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National and local activities

First UN Global Road Safety Week (23 - 29 April 2007)

In addition to the events that took place in Geneva, hundreds of national and local activities around the World marked the Global Road Safety Week and served as starting points for additional road safety initiatives in countries. These included high-level policy discussions on road safety, launches of new road safety strategies or plans of action, the adoption of new legislation related to road safety, ceremonies dedicated to victims of road traffic injuries, or a host of high-profile advocacy events, including some involving national and local media.

For a closer look at what took place in various countries, you can read our Newsletters or Media Clippings, or choose from the links below.

National focal persons served as overall coordinators for the events being prepared to mark the Week at national level. In some countries national focal persons created a multisectoral National Organizing Committee to facilitate preparations. If you represent a group wishing to contribute to efforts at national level, you may wish to contact the focal person in your country. National focal persons were added to this list once they were officially nominated and their nominations have been formally communicated to WHO.

National Conference of Road Safety
26 April 2007 — Institute of Public Health, Albania

This Conference will be attended by Albanian Prime Minister and representatives of all ministries that are involved in Road Safety, the local government, representatives from national and international NGOs, the Albanian Red Cross, etc. The main issues to be dealt with concern the improvement of the situation of road accidents in Albania and the challenges of the future.

Contact: Gentiana Qirjako / Maksim Bozo, Institute of Public Health / Ministry of Health
Telephone: +355 68 22 07 403 / +355 69 22 36 622, Fax: +355 4 370 058 / na
E-mail: gentacela@hotmail.com


Adhesión de la Municipalidad de Puan a la Primera semana Mundial de las Naciones Unidas sobre la Seguridad Vial
23 April 2007 — Partido de Puan (8 localidades), Argentina

Recorrer las localidades del Partido de Puan (110 km la más distante) para distribuir material en escuelas y durante operativos de tránsito vehicular.

Contact: Milagros Montemuiño, Municipalidad de Puan
Telephone: +54 2923499333, Fax: +54 2923488001 int 231
E-mail: maria@s9.coopenet.com.ar

Feria de la Seguridad Vial
27 April 2007 — Rosario, Argentina

La ciudad de Rosario, fiel a su trayectoria y compromiso con la problemática de la accidentalidad vial, quiere ser parte de esta celebración mundial promoviendo la conciencia ciudadana a partir de una serie de propuestas que movilicen a la comunidad y la incluyan en el proceso de participación ineludible que se requiere para dar comienzo, de una vez por todas, a un cambio generalizado de actitud con respecto al tránsito. La propuesta se basa en la realización de una gran Feria de la Seguridad Vial, en la plaza Pringles, el día viernes 27, de 10 a 18 hs. Actividades a realizar: Espacio de exposición (Instalación de gacebos donde se presentarán las diferentes campañas, programas educativos y tareas de fiscalización de la Dirección de Tránsito) Demostración a cargo de médicos del SIES (Cómo atender a un accidentado). Convocatoria pública ("Qué harías para mejorar el tránsito". Invitación a la comunidad a presentar propuestas creativas e innovadoras). Lanzamiento de un Voluntariado (Inscripción de personas interesadas en participar como voluntarias en las tareas del Area de Educación Vial). Ceremonia en memoria de las personas fallecidas en accidentes de tránsito en la ciudad de Rosario. Tercer domingo de noviembre, Monumento a la Bandera. 20 hs.

Contact: Celina Ruiz, Municipalidad de Rosario
Telephone:+54 3414808502, Fax: +54 3414808506
E-mail: cruiz0@rosario.gov.ar

NGOs and Local Goverment commitment on Road Safety programmes
10 April 2007 — Yerba Buena - Tucumán - Argentina

The Foro Civico is an institution where Local Goverment and Civil Society are working together to promote joint actions. Adherent to the "First United Nations Global Road Safety Week", a public meeting will be held on April 10th, inviting all involved institutions and persons of the City, in order to sign an agreement to reduce road accidents, to improve education and control on roads. This meeting will have a high coverage of local media and will be the launching of a calendar of actions during the month of April and with emphasis on the week of April 23/29. The activities planned are the signature of the commitment by local Goverment and relevant institutions (April 10), the presentation of a curricula on Road Safety to be teached at local Schools (April 16), a public meeting and conference about Road Safety (April 18) and "a week without accidents" (April 23-29).

