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Forum on Market Surveillance

22 October 2002

This first Forum was the opportunity to set a framework and objectives for the future activities of UNECE in the area of market surveillance (MS). Three sessions were organized around the following themes:

  • Market surveillance: overview of the concept, players and objectives

  • Implementing market surveillance at the sectoral level

  • Exchange of information and cooperation
Document TitleENGFRERUS
TRADE/WP.6/2002/2 Forum on Market Surveillance PDF - -
TRADE/WP.6/2002/2/Add.1 Cosmetics in Czech Republic PDF - -
TRADE/WP.6/2002/2/Add.2 Information on the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) PDF - -
TRADE/WP.6/2002/2/Add.3 Information on the RAPEX (Rapid Alert Information System on Dangerous Products) for the countries acceding to the EU PDF - -
TRADE/WP.6/2002/2/Add.4 Information on the use of harmonized standards in the Machinery Sector in the EU PDF - -
TRADE/WP.6/2002/2/Add.5 Information on the industry's views on the Market Surveillance at the European Union PDF - -
TRADE/WP.6/2002/2/Add.6 Information on the Concept of Market Surveillance and its Specific Features PDF - -
TRADE/WP.6/2002/2/Add.7 Information on Market Surveillance in Croatia PDF - -
TRADE/WP.6/2002/INFORMAL/1 Les enjeux de la surveillance du march des machines et des quipements de protection individuelles (Extrait de la conPDFnce europenne sur la surveillance du march, Paris, dcembre 2002) - DOC -
TRADE/WP.6/2002/INFORMAL/2 Les produits cosmtiques: La fabrication, le conditionnement, l'importation et la mise sur le march de produits cosmtiques en France

Cosmetic products: Manufacture, packaging, importation and marketing of cosmetics in France
Concept of Market Surveillance.... [ppt]
Market Surveillance in Finland....[ppt]
Market Surveillance in Germany....[ppt]
Market Surveillance in Russia....[ppt]
Industry Position on Market Surveillance (ORGALIME)....[ppt]
Market Surveillance in Electrical Goods in Denmark....[ppt]
Use of EU Standards in Market Surveillance....[ppt]
Market Surveillance in Machinery in Slovakia....[doc]
Market Surveillance in Machinery in Turkey....[ppt]
Market Surveillance in Machinery in Turkey....[doc]
Market Surveillance in Cosmetics in Czech Republic....[ppt]
Market Surveillance in Cosmetics in Czech Republic....[ppt]
Market Surveillance in Cosmetics in France....[ppt]
PROSAFE (Rapex System in the EU)....[ppt]
ICSMS (Internet-supported Information and communication system)....[ppt]

List of participants  [.pdf]

 Document Title ENG FRE RUS
TRADE/WP.6/2002/17 Report of the session