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Seminar on the Role of National Statistical Offices in the production of Leading, Composite and Sentiment Indicators

6 - 7 July 2017


Document Title
Report PDF
Session 1: Background
Draft chapter, Introduction PDFPDF
Session 2: Role of national statistics offices in producing LCS indicators
Draft chapter on the role of national statistics offices in producing LCS indicators PDFPDF
Session 3: Typology of indicators/Main concepts
Draft chapter on Typology of indicators PDF
Session 4: Sentiment indicators
Draft chapter on sentiment indicators PDFPDF
Sentiment indicators based on business tendency survey, Israel PDF
Contemplating a new survey on business sentiments, Canada PDF
The European Commission's Composite Indicators of Business and Consumer Survey Data – Ad-hoc versus Data-driven Techniques PDF
Session 5: Composite economic indicators
Draft chapter on composite economic indicators PDFPDF
A Business Cycle Tracer for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Netherlands PDFPDF
Italian leading indicators PDF
Session 6: Composite socio-economic indicators
Draft chapter on composite socio-economic indicators PDFPDF
Turkish Case: Well-Being Index for Provinces PDF
Equitable and sustainable wellbeing in Italy PDF
Session 7: Case studies
Using rule-based updating procedures to improve the performance of composite indicators, KOF Swiss Economic Institute PDF
From indicators to synthesis. Methodological issues in the construction of complex indicators, Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza PDF
High Dimensional-Non Additive Municipalities’ Performance Index in a Two Levels Approach, Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change PDF