Contact: Carlos Iñurrategui, Foro Civico Yerba Buena
Telephone: +5411 41491402, Fax: n/a
E-mail: c_inurrategui@myb.gov.ar

Programa de Prevención Vial 2007
23-29 April 2007 — Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Municipalidad de Avellaneda, a través de la Secretaría de Gobierno tiene a cargo la regulación y organización de la seguridad vial de la localidad, por lo que desde el comienzo de gestión desde el año 2004 y como esta previsto para el año 2007 se realizar un Programa de Prevención Vial a cargo de la mencionada Secretara con la colaboración de la Subsecretaría de Salud, Protección Infantil y Familiar, la Jueza de Faltas y el Cuerpo de Inspectores, desarrollo de actividades de prevención en treinta (30) Escuelas, Empresas y Fábricas con asiento en la localidad y a la población en General.

Contact: Scarpin Dionisio, Municipalidad de Avellaneda
Telephone: +54 3 482 481 079, Fax: +54 3 482 481 082

Students' exhibition of vial education
23 April 2007 — Cabral School, Las Heras. Mendoza, Argentina

Students will show the results of what they learn in Vial classes

Contact: Gladys Fernandez de Magistocchi, Programa Prevencion Accidentes- Ministerio Salud Mendoza
Telephone: +54 2614202268, Fax: +54 2614201890
E-mail: gladysmagistocchi@gmail.com

University students' debate
25 April 2007 — Law University National University of Cuyo. Ciudad Universitaria, Argentina

Discussion about the trafic problem in Mendoza. Propose activites to reduce this problem. These proposals will be report to the goverment and the legislature.

Contact: Gladys Fernandez de Magistocchi, Programa de Prevención de Accidentes
Telephone: +54 2614202268, Fax: +54 2614201890
E-mail: gladysmagistocchi@gmail.com
Web site: www.semanamundialseguridadvial.mendoza.gov.ar

Young drivers and crashes
23 April 2007 — Czech Republic, Spain, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, Ethiopia, Netherlands

In the Czech Republic and in Spain, a traffic education program for young drivers (16-18 years) will be organized under the banner of IRSA; the program is called "The Action" (Czech Republic) and "The Road Show" (Spain). In the other countries, IRSA is organizing train-the-trainer programs for police trainers and traffic police specialists with respect to the improvement of traffic enforcement and the handling of crashes, including the improvement of crash data collection.

Contact: Peter ter Meulen, International Road Safety Academy - Association
Telephone: +31 205708930, Fax: +31 205708989
E-mail: office@irsa-association.org

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CRS Global Road Safety Week Breakfast Forum: Young Road Users
23 April 2007 — Parliament House, Brisbane, Australia

Three speakers will discuss various aspects of road safety for young road users: young driver initiatives; road safety and 0-16s - what are the issues?; and driver licensing and training.

Contact: Kelly Walker, Australasian College of Road Safety (Queensland Chapter)
Telephone: +61 7 3138 4568, Fax: +61 7 3138 4907
E-mail: k.walker@qut.edu.au

Belt Up Display - Use Seat Belts
28 April 2007 — Pilbara Football League, West Kimberley Football League, Kununurra and Carnarvon/Gascoyne, Australia

At a WACFL football match in each of these regions a moveable sign promotion will be implemented to encourage drivers and passengers to wear seatbelts. The regions were selected because research has shown these areas need to increase the rate of wearing restraints.

