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"To help governments do the very best in PPP, addressing many of mankind’s most pressing problems, including the greening of the economy and mitigating the effects of climate change and to discover what partnerships in the world constitute excellence and have the most beneficial impact on development."


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Second session of the Working Party on Public-Private Partnerships

20–21 November 2018

Geneva, Switzerland

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Transformation of the Team of Specialists on Public-Private Partnerships (TOS PPP) into a Working Party

18 November 2016: In recognition of the new focus on the elaboration of people-first PPP standards for the UN SDGs, the member States, through the UNECE's Executive Committee (ExCom), have agreed to upgrade the intergovernmental structure to a Working Party on Public-Private Partnerships with the involvement of all UN Member States and other key stakeholders, including representatives from international organisations, civil society and the private sector. See decision and references.

The secretariat considers this decision by the ExCom as an endorsement by the member States at the highest level of the PPP work on standards and their implementation in countries.

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