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State of Forests of the Caucasus and Central Asia (May 2019)

ECE/TIM/SP/47 The study on the state of forests in the Caucasus and Central Asia aims to present the forest resources and the forest sector of the region, including trends in, and  ...
Guidelines for the Development of a Criteria and Indicator Set for Sustainable Forest Management (May 2019)

ECE/TIM/DP/73 Criteria and indicators constitute an increasingly common policy tool to implement sustainable forest management (SFM) and to define clear priorities and targets. This should improve monitoring, reporting and assessment of  ...
Forest Landscape Restoration in the Caucasus and Central Asia (May 2019)

ECE/TIM/DP/72 This study, focusing primarily on the period from the collapse of the Soviet Union until the present day, identifies the key drivers of forest degradation and the potential for forest  ...
SEMAFOR - System for the Evaluation of the Management of Forests (March 2017)

The study presents the results of the SEMAFOR (System for the Evaluation of the MAnagement of FORests) pilot study, which tested the method through voluntary assessment of the sustainability of  ...
Forests in the ECE Region (March 2015)

This study is the contribution of the ECE Region to the Eleventh Session of the United Nations Forum on Forests. Using the best available data, it examines progress of the  ...
State of Europe's Forests (June 2011)

The State of Europe's Forests 2011 report provides a comprehensive up-to-date description of the status and trends of forests and forest management in Europe. The report is structured according  ...
Private Forest Ownership in Europe (October 2010)

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State of Europe's Forest 2007:The MCPFE Report on Sustainable Forest Management in Europe Jointly prepared by the MCPFE Liaison Unit Warsaw and UNECE/FAO (December 2007)

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Forest and forest products country profile Tajikistan (May 2007)

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Forest and Forest Products Country Profile: Republic of Bulgaria by Nickola Stoyanov and Maria Stoyanova (March 2005)

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Biological Diversity, Tree Species Composition and Environmental Protection in the Regional FRA-2000 by Nigel Dudley, Sue Stolton (April 2004)

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The Development Of European Forest Resources, 1950 To 2000: A Better Information Base by Stefan Gold (April 2004)

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State of Europe’s Forests 2003 The MCPFE Report on Sustainable Forest Management in Europe Jointly prepared by the MCPFE Liaison Unit Vienna and UNECE/FAO (December 2003)

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Structural, Compositional and Functional Aspects of Forest Biodiversity in Europe Janna Puumalainen (October 2001)

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Forest resources of Europe, CIS, North America, Australia, Japan and New Zealand (May 2000)

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Multiple Use Forestry by the Team of Specialists, led by Mr. Gunnar Nordanstig (March 2000)

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State of European forests and forestry, 1999 (October 1999)

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Long-term historical changes in the forest resource (March 1996)

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Manual on Acute Forest Damage by Diamandis, S., Grünenfelder, T., Csoka, P., Andersson, E., Peters, H., Danguy des Deserts, D., Dewar, J.,  (January 1996)

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Belarus Country Profile (December 1994)

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Ukraine Country Profile (December 1994)

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The Forest Resources of the Temperate Zones (October 1994)

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Non Wood Benefits in Forestry: A survey of valuation studies by Sören Wibe (August 1994)

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Productivity in finnish Forestry in 1964 - 1989 by Tuukka Castrén and Markuu Simula (August 1994)

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Lithuania Country Profile (August 1994)

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Slovenia Country Profile (August 1994)

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Bulgaria Country Profile (August 1994)

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