Contact: Kellee Flatt, West Australian Football Commission
Telephone: 08 9381 5599, Fax: 08 9381 7743
E-mail: kflatt@wafc.com.au

Corporate Bowls Day
24 April 2007 — Carnarvon Bowling Club, Australia

At Carnarvon bowling club there will be the United Nations Global Road safety Week Corporate bowls competition. I will showcase global road safety as well as the safer systems approach taken by WA and also how safer systems can help us in the Gascoyne region. Corporate bowls attracts upwards of about 200 people each week in Carnarvon and runs from about 4.30pm until 9.00pm

Contact: Bruce Tisdell, RoadWise
Telephone: 0417 964 129, Fax: 99 410099
E-mail: btisdell@westnet.com.au

Fatality Free Friday
27 April 2007 — Nationwide, Australia

Fatality Free Friday will be a national safety and awareness campaign. Its aim is to promote safe driving to the community via the media around Australia. It will start by asking all road users to focus on safe road use practices and highlight what action individuals can take to make a real difference. Ultimately the goal would be to have no road deaths recorded on Fatality Free Friday. The date for this first event will be Friday 27th of April 2007, which will coincide with the first United Nations Global Road Safety Week.

Contact: Russell White, Driver Safety in Motion Pty Ltd
Telephone: +61 412 53 22 49, Fax: +61 755 73 71 16
E-mail: rwdriversafety@optusnet.com.au
Web site: fatalityfreefriday.com

Make your Mark Competition about speeding
23 April 2007 — Perth, Australia

The Make your Mark Competition is a community-focused initiative to remind drivers of the dangers of speeding and its consequences. It is open to everyone aged between 16 and 24, and aims to give young people the opportunity to be involved in the Road Safety speeding campaign by creating an advertisement. It is a great opportunity for 16-24 year olds to create an advertisement that discourages 'speeding' and relays this message to people of their own age. On Monday 23 April, three young people will be awarded as part of the 2006-07 Make your Mark Competition for their print, radio or television road safety advertisements about the consequences and dangers of speed. This competition is organised by the Office of Road Safety of Western Australia, in association with the Outdoor Cinema Movies By Burswood, and three youth-oriented media, X-Press magazine, Radio Nova 93.7 and Channel 10. On the same day, the 2007-08 Competition Competition will be launched.

Contact: John Doak, Office of Road Safety
Telephone: +61 892228746, Fax: +61 893252817
E-mail: jdoak@dpc.wa.gov.au
Web site: www.moviesbyburswood.com

Safer Vehicles Display
20 April 2007 — Perth Convention Centre, Australia

The RAC and Road Safety Council's Five Star Café at the Perth Motor Show from April 20-25. Find out how the experts rate your car's potential to protect your family in a crash through the ANCAP safety-rating system. A minimum four-star ANCAP rating is recommended. There is also information on airbags, seatbelt reminder systems and head restraints. After a coffee, experience how it feels to drive a vehicle fitted with Electronic Stability Control at the Bosch ESP Simulator display. ESP is an active safety system that reduces the risk of a driver losing control of the vehicle. Take a crash course in vehicle safety at the Perth Motor Show.

Contact: John Doak, Office of Road Safety
Telephone: +61 0892228746, Fax: +61 893252817
E-mail: jdoak@dpc.wa.gov.au

UN Global Road Safety Week Events
27 April 2007 — Various locations, Australia

Road Safety Publicity Campaign leading up to Road Safety Week: Pamphlets and posters on bicycle, pedestrian, older driver, children and heavy vehicle safety; a joint Victoria Police & Local Laws Officer campaign on pedestrian behaviour; council consideration of adoption of Pedestrian Charter and Safer Vehicle and Safer Driver Guidelines.

Contact: Michael Hull, RoadSafe Westgate Community Road Safety Council / Hobsons Bay City Council / Maribyrnong City Council / Wyndham City Council
Telephone: +61 39932 1129, Fax: +61 39932 1090
E-mail: mhull@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au
Web site: www.hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au


Vision Zero
23-29 April 2007 — Nationwide, Austria

Targeted at young road users, including young drivers. Every single day of the week features an other theme (speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, courtesy on the road, pedestrians, children as road users), all of them specific road safety topics. The whole week will be supported by the media, e.g. with stories about respectful and amicable road user behavior. An ETSC PIN Talk and other events are organized and other organizations are involved in this week, too.

