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Quiz 3

To assess knowledge of Customs Officials from Central Customs Administrations involved in the TIR system


The present test has been developed by the TIR Executive Board and the TIR secretariat. Its purpose is to assess the knowledge of Customs officials from the Central customs Administrations involved in the TIR system.

There is only 1 correct answer for each question.

Score calculation: on each question, one "wrong try" is recorded for each time you make a guess, until you hit the correct answer. Thus for Q1, if you hit a wrong answer once, then a right answer, you have one wrong try. Once you get the correct answer for any given question, a score for that question is calculated and stored; that score is based on the number of possible wrong answers and the number of wrong tries. The score overall is calculated by totalling the scores for all the questions that have been answered so far, and turning the result into a percentage.