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4th International Forum: Energy for Sustainable Development

17 - 19 September 2013

Tbilisi, Georgia







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Document title ENGFRERUS
Outcome of the Third International Forum: Energy for Sustainable Development and preparations for the Fourth International Forum:Energy for Sustainable DevelopmentPDFPDFPDF
Information noticeENGRUS
Document TitleEng Rus
Agenda of the Fourth International ForumPDFPDF
Day 1 - 17 September 2013
Opening Session: Welcoming Statements and introduction to the Round Table Topic
Mr. Kakhaber Kaladze, Minister of Energy, Vice Prime Minister, Georgia
Mr. Giorgi Kvirikashvili, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Vice Prime Minister, Georgia
Mr. Andrey Vasilyev, Deputy Executive Secretary, UNECE
Mr. Nikolay Pomoshchnikov, Head, Subregional Office for North and Central Asia, ESCAP
Ms. Inita Paulovica, Acting Resident Representative, UNDP Georgia
Plenary Session 1: High-Level Round Table
Achieving sustainable energy development through policy reforms and international cooperation
Ms. Ruzan Alaverdyan, Deputy Minister of Urban Development, Armenia
Mr. Siarhei Siamashka, Vice Chairman of the State Committee on Standardization, Director of the Department for Energy Efficiency BelarusPDFPDF
Mr. Raimbek Mamyrov, Deputy Minister of Energy and Industry, Kyrgyzstan
Mr. Haydar Kholov, Deputy Minister of Energy and Industry, Tajikistan
Mr. Alexander Braginskiy, Adviser to the President of KazakhstanPDFPDF
Mr. Andrey Vasilyev, Deputy Executive Secretary, UN Economic Commission for EuropePDF
Mr. Hongpeng Liu, Chief, Energy Security and Water Resources Section, UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the PacificPDF
Plenary Session 2: Energy efficiency in the housing sector
International frameworks and programmes: how do they support government's efforts to promote energy efficiency in the residential sector
Ms. Gulnara Roll, Head of the Housing and Land Management Unit, UNECEPDF
Ms. Khatuna Sichinava, Key Expert, Covenant of Mayors Regional OfficePDF
Mr. Grzegorz Gajda, Project Manager, International Finance Corporation "Unlocing energy efficiency potential of multi-family buildings"PDF
Ms. Angelica Afanador, UNEP en.lighten initiativePDF
Presentation of the UNECE - UN-Habitant - City of Vienna joint report "Good practices for energy-efficiency housing in the UNECE Region"
Mr. Sergey Sivaev, Director of the Municipal Economy Department, The Institute for Urban Economics, Russian Federation "Good practices for energy-efficient housing in the UNECE Region: key messages"PDFPDF
Ms. Marit Otsing, Chairwoman of the Board, Estonian Union of Cooperative Housing Associations, EstoniaPDF
Ms. Jaroslava Zapletalova, Chairwoman of the Housing Institute, Slovakia
Mr. Alexander Belyi, UNDP-Kazkahstan
Mr. Marc Lutz, Consultant, MLTCPDF
Plenary Session 3 : Investments in energy efficiency and clearner energy projects in the context of climate change mitigation and sustainable development
Keynote presentations:
Mr. Sergey Katyshev, Chairman of the Energy Charter Protocol on Energy Efficiency and Related Environmental Aspects (PEEREA) Group, Energy Charter: Role of Governments in market formation for cleaner energy developmentPDF
Mr. Robert Tromop, International Energy Agency (by video): Energy efficiency opportunities for the UN Sustainable Enery for All ImperativePDF
Mr. Mark Hopkins, UN Foundation: Energy Efficiency Financing and the Electric Utility IndustryPDF
Ms. Jas Singh, Senior Energy Efficiency Specialist, Energy Unit, Sustainable Development Department, Europe and Central Asia Region, World BankPDF
Ms. Elena Shonya, Deputy Manager, Eastern Europe and Central Asia - Sustainable Energy Finance, International Finance CorporationPDF
Ms. Aigul Absametova, Senior Specialist, Strategic Analysis and Monitoring Unit, Research and Strategy Department, Eurasian Development Bank
Mr. Sergey Tulinov, Economic Affairs Officer, Energy Security and Water Resources Section, ESCAP
Mr. Yuriy Rymashevskiy, Deputy Head of the Department of Energy, Eurasina Economic Commission
Ms. Angelica Afanador, UNEP en.lighten initiativePDF
Mr. Yury Shulgin, General Director, Mezhregionsoyuzenergo
Mr. Deltcho Vitchev, Director, Renaissance Finance International
Mr. Markus van der Burg, Managing Director, Conning Asset Management LimitedPDF
Day 2 - 18 September 2013
Workshop 1: Policies and Legislation to Promote Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy Technologies in the Caucasus region
Ms. Maria Semenova, ESCAP: Database of policies and regulations on sustainable use of energy and renewable energy sources in countries of North and Central AsiaPDF
Mr. Hrachik Tsughunyan, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, ArmeniaPDF
Mr. Asaf Rzayev, Ministry of Industry and Energy, Azerbaijan: Development of Electric Power Industry in AzerbaijanPDF
Mr. Andrei Minekov, State Department on Energy Efficiency, BelarusPDFPDF
Ms. Liza Tavdumadze, Ministry of Energy, Georgia: Investment Opportunities in Energy Sector of GeorgiaPDF
Mr. Mihail Lupu, Energy Efficiency Agency, Republic of Moldova
Ms. Kateryna Stavnichuk, State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Savings, Ukraine: Policy and Legislation to Promote Energy Efficiency and Cleaner Energy Technologies in UkrainePDFPDF
Mr. Roman Podolets, Institute of Economics and Forecasts, UkrainePDF
Workshop 2: A Road Map to Energy Efficient Residential Sector
Welcome and introduction from the Government of Georgia: Mr. Mikheil Janelidze, Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Georgia
Objectives and expected outcomes of the workshop:
Ms. Doris Andoni, Senior Housing Expert, Housing and Land Management Unit, UNECE
Panel Discussion 1: Legislative and regulatory framework for energy efficient housing
Mr.Borko Raicevic, Energy Efficiency and Renewables Expert, Energy Community Secretariat, Austria: Legal reform for energy efficiencyPDF
Ms. Elina Rodina, UNDP Kyrgyzstan: the results of and obstacles in promoting energy efficiency of buildings in KyrgyzstanPDF
Mr. David Gigineishvili, Head of Spatial Planning and Construction Policy Department, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, GeorgiaPDF
Mr. Gheorghe Croitoru, Head of Technical Economic Regulations department, Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, Republic of Moldova: The elaboration of the law on the energy efficiency of buildings in MoldovaPDF
Panel discussion 2: Financing for energy efficient housing
Ms. Karine Melikidze, Director, Sustainable Development and Policy (SDAP) Centre
Mr. Grzegorz Gajda, Project Manager, International Financial Corporation: Requirements for successful multi-family residential energy efficiency financingPDF
Mr. Marc Lutz, Consultant, MLTC: Public policies to attract investment in energy efficient housingPDF
Mr. Alexandr Belyi, UNDP Project Manager, Kazakhstan: Promotion of energy efficiency in residential and public buildingsPDF
Panel Discussion 3: Housing Management to Promote Energy Efficient Housing
Ms. Doris Andoni, UNECE, Senior Housing Expert
Ms. Marit Otsing: Chairwoman of the Board, Housing Cooperative Association, Estonia: Housing management systems for energy efficient housingPDF
Ms. Jaroslava Zapletalova, Chairwoman, Housing Institute, Slovakia: Enery Efficiency Housing Project in SlovakiaPDF
Mr. Samvel Srapyan, Head of Housing Stock Management and Municipal Infrastructure Division, Ministry of Urban Development, ArmeniaPDF
Panel Discussion 4: Technical and awareness raising measures
Mr. George Abulashvili, EEC Georgia "Technical assistance to Georgian Municipalities under EU INOGATE project "Energy Savings Initiative in Building Sector in Easter European and Central Asian Countries-ESIBPDF
Ms. Karine Melikidze, Director, Sustainable Development and Policy (SDAP) Centre: EE Approach for Buildings in Georgia: Energy Passport Software Program and Certification of BuildingsPDF
Mr. Igor Kovacevic, Head of Department for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources, Sector of Energy, Ministry of Energy, MontenegroPDF
Mr. Papuna Sakhanberidze, Architect, GeorgiaPDF
Workshop 3: Case Studies on Policy Reforms to Promote Financing Energy Efficiency Investments and Advanced Energy Efficiency Technologies
Mr. Yury Shulgin, General Director, Mezhregionsoyuzenergo: Analysis of energy efficiency policies in the countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia and potential for international cooperationPDFPDF
Mr. Oleg Dzioubinski, Economic Affairs Officer, Energy Efficiency 21 Project,  UNECE and Mr. Sergey Tulinov, Economic Affairs Officer, Energy Security and Water Resources Section, ESCAP: UNECE and ESCAP Efforts in Promoting Energy EfficiencyPDF
Panel Discussion 1: Case studies on energy efficiency financing (countries of South-Eastern Europe)
Ms. Lucija Rakocevic, Montenegro: "Analysis of the Policy Reform Impact on energy performance in buildings"PDF
Mr. Goran Cacic, Croatia: "Success of Systematic Energy Management in Croatia"PDF
Mr. Artan Leskoviku, AlbaniaPDF
Ms. Sanja Kapetina, Bosnia and HerzegovinaPDF
Mr. Dimitar Dukov, BulgariaPDF
Mr. Zeljko Juric, CroatiaPDF
Mr. Igor Kovacevic, MontenegroPDF
Mr. Lazar Gechevski, The former Yugoslav Republic of MacedoniaPDF
Panel Discussion 2: Case studies on energy efficiency financing (countries of Central, Northern, and South-Eastern Asia)
Mr. Athikom Bangviwat, Thailand: "Promoting Energy Efficiency Investment for Sustainable Development in Thailand"PDF
Mr. Tienan Li, China: "Promoting Industrial Energy Efficiency Policies in China"PDF
Mr. Qosimbek Okimbekov, Tajikistan: "Analysis of the Policy Reform Impact on application of energy efficient light bulbs"PDF
Mr. German Trofimov, Kazakhstan
Mr. Shamil  Dikambaev, Kyrgyzstan
Ms. Tatiana Vedeneva, Kyrgyzstan
Mr. Nikolay Sviridov, Russian Federation
Mr. Vladimir Krasnogorskiy, Russian Federation
Mr. Haydar Kholov, Tajikistan
Mr. Georgiy Petrov, Tajikistan
Mr. Abdurahim Ismoilov, Tajikistan
Mr. Aziz Kandymov, Turkmenistan
Mr. Djamshid Abdusalamov, Uzbekistan
Mr. Nikolay Pomoshchnikov, ESCAP
Panel Discussion 3: Case studies on energy efficiency financing (countries of Caucasus and Eatern Europe)
Ms. Diana Harutyunyan, Climate Change Program Coordinator, UNDP Armenia: "Co-generation Based District Heating Restoration Project in Avan District of Yerevan City"PDF
Mr. George Abulashvili, Ms. Liana Garibashvili, Georgia: "Municipal Energy Efficiency Policy Reforms in Georgia"PDF
Mr. Andrei Malochka, Belarus: "Removing Barriers to Energy Efficiency Improvments in the State Sector in Belarus"PDF
Mr. Tigran Melkonyan, Armenia
Mr. Farhad Aliyev, Azerbaijan
Ms. Tatsiana Maliyeuskaya, Belarus
Ms. Inna Gritsenko, Belarus
Ms. Liza Tavdumadze, Georgia
Mr. Giorgi Bezhuashvili, Georgia
Mr. Iurie Raileanu, Republic of Moldova
Mr. Evgeniy Nadezhdin, Russian Federation
Mr. Oleksandr Diachuk, Ukraine
Ms. Kateryna Stavnichuk, UkrainePDF
Panel Discussion 4: Advanced energy efficiency and renewable energy (EE & RE) technologies
Mr. Shamil Dikambaev, KyrgyzstanPDF
Mr. Vladimir Kouzmich, BelarusPDF
Mr. Sergey Katyshev, KazakhstanPDF
Mr. Alexey Sankovski, Consultant, Mr. Viktor Badaker, UNECE PDF
Round-table discussion with participation on national experts and companies involved in advanced EE & RE technologies
Mr. German Trofimov, Kazakhstan
Mr. Djamshid Abdusalamov, Uzbekistan
Mr. Qosimbek Olimbekov, Tajikistan
Ms. Anelya Segizbayeva, Zero Carbon Technology and ConsultancyPDF
Ms. Yelena Kuchina, KazakhstanPDF
Workshop 4: Sustainable Energy Challenges and Opportunities in Transition Countries
Session 1: Case Sutides on UNDP Projects related to Removing Barriers for Energy-Efficiency
Mr. John O'Brien, Regional Technical Advisor: "Overview of UNDP support for EE projects in the Region"PDF
Mr. Sergii Varga: Removing Barriers to promote EE lighting in UkrainePDF
Mr. Gennady Smaga: EE Standards & Labels in RussiaPDF
Mr. Sergey Zenyutich: Energy-Efficient Lighting in the Russian FederationPDF
Mr. Leonid Danilevsky: Promoting EE in Residential Buildings in BelarusPDF
Mr. Andrei Karpus: Energy Efficiency in Buildings in North West RussiaPDF
Mr. Goran Cacic: Energy Management Information Systems in CroatiaPDF
Ms. Diana Harutunyan: Energy Efficiency in Buildings in ArmeniaPDF
Mr. Kakhramon Usmanov: Promoting Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings in UzbekistanPDF
Ms. Irina Atamuradova: Energy Efficiency in Residential Buildings in TurkmenistanPDF
Mr. Sergey Tambiev: Greening the Sochi Olympic Games in RussiaPDF
Session 2: UNDP and Sustainable Energy 4 All and Recent UNDP Publications
Mr. Martin Krause: UNDP and Sustainable Energy 4 AllPDF
Mr. Martin Krause: IEA/UNDP Publication "Modernising Building Codes to Secure our Global Energy Future"PDF
Mr. John O'Brien: UNDP Publication "Derisking Renewable Energy Investment"PDF
Forum outcomesENGRUS
Joint Statement of the Fourth International ForumPDFPDF
Summary of the ForumPDF
UNECE Weekly
(No. 57, 7-11 October 2013)
UNECE Newsletter in Russian
(No. 19, September 2013)
Energy for Sustainable Development Forum in Georgia
(Press Release 12 September 2013)
Bulletin of the ESCAP North and Central Asia OfficePDF
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