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ForFITS workshop - Hammamet - Awareness raising

ForFITS regional awareness raising workshop - Hammamet (2-3 December 2013)

Draft agenda


CO2 emissions and mitigation policies in the Arab region

Hana Hallaj (ESCWA) - Overview of CO2 emissions in the Arab region: national versus sectoral emissions

Imed Thabet (ESCWA Consultant) -  Policy options for reducing transport emissions in the Arab region

The link between energy consumption and CO2 emissions: Measurement aspects

Mongi Bida (ESCWA) - ESCWA’s methodology for collecting energy related transportation data for the countries energy balances

Menouer Boughedaoui (Algeria) - Development of experimental methodology to estimate real air pollutants emission and fuel consumption from rolling vehicle fleet in Algeria

Rafik Missaoui (Tunisia) - Estimating transport energy uses: results from a micro-survey applied to Tunisia

Introduction to the ForFITS Model

Pierpaolo Cazzola (UNECE) - ForFITS model: background and general overview

Economic models for assessing pollution abatement policies

Mohamed Hedi Bchir and Mohamed Chemingui (ESCWA) - CGE models for assessing ancillary benefits of pollution abatement policies