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Workshop 2009

Workshop held in Bad Gastein, Austria, 22 - 23 April, 2009
PDF Presentation No. 1 - Mr. K. Schierhackl, ASFINAG - "Transport Challenges and Global Crisis"
PDF Presentation No. 2 - Korridor X PLUS - "A concept to promote subsidized investment projects"
PDF Presentation No. 3 - Mr. T. Wimroither, Rail Net Europe - "Rail Net Europe - Gateway to European Rail Infrastructure"
PDF Presentation No. 4 - Mr. J. Stahl, EUROPTIRAILS Manager, Rail Net Europe - "EUROPTIRAILS - International Train Monitoring and Reporting"
PDF Presentation No. 5 - Mr. J. Cekota, UNECE - "Financing of transport infrastructure investment in ECE emerging market economies - Achievements and Challenges"
PDF Presentation No. 6 - Mr. J. Cekota, UNECE - "Selected UNECE and TER project activities: Opportunities for cooperation"
PDF Presentation No. 7 - Dr. A. Hörhager, JASPERS Regional Office for Central Europe, "Financing infrastructure projects in a challenging environment"
PDF Presentation No. 8 - Mr. W. Rybak, Investment Bureau, Polish Railways Company, "Investment plans concerning modernization of the Pan--European Transport Corridor no. VI"
PDF Presentation No. 9 - Bulgarian National Railway Infrastructure Company - "Bulgarian Railway Infrastructure Development Priorities"
PDF Presentation No. 10 - Mr. R. Janssens, Office of the Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities, - OSCE activities aimed at faciliting transport and trade across the region"