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Forest Sector Outlook

Since 1952, Forest Sector Outlook Studies (FSOS) have aimed to map out possible or likely future developments, based on past trends used as references, as a contribution to evidence-based policy formulation and decision-making. Through scenario analysis, policy makers can evaluate the long-term consequences of possible policy choices and gain information on difficult trade-off decisions.

The development of the FSOS is part of the Warsaw Integrated Programme of Work for the period of 2018- 2021, which was adopted during the Joint Session of the Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry (COFFI) and the European Forestry Commission (EFC) in Warsaw in October 2017. Work Area 2 on Policy Dialogue and Advice specifies as an output the publication of FSOS.

To get an idea where we currently stand in the development of the next FSOS, have a look at the detailed minutes of the last ToS meeting in October 2018.


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