Contact: Dr Günter Breyer, Federal Ministry for Transport, Division for Technology and Road Safety
Telephone: +43 (1) 711 00 / 5951, +43 (1) 711 00 / 2291

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Flemish Congres On Road Safety
23 April 2007 — Flemish Parliament, Brussels, Belgium

    Congress on all aspects of road safety (education, engineering, enforcement). This year's them is young road users. Research, good examles and policy are being discussed.

    Contact: Stijn Dergent, Vlaamse Stichting Verkeerskunde
    Telephone: +32 15 44 65 55, Fax: +32 15 44 65 59
    E-mail: stijn.dergent@verkeerskunde.be

Let's not meet by accident
23 April 2007 — All municipalities in the country

    To focus on road safety and more specific on seat belts, helmets, drink & drive, etc. We will have talk shows and interaction with schools to educate young students about the dangers of not being safe on the road.

    Contact: Allan Vargas, Ministry Of Health, Local Government and Transport
    Telephone: +501 8222038, Fax: +501 8223317
    E-mail: costablue73@hotmail.com


Inauguration d'un "Bib Gonfleuse"
27 April 2007 — Brazil

    Installation d'une station de gonflage.

    Contact: Carlos Eduardo Pinho, Michelin
    Telephone: +55 2124294627, Fax: +55 2124294636
    E-mail: corlos-eduardo.pinho@br.michelin.com

Brunei Darussalam

First UN Global Road Safety Week
23 April 2007 — International Covention Centre, Berakas, Brunei Darussalam

    The First UN Global Road Safety Week aims to promote road safety and to enhance road users' awareness. It is also aimed to rope in all spectrums of Brunei Darussalam communities to be involved in promoting and enhancing road safety awareness. The week long event will focus on speeding, the danger of using mobile phone while driving, child seat restraint as well as wearing seat belts. The Road Safety website will be official during the launching ceremony. Other activities that have been planned include road safety forum, a Friday prayer sermon and walkathon. Road Safety exhibition involving participation of various government agencies and partnership with private sector and education sector will be held through out the country.

    Contact: Ang Kian Guan, Ministry of Communications
    Telephone: +673 2383838, Fax: +673 2381646
    E-mail: kianguan.ang@mincom.gov.bn
    Web site: www.bruneiroadsafety.org.bn


Road Safety Week
5 April 2007 — Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    Handicap International (HI), in collaboration with the National Road Safety Committee and WHO in Cambodia, plans to organize the road safety week on the 05th to 07th of April, 2007. The event aims to launch the new traffic law, to promote actions in the government and related stakeholders in implementing and enforcing the new law, and raise awareness about the impact of the road traffic accidents to public. The event consists of main activities as follow: launching ceremony of the new traffic law, enforcement campaign, traffic law training, free theory test for driving license, TV educational program, activities in some communities, and distribution of educational materials. HI also plans to organize the event in Laos, Vietnam, Togo, Mozambique, Burkina Faso and Madagascar.

    Contact: Socheata SANN, Handicap International
    Telephone: +855 23217300, Fax: +855 23216270
    E-mail: sann.socheata@hib-cambodia.org

Première semaine de la sécurité routière des nations unies
28 April 2007 — Douala, Cameroon

    Sous le patronnage du gouverneur de la province du littoral, les manifestations s'étaleront du 24 au 29 Avril 2007. Au programme: Conférence de presse, campagne sur le port du casque et la surchage sur les motos taxi, campagne sur la séceinture de sécurité et le port du casque, table ronde, pose des affiches, émission radio et télevision.

    Contact: Martial Missimikim, Securoute
    Telephone: +237 9926946 / +237 6162070, Fax: +237 3400020
    E-mail: securoute2004@yahoo.fr

Canada Road Safety Youth Conference
6-8 June 2007 — Montreal, Canada

The 3-day youth conference is intended to raise awareness of the road safety risks to youth and to attract interest in some participants of working in the road safety community. It is hoped that participants will take this information and enthusiasm regarding road safety in the communities and sponsoring agencies of the attendees.

Contact: Paul Boase, Transport Canada
Telephone: +1 6139934463, Fax: +1 6139902912
E-mail: boasep@tc.gc.ca

Child Passenger Safety DVD launch
26 April 2007 — Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Canada

Safe Kids Canada is releasing an educational DVD for parents as part of their Kids that Click child passenger safety program. The DVD will be called, Kids that Click: Keep your kids safe on every ride - Tips for using car seats, booster seats, and seat belts safely.

Contact: Linda Ward, Safe Kids Canada
Telephone: +1 416 813-6173, Fax: +1 416 813-4986
E-mail: linda.ward@sickkids.ca
Web site: www.safekidscanada.ca

Conférence de presse sur le bilan routier 2006 du Québec, lancement d'un site Internet consacré aux victimes de la route et lancement de la campagne de sécurité routière sur le thème de la vitesse.
26 April 2007 — Québec, Canada

Conférence de presse pour présenter les données du bilan routier 2006 du Québec. Lancement d'un site Internet consacré aux victimes de la route dont les coordonnées seront dévoilées lors de la conférence de presse. Lancement des nouvelles publicités télé, radio et cinéma sur la vitesse ainsi que des activités de relations publiques qui la supportent afin de rappeler les conséquences d'un accident de la route lié à la vitesse. Les nouvelles publicités seront diffusées du 23 avril 2007 au 20 mai 2007 et s'adressent à tous les usagers de la route ainsi qu'aux jeunes de 16 à 24 ans:publicité télévisée et radiophonique sur la vitesse, diapositives sur le phénomène de la vitesse sur 430 écrans de cinéma à travers le Québec, placement publicitaire des personnages «Léo et Léa» sur le thème de la vitesse en appui aux publicités télé et radio, placement Zoom média numérique sur 54 écrans dans 27 restos-bars de Montréal et sur 26 écrans dans le métro de Montréal, placement dans le quotidien «Métro» du métro de Montréal.

Contact: Madame Lyne Vézina, Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec
Telephone: 1.418.528.4105, Fax: 1.418.646.1003
E-mail: lyne.vezina@saaq.gouv.qc.ca
Web site: www.saaq.gouv.qc.ca

Operation Lookout Press Conference
25 April 2007 — Eastern Ontario (exact location to be announced), Canada

Operation Lookout is a program that encourages pedestrians and motorists alike to call 9-1-1 or *OPP (in Ontario) to report suspected impaired drivers on the road. Ontario Community Council on Impaired Driving (OCCID) would like to invite all media to attend a press conference on Operation Lookout with local emergency services, public health units and concerned citizens. Operation Lookout can make a real difference to road safety as it addresses all forms of impaired driving (drugs, fatigue) and can even help a driver who may be suffering a medical emergency. Please contact OCCID at +1 4164854411 for more details.

Contact: Julia Lefebvre/ Anne Leonard, Ontario Community Council on Impaired Driving
Telephone: +1 4164854411, Fax: +1 4164858879
E-mail: occid@bellnet.ca

Reportage radio jeunes conducteurs
24 April 2007 — Ensemble du Québec, Canada

Reportage radio à l'émission Radio-Ados de Radio-Canada sur des expériences de jeunes conducteurs. ll s'agit d'entrevues avec des jeunes ayant vécu des expériences difficiles liées à la route. La clientèle visée est celle des jeunes de 12 à 17 ans.

Contact: Madame Lyne Vézina, Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec
Telephone: +1 4185284105, Fax: +1 4186461003
E-mail: lyne.vezina@saaq.gouv.qc.ca
Web site: www.saaq.gouv.qc.ca

The Cooperators Buckle Up Bears Car Seat Check: Port Elgin
21 April 2007 — Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada

The Car Seat Check will run from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. The child car seat check / clinic is jointly organized by the Cooperators and the Grey Bruce Health Unit. Everyone can call Public Health at +1 (519) 376-9420 or 1-800-263-3456 to book an appointment and guarantee their child's car seat will be inspected.

Contact: Meghan Wilkie, Grey Bruce Health Unit
Telephone: +1 5193769420, Fax: +1 5193764152
E-mail: wilkiem@publichealthgreybