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ForFITS workshops - Thailand - Awareness raising

ForFITS regional awareness raising workshop - Thailand (Bangkok, 26-27 September 2013)


List of participants


Session 1 - State of emissions in Asia and mitigation policies

Martine-Sophie Fouvez (UNECE) - Introduction to the UNDA project
UNESCAP - Overview of state of transport emissions in Asia
Madan Bandhu Regmi (UNESCAP) - Policy options for reducing transport emissions
UNECE - Introduction to the workshop

Session 2 - International experiences on emission measurement and mitigation policies

Joshua Miller, International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) - Best Practices in Reducing CO2 from Road Transport
Masanori Gennai, Director, Institution for Transport Policy Studies (ITPS) - Low Emission Transport Action Plan for ASEAN
Sudhir Gota, Technical Manager (Transportation), Clean Air Asia (CAA) - Experiences in Measuring Transport CO2 Emissions in Asia
Naeeda Crishna-Morgado, Carbon Footprint Specialist, GMS Environment Operations Center, Asian Development Bank (ADB) - Green freight: reducing emissions from GMS transport corridors
Stefan Bakker, Team Leader, German Technical Cooperation (GIZ) Thailand - Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Mitigation in the Land Transport Sector in the ASEAN Region: MRV related activities
Noor Zaitun Yahaya, Lecturer, University Malaysia Terengganu - A Review of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in Malaysia: Current status and Challenges
Geerard Collijs, Impact Global Emission Solutions, Brussels - Silver Bullet on Transport Emission Reductions-European experiences
Session 3 - Country experiences on emission measurement and mitigation policies

Republic of Korea
Sri Lanka
Viet Nam
Session 4 - ForFITS Model

Pierpaolo Cazzola (UNECE) - ForFITS A monitoring and assessment tool "For Future Inland Transport Systems": General overview
UNESCAP - ForFITS National Workshop: Thailand