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Strategic Review of the Integrated Programme for the ECE COFFI and the FAO EFC

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The objective of the review process is to develop and agree on an Integrated Programme of Work (IPoW) for 2018-2021.

As part of the review, all stakeholders who are or have been involved in the work of the ECE Committee on Forestry and Forest Industry (COFFI), the FAO European Forestry Commission (EFC) and related subsidiary bodies were invited to complete a Survey prepared by the secretariat in consultation with the bureaux of the COFFI and EFC.

The Survey was conducted according to the Terms of Reference for the Strategic Review.

The results of the Survey were presented at the 74th session of COFFI which was held on 18-20 October 2016 in Geneva, and are available here: Results of the Survey on the Integrated Programme of Work

Based on the results of the Survey, the Secretariat prepared a first draft IPoW 2018-2021. It was discussed with COFFI and EFC Bureaux members, country representatives and other stakeholders at the Expert Workshop on the first draft of IPoW 2018-2021, held on 22 November 2016 in Geneva. An updated version of the draft IPoW is being prepared by the Secretariat and will soon be available on this page.

last updated on January 16, 2017