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Hangzhou Forum: IoT in Trade Facilitation - Use Cases and Examples of Implementation

15 October 2018

Deefly Zhejiang Hotel, Guiyu Room, Hangzhou, China

This Conference will take place in the morning of 15 October 2018,  during the Hangzhou Forum of United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT) (14 to 19 October 2018).

Over the last few years, IoT appears to be an important new development that allows integration of connected devices into every sphere of life including the area of trade. UN/CEFACT proposes to launch a Whitepaper project to explore

  • How IoT technology could be used to facilitate trade and related business processes
  • How existing UN/CEFACT deliverables could be used by IoT applications
  • Possible changes to existing UN/CEFACT deliverables, or new deliverables, that could be considered in order to support IoT trade-facilitation related applications.

In April 2018, a conference/workshop was organized that went over the different potential use cases of IoT in facilitating trade. The presentations from this are available on the event website. 

The objective of this conference is to look at use cases and examples of implementations of IoT in facilitating trade in areas such as agriculture, transportation, Regulatory, supply chain and benefits that were derived from such implementation.

Target Audience
All interested in finding out more about how IoT could be used to support trade facilitation.

To attend the conference, participants need to be registered for the Hangzhou Forum along with the IoT conference. You are kindly invited to register online by  21 September 2018.

Draft Agenda
Agenda will be on this website shortly