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Transport Statistics


The UNECE Working Party on Transport Statistics (WP.6) is an intergovernmental body dealing with the development of appropriate methodologies and terminology for the harmonization of statistics as well as the collection of data from member States and the dissemination of these data. More...

In Focus

The 2020 Transport Statistics Infocards, a set of country profiles presenting key transport indicators for member States of the UNECE, are now available in English, French and Russian.


See how different countries interpret SDG indicator 9.1.2, on passenger and freight volumes, on this wiki page.

The 5th edition of the Glossary for Transport Statistics is now available.

All details of the last session of WP.6, 12-14 June 2019, can be found here, including a report of the workshop on public transport statistics, and all presentations given. 

The fourth paper on how UNECE's transport statistics directly measure the SDGs, is now availablefocusing on road vehicle fleet age statistics.

The 2018 Inland Transport Statistics publication presenting a series of transport statistics tables for member States of the UNECE is now available in English. French and Russian versions are forthcoming.