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Where we work


UNECE works with and for its 56 member countries, which are located on 3 continents.

However, many of our norms, standards and legal instruments are used worldwide.

Here are a few examples.


2 of our conventions ( Water Convention and Aarhus Convention access to information, access to justice and public participation) are now global.

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We do global conventions and standards for:

  • Vehicles, promoting safety and environmental performance
  • The transport of dangerous goods (chemicals, explosives)
  • Global harmonized labelling system for chemicals
  • The international transport of goods by road  (TiR Convention)
  • Road safety (road signs, road safety, etc.)

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We do global norms and standards on:

  • Trade Facilitation
  • Electronic Trade (Edifact, UN/CEFACT)
  • Single Window
  • Agricultural products (fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, meat)

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Sustainable Energy

  • World-unified system for the classification of mineral resources and fossil fuels, of high interest to all mining countries
  • Best Practice Guidance for Effective Methane Drainage and use in Coal Mines

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  • Global Standards: Methodologies (Public Accounts, Census)
  • Conceptual Framework and suggested indicators to measure sustainable development

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