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Fifth session of the Meeting of the Parties to the Protocol on Water and Health

19 - 21 November 2019

Belgrade, Serbia

The fifth session of the Meeting of the Parties to the Protocol on Water and Health will take place on 19-21 November 2019 in Belgrade, Serbia. This high-level meeting is organized by the Government of Serbia, with support of the joint secretariat of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for Europe.

The meeting is expected to gather representatives of over 40 countries - Protocol Parties and other States, non-governmental organizations, development agencies, academia and private sector from the pan-European region. The meeting will be an important milestone in advancing the water, sanitation and health agenda in the pan-European region. It will highlight achievements but also reflect on challenges and identify areas for action by reviewing the progress achieved in the Protocol’s implementation and by discussing how the Protocol can best support pan-European countries to improve access to safe water and sanitation and achieve water and health related Sustainable Development Goals.

The high-level session on 19 November 2019 will discuss political and technical dimensions of key issues related to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals such as safe management of water and sanitation services, including in the light of climate change, equitable access to water and sanitation as well as emerging regional priorities such as legionella and anti-microbial resistance.

At this session, the Meeting of the Parties is also expected to review past activities and discuss the future programme of work for 2020-2022 of the Protocol. A wide variety of topics will be on the agenda: the improvement of water and health governance; the prevention and reduction of water-related diseases; institutional water, sanitation and hygiene, small scale water supplies and sanitation; safe and efficient management of water supply and sanitation systems, equitable access to water and sanitation and resilience to climate change. The meeting will also review situation with water and health in the pan-European region based on the 4th reporting cycle under the Protocol on Water and Health.

All documents and more information on the meeting venue, financial support and registration will be available in summer 2019.