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2nd International Energy Efficiency Forum

12 - 14 September 2011

Dushanbe, Tajikistan

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Information NoticePDF
Outcome of the Second International Energy Efficiency Forum and the Workshop on Energy Efficiency Policy Frameworks and Investments in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects
Preparations for the second International Energy Efficiency Forum and Workshop on Investments in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects
Background paper
UNECE Press Release (Published:09 September 2011): Second International Energy Efficiency Forum
UNECE Weekly No. 440



Day 1 - 12 September 2011
Plenary Session 1: Promoting Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy:
Global and Regional Aspects
Mavjuda Keldiyorova, Chief, State Department of Power System Control, Tajikistan: Specific Features of Energy Saving in TajikistanPDF
Bahytzhan Jaxaliev, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Industry and New Technologies, Kazakhstan   PDF
Viktor Badaker, Project Manager, Global Energy Efficiency 21 (GEE21) Project, UNECE: Global Strategy for Energy Efficiency Market Formation and Relevant Strategic Documents at the Regional Level PDF
Atabek Umirbekov, Regional Environment Centre for Central Asia (CAREC): Energy Efficiency Policy Gap Analysis in Central AsiaPDF
Zafar Samadov, Senior Expert, Energy Charter Secretariat: Need for Global Actions to Promote Energy EfficiencyPDF
Slavica Robić, International Consultant for Integrated Rural Development, UNDP Tajikistan: Energy for Development and Poverty Reduction - UNDP Tajikistan Case Study PDF
Plenary Session 2: Investments in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Technologies:
International Best Practices
Vladimir Moshkalo, Head of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Moscow Office: Transition to Efficient Lighting in the Context of Energy EfficiencyPDF
Ralf Krueger, Economic Affairs Officer, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development: Attracting Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) into Renewable EnergyPDF
Oleg Dzioubinski, Energy Efficiency 21 (EE21) Programme Manager, UNECE: Investments in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: Making Them Business-as-usual  PDF
Sergey Katyshev, Adviser to the President, Kazakh Energy Grid Operation Company (KEGOC), Kazakhstan: Electricity Investment ProjectsPDF
Rashid Gulov, Deputy Chief Engineer, Tajik Power Company "Barki Tochik": Strengthening Institutional Capacity in Support of Energy Efficiency in TajikistanPDF
Irina Goryunova, Programme Analyst/ Portfolio Manager, UNDP Kazakhstan: Opportunities for Transformational Changes in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy SourcesPDF
Plenary Session 3: Energy Economics and Financing Mechanisms: Approaches to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Hongpeng Liu, Chief, Energy Security and Water Recourses Section, Environment and Development Division, ESCAP: Energy Economic Policies as an Effective Approach towards Green Growth and Low-carbon DevelopmentPDF
Hu Tao, Senior Environmental Economist, Policy Research Center for Environment and Economy, Ministry of Environmental Protection, China: Improving Energy Efficiency through Pricing PolicyPDF
Janybek Omorov, Ministry of Energy, Kyrgyzstan: Barriers to Energy Efficiency and RenewablesPDFPDF
Plenary Session 4:  Energy Economics and Financing mechanisms: approaches to Energy Efficiency and renewable Energy (continued)
Tulegen Sarsembekov, Eurasian Development Bank (EADB): Energy Efficiency as Priority Area in Activities of EADBPDF
Amaraporn Achavangkool, Senior Scientist, Energy Regulation and Conservation Bureau, Thailand: Energy Pricing Policy in Thailand. Energy Conservation FundPDF
Mohd Hafdzuan Adzmi, Assistant Secretary, Sustainable Energy Division, Energy Sector, Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Malaysia: Energy pricing policy in Malaysia. Green Technology FundPDF
Yi Qian, Dean of School of Environment and Safety Engineering Qingdao University of Science and Technology, China: Co-benefit Approach to Improve Energy Efficiency for Sustainable Development PDF
Day 2 - 13 September 2011
(A) Workshop on Energy Efficiency Policy Frameworks and Investments in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects
Policy Frameworks to Promote Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Investments
Andrei Malochka, State Enterprise BELTEI, Ministry of Energy, Belarus: State Policy for Energy Efficiency Increase and Use of Renewables in the Republic of Belarus PDF
German Trofimov, Power Engineering Union of Kazakhstan: Market Mechanisms for Increasing Energy Efficiency in KazakhstanPDF
Denis Vasiliev, Department for Gas and Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Economy, Republic of Moldova: Policy Reforms for Promoting Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Investments in the Republic of MoldovaPDF
Lyudmila Kozhanova, International Sustainable Energy Development Center (ISEDC), Russian Federation: Implementation of the State Programme "Energy conservation and energy efficiency until 2020" in 2011 in the Russian FederationPDFPDF
Heorhiy Veremiychyk, Institute for Environment and Energy Conservation, Ukraine: Policy Reforms of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in UkrainePDF

