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Seminar on Risk Assessment Methodologies, held in the framework of the tenth ‎Conference of the Parties to the UNECE Industrial Accidents Convention

4 December 2018

Geneva (Switzerland)

The seminar was held in the framework of the tenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention.

The background paper (an official document) contains the programme and is available on the web page for the Conference of the Parties.

Please see the flyer for the detailed programme information: English

The key conclusions of the seminar and the recommended follow-up activities for possible future implementation are contained in the Seminar Report


Session I

Introduction to effect & RA methodologies defining seminar scope and case study selection, Martin Merkofer, Switzerland, and member of the Convention's Bureau and small group on risk assessment 

Scope of the Industrial Accidents Convention, evaluation of the implementation reports and recommendations of WGILeo Iberl, Chair of the Working Group on Imlementation 

Relevance of risk assessment in light of the Sendai Framework, SDGs and the Convention’s revised long-term strategy to 2030Claudia Kamke & Rebecca Wardle, UNECE secretariat 

Towards a multidimensional understanding of risk – the Global Risk Assessment FrameworkAdam Fysh, UNISDR 

Session II

Analyzing the risks of chemical accidents, including natural-hazard-triggering technological disasterSerkan Girgin, EU Joint Research Centre

20 years of safety reports in Italy risk assessment methodologies employed, Roberto Emmanuele, Italy

Methodological framework for risk assessment in the Russian Federation, Mikhail Lisanov, Russian Federation  

The New Manual for Risk Calculations in Flanders as the result of the Project Unification, Karola Imbrechts, Belgium 

Methodology of Safety Report development with a special focus on RA methodology that is applied in Serbia, Bojan Srdic, Serbia 

Session III

Evaluation criteria for Seveso establishment in the Netherlands, Anneke Raap, Netherlands 

Quantitative evaluation criteria for humans and the environment in Switzerland, Raphael Gonzalez, Switzerland

The importance of monitoring hazard identification systems & how lead process safety metrics can be used as indicators, Zsuzsanna Gyenes, IChemE

Session IV

Summary of the UNECE Guidance on Land-Use Planning, the Siting of Hazardous Activities and related Safety, Michael Struckl, Vice-Chair from Germany, and member of the small group on risk assessment 

Risk assessment at oil terminal in Danube Logistics SRL, operator of Giurgiulesti International Free Port, Svetlana Stirbu, Danube Logistics SRL, operator of Giurgiulesti International Free Port, Republic of Moldova

International exercise on the prevention of industrial accidents and water pollution control – Danube River, Eszter Szilágyi, Hungary