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Agricultural Quality Standards


The standards encourage high-quality production, improve profitability and protect consumer interests. UNECE standards are used internationally by Governments, producers, traders, importers, exporters and international organizations. They cover a wide spectrum of agricultural products: fresh fruit and vegetables (FFV), dry and dried produce (DDP), seed potatoes, meat, cut flowers, eggs and egg products. You can download the standards cost free from this website and use them free of charge.



Key areas of work

Fresh Fruit and
Vegetables (FFV)

Dry and Dried
Produce (DDP)



Brochures and

Code Mark

In focus

UNECE - #saveinvisiblefood campaign, encourages all actors of the food supply chain to redistribute, repurpose and add value to the food which we are not selling, buying or consuming – the lost or invisible food that many of us did not even know existed. Although awareness of food loss and waste has increased in recent years, COVID-19 has brought this lost food to the forefront and to our attention.

We call upon food loss and waste pioneers, farmers, traders, exporters and importers, retailers and consumers to take this opportunity to become part of the solution.

Please let us know about your initiatives and contact us.  We also encourage you to raise awareness on food loss using the #saveinvisiblefood hashtag on your social media platforms.