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Transport related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2017

SPECA Workshop on Transport related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2017

Astana, Kazakhstan, 2-3 November 2017

Draft Programme


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Session I

PDF  UNECE and the transport specific SDGs (F. Dionori, UNECE)

PDF  SDG and transport activities in Kazakhstan (M. Altangerel, UNDP Kazakhstan)

PDF  Regional Overview of Sustainable Urban Transport and Sustainable Urban Transport Index (B. Rakhmatov, ESCAP)

PDF  Initiative to monitor future transport development (M. Barreto, ITF)

Session II

PDF  SDGs monitoring – the role of International Financial Institutions (A. Karakulova, WB)

PDF  Monitoring the Implementation of SDGs: The Possible Role of CAREC (G. Sadykova, ADB)

PDF  Reliable road safety statistics – Monitoring SDG3 (A. Blackburn, UNECE)

PDF  UNECE role in Road Safety (N. Nikolic, UNECE)

PDF  Road safety statistics and indicators (K. Lipovac, Serbia)

PDF  SDG 9: Relevant UNECE Work on Resilient Infrastructure (A. Blackburn, UNECE)

PDF  SDG 11: UNECE Work on Sustainable Cities (A. Blackburn, UNECE)

PDF  ITF Study on Urban Sustainable Transport (M. Barreto, ITF)

Session III

PDF  UNECE Road Transport Statistics within the SDGs (A. Blackburn, UNECE)

PDF  Road transport and road safety data collection (A. Zanimon, Belarus)

PDF  UNECE Data Collection and the Transport Statistics Glossary (A. Blackburn, UNECE)  

Country Experiences:
Kazakhstan pdf