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Albania accedes to the AGR Agreement

Geneva, 15 August 2006 -- On 2 August, Albania acceded to the European Agreement on Main International Traffic Arteries (AGR), increasing the number of States Contracting Parties to this Agreement to thirty-five.

The AGR, which was done in 1975 , provides the legal framework for the construction and development of a coherent international road network, the E-road network. The Agreement identifies the E-roads, or arteries that channel major international traffic flows throughout the UNECE region and establishes the minimum uniform technical conditions those roads must respect as well as a distinguishing number for each E-road.

In addition to the major road-traffic arteries in Western, Central, Eastern and South-eastern Europe, the AGR now includes main international roads in the Caucasus and Central Asia.

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Ref: ECE/TRANS/06/N04