Revised sampling plan for tree nuts and dried produce and guidelines for inspections for dry and dried producePDFPDFPDF
Sampling plan - examples (inshell walnuts, almond kernels, dried grapes (2x), dried apricots) with explanations and photosPDF
Item 7: Revision of the Standard Layout
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.2/2019/9 Proposal to amend the UNECE Standard Layout for Dry and Dried Produce
Item 8: Explanatory materials
Pistachio nuts - new photos PDF
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.2/2019/INF.1 Inshell pistachios - posterPDF
Dried apricots - explanatory guidePDF--
Walnut kernels and inshell walnuts - poster
Dried figs and dried grapes -posterPPTX
Cashew nuts - explanatory guide and cashew kernel colour chart
Item 9: Other business
Item 10: Future work
Item 10: Election of Officers
Item 11: Adoption of the Report
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.2/2019/2 Report of the SessionPDFPDFPDF
List of ParticipantsPDF