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Twentieth session of the Working Group on Environmental Monitoring and Assessment

3 - 4 September 2018

Palais des Nations, Geneva (Room VII)

Delegates attending the meeting are requested to register online through the following link: https://uncdb.unece.org/app/ext/meeting-registration?id=Jg3eTN

In case of difficulties you may refer to online user manual at; please contact the secretariat by email at the following e-mail address; WGEMASec@un.org 

Requests for financial support should be submitted to the UNECE secretariat; Ms. Anelia Rambosson anelia.rambosson@un.org and to WGEMASec@un.org . Please use the following financial support request form and kindly return it to us as soon as possible.
financial support request form

Since Switzerland is part of the Schengen Zone, obtaining a visa might take up to 5 weeks. Participants needing a visa are therefore requested to submit their application as soon as possible and initiate visa procedures at least four weeks before the meeting.

Agenda itemDocument titleENGFRE RU

Provisional annotated agenda


Report of 20th session of the WGEMA


Provisional timetable (informal note; revised 29 August)


Draft revised outline of activities leading up to 2021


Annual timetable of activities for 2019


Shared Environmental Information System assessment framework for the mid-term review


Draft mid-term review of the establishment of the Shared Environmental Information System


Annex to the draft mid-term review of the establishment of SEIS (informal note)


Draft concept for next pan-European environmental assessment (informal note)

Other documents
List of participantsPDF



3.1Adoption of the report of the nineteenth session PDF
4.1Presentation of the draft revised outline of activities leading up to 2021          (ECE/CEP/AC.10/2018/3), by UNECE PDF
4.3Approval of the timetable of activities for 2019PDF
4.5Presentation on the financial resources available, by UNECE PDF
4.6Identification of other international projects that relate to the Working Group's     activities, by EEA, UNECE (Statistical Division) and UNEPPDF
5.1Presentation of the SEIS Assessment Framework (ECE/CEP/AC.10/2018/5), by UNECE PDF
5.2Presentation of of the status of the online reporting tool, by UNEPPDF
5.5Mid-term review report om progress in establishing SEIS PDF
6.1Presentation on reporting and modelling processes under the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution, by Ketevan Kordzakhia, UNECE, (Convention Secretariat)PDF
6.2Presentation on reporting processes handled by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, by Tom Brooks, IUCNPDF
6.3.1Presentations of national experiences of providing environmental data for international reporting processes, by Azerbaijan and Italy PDF
6.3.2Drawing of conclusions PDF
7.1Presentation of initial ideas about how the next pan-European environmental assessment might be prepared (informal document), by UNEPPDF
8.1Presentation on the provision of transport data by UNECE member states including for the development of transport policy, by Alex Blackburn, UNECE (Sustainable Transport Division)PDF
8.2Presentation of current work on four environment-related SDG indicators for which the United Nations Statistical Division is co-custodian, by Marcus Newbury, the United ^Nations Statistical Division PDF
9.1Discussion on the possible regional environmental information network of networksPDF
10.1Guidance and information on environmental statistics and indicators PDF
11.1Status of SEIS implementation in 2018:Country factsheets PDF
11.4Progress in environmental monitoring and assessment, including institutional and regulatory mechanisms and infrastructure at the national levelPDF
11.6SOE Reporting and integrated environmenal assessments PDF
11.7SEIS Tajikistan PDF
11.8International projects related to the work of WGEMA and SEIS PDF



Practical information

Hotel list (latest with the preferential room rates for Geneva)

A Practical Guide - Palais des Nations

New travel policy

Offical dates of travel of the meeting are 2 September 2018 and 5 September 2018, In case you have a personal deviation and wish to stay longer all additional costs will be borne by you.

Please do not book tickets yourself,  only provide us with your travel dates and the agency will contact you as soon as possible, to propose you a suitable itinerary.