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Preparing stock-taking documents on how circular concepts relate to the forest-based sector to inform policy (WIPoW Work Area 2)

  • Ongoing work on a study on “Forest and the Circular Economy”, planned for issue in 2021. This document will provide an overview on how the forest sector implements circular economy concepts through: SFM, certification, cascading use, trade, recycling and reuse, etc. (concept note);

  • Exploring the issue of wood-based value chains in a circular economy - UNECE is currently exploring the possiblity of development of a wood waste classification for the UNECE region as a tool facilitating data collection and wood waste trade (concept note);

  • Informing policy on the social dimension of the circular and bio-economy:
  • “Forest Sector Workforce in the UNECE Region” study on social and economic trends impacting the forest workforce will be issued in 2020.

  • “Guidelines on the Promotion of Green Jobs in Forestry” will be issued in 2020.

  • “Transformations in the future of work and their implications on occupational safety and health in forestry” study (jointly with ILO and FAO) on global trends impacting health and safety of forestry work will be issued in 2020.

Preparation of communication materials on the role of the forest sector in the circular bio-economy (e.g. video or brochure) is under way, subject to availability of funds (WIPoW Work Area 3).