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Regional Workshop on the compilation, dissemination and use of Supply and Use tables

2 - 4 October 2018

Chisinau, Moldova

 Document Title
Provisional Timetable PDFPDF
Session 1 - Importance of Supply and Use tables and Input Output tables
Supply and Use tables - Why (UNSD) PDF PDF
Role of SUTs for global value chains analysis (OECD) PDF
Uses and user relations (Denmark) PDF PDF
Session 2 - Overview of the statistical process for compilation of SUTs and IOTs
Overview of SUTs and their statistical production process (UNSD) PDFPDF
Compilation of SUTs and IOTs. Overview of the country survey (UNECE) PDF PDF
Compilation of SUTs in Moldova PDF PDF
Sample survey of enterprises and public entities “Reporting of sales and cost of production”(Kyrgyzstan) PDF PDF
System of Input-Output Tables in the Republic of Belarus PDF PDF
Ukraine practice in compilation of Input-Output Tables PDFPDF
Input-Output tables: the Russian experience PDFPDF
Compilation of SUTs (Israel) PDF
Czech approach in compiling SUTs PDF PDF
Session 3 - Compilation of Supply Table
Populating the Supply Table (Denmark) PDFPDF
Czech approach in compiling Supply tables PDFPDF
Session 4 - Compilation of Use Table
Populating the Use Table (Denmark) PDF PDF
Survey of production costs for the compilation of 2016 benchmark SUTs: the Russian Experience PDF PDF
Changes in the SUTs due to the implementation of the 2008 SNA (Israel)
Session 5 - Compilation of Valuation Matrices
Compiling the valuation matrices (UNSD) PDF
Margins, taxes and VAT. Knowledge and/or assumptions (Denmark) PDF PDF
Czech approach to compiling valuation matrices PDF PDF
Session 6 - Compilation of import use table and domestic use table
Compiling import use tables (OECD)PDF PDF
Data sources for constructing the import use table (Israel)PDF PDF
Czech approach in compiling import use table and domestic use tablePDF PDF
Session 7 - Compiling SUTs in volume terms
Compiling SUTs in volume terms (UNSD) PDFPDF
SUTs in volume terms in Serbia PDF PDF
Deflation of SUTs in the Czech practice PDF PDF
Session 8 - Balancing SUTs
SUTs balancing procedures (Denmark) PDF PDF
SUTs at TurkStat (Turkey) PDF PDF
Session 9 - Deriving IOTs from SUTs
From SUTs to IOTs (Denmark) PDFPDF
Input -Output Tables (Kazakhstan) PDFPDF
Session 10 - IT tools for the compilation of SUTs
Introduction (UNSD) PDF PDF
Compilation of SUT with ERETES (France) PDF PDF
Compilation of Supply and Use tables and Input-Output tables in Albania PDF PDF
Short description of construction of Supply and Use and IO tables using Danish methods PDF PDF
Hendyplan SUT.Equalizer PDF