Enea Sherifi, National Agency of Natural Resources, Albania: Albanian Energy Situation

Marko Karan, Energy Institute "Hrvoje Pozar", Croatia: Financing RES and EE projects in Croatia – Progress made and prevailing barriersPDF
Sanja Kapetina, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Bosnia and Herzegovina PDF
Dimitar Dukov, Bulgaria Energy Efficiency Fund, Bulgaria: National Supporting Schemes for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy PDF
Miroslav Spasojevic, Ministry for Infrastructure and Energy, Serbia: Possibilities for Developing Serbian National Appropriate Mitigation Actions – NAMAs Related to Energy EfficiencyPDF
Lazar Gechevski, Energy Agency of the Republic of Macedonia: Policy Reforms to Promote Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy InvestmentsPDF
Policy and Legislation Online Database to Promote Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy Technologies
Sergey Tulinov, ESCAP: Presentation of the Internet Database on Energy Efficiency Policies and Legislation in Central AsiaPDF
Presentations from national experts. National Legal Frameworks to Promote Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy Technologies. Overview of Existing Gaps, Barriers and Opportunities.
Tatyana Kirillova (Tajikistan)PDF
Valentina Kasymova (Kyrgyzstan)PDF
Nurmammed Mamedov (Azerbaijan)PDF
Atabek Umirbekov (Kazakhstan)
Roman Zakidov (Uzbekistan) PDF
(B) Workshop on Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) in Advanced Fossil Fuel Technologies
Opportunities and Challenges for Clean Coal Technologies
Investment climate in power and coal sector
Slav Slavov, World Energy Council: WEC's Role in Promotion of Energy Projects Investment PDF
Branko Milicevic, UNECE: Overview of the Electricity Sector in the Countries of the UNECE Project "Mitigating Climate Change through Attracting FDI in Advanced Fossil Fuel Technologies"PDF
Ralf Krueger, UNCTAD: Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) - Trends and DeterminantsPDF
Tulegen Sarsembekov, Alexander Mironenkov, EADB: Investment Opportunities in the Central Asia Region’s Energy Sector with a Focus on the Deployment of Advanced Clean Fossil Fuels TechnologiesPDF
Thomas Gochenour, Expert, United States: Investment Climate in Central Asia: View from the OutsidePDF
Tulegen Sadabaev, Ministry of Energy, Kyrgyzstan: Concept of Development of Energy Sector of Kyrgyz RepublicPDFPDF
Haidar Kholov, Ministry of Energy and Industry, Tajikistan: Investment Climate for Fossil Fuel Technologies in TajikistanPDF
Technology transfer and energy market
Christian Rausch, Germany, Maschinenfabrik HESE GmbH: Advanced Technologies for Coal Preparation and Transport PDF
Yuriy Seniuk, Ukraine: Public-private Roles for Innovation and Technology TransferPDF
B.K. Sharma, Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research, India: High Ash Coal Utilization via Coal Gasification PDF
Day 4 - 14 September 2011
Roundtable Discussion on the Market Opportunities for Promotion of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects in Central Asia
Hongpeng Liu, ESCAP Environment and Development Division: Introduction to the Roundtable DiscussionPDF
German Trofimov, Power Engineering Union of Kazakhstan: Electricity Market in KazakhstanPDF
Evgeniy Nadezhdin, Russian Energy Agency: Development of Regional Cooperation to Increase Energy Efficiency in Central Asia in the Framework of the Global Energy Efficiency 21 (GEE21) ProjectPDF
Viktor Badaker, UNECE Sustainable Energy Division: GEE21 Project and Implementation of its Goals in Central AsiaPDF
Furkat Kadyrov, Small Hydropower Development Centre: Small Hydropower Development – Focus on TajikistanPDF
Manuchehr Gadoev, INOGATE ESIB, Coordinator for Tajikistan: Energy Saving Initiative in the Building Sector in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (ESIB)PDFPDF
Gulzhamal Issayeva, CAREC: Energy Efficiency in the Residential Buildings in DushanbePDF

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