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The International Centre of Excellence on Coal Mine Methane in Poland nominated for an Emerging Europe Award

Emerging Europe is a London-based think tank committed to boosting the social and economic development of twenty-three countries in Eastern Europe and raising awareness about the region. It provides market intelligence and make connections between organisations located outside the region with their counterparts in emerging Europe. Emerging Europe’s mission is to contribute to further economic and social development and raise awareness about the opportunities the region provides. To learn more about the initiative please visit its official website.

The Emerging Europe awards prizes in 10 categories:

  • FDI Project of the Year,
  • Global Market Champion of the Year,
  • Research & Development Initiative of the Year,
  • Renewal Project of the Year,
  • City FDI Promotion Strategy of the Year,
  • Social Impact Start-Up of the Year,
  • Equality-Friendly Initiative of the Year,
  • Tourism Campaign of the Year,
  • Young Empowerment Initiative of the Year, and
  • National Investment Promotion Agency of the Year.

The International Centre of Excellence on Coal Mine Methane (ICE-CMM) in Poland operating under auspices of the UNECE Group of Experts on CMM was nominated in the category Research & Development Initiative of the Year, in which it competed with the following candidates:

  • 3 Pillar Global's R&D Centre in Lasi, Romania,
  • Continental's R&D Centre in Serbia,
  • Embarco's Technology Centre in Spisska, Slovakia,
  • Ericsson's R&D Centre in L’viv, Ukraine,
  • Huawei's R&D Centre in Kiev, Ukraine,
  • Mondelēz International's Technical Centre in Wroclaw, Poland,
  • Nokia's Skypark in Budapest, Hungary
  • Sentiance's R&D Unit in Vilnius, Lithuania, and
  • Siemens' Czech Republic's Branch.

While the main prize in this category went to the Siemens' Czech Republic's Branch, ICE-CMM in Poland took the second place.

At the Award Ceremony that took place in the Headquarter of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London, the Centre was represented by the President of its Board, Mr. Lukasz Kroplewski. In his speech, Mr. Kroplewski underlined that work of ICE-CMM Poland aims at popularization and further development of technologies and best practices allowing for efficient capture and use of methane from coal seams. He stressed benefits that such activities bring to the environment, economy and safety of the personnel working in the underground mines. Mr. Kroplewski said he was happy and proud that the idea and the work of the Centre, which is hosted by the Polish Oil and Gas Company, the Polish Geological Institute, the Polish Institute of Oil and Gas, and the Polish Central Mining Institute, has gained recognition among such renowned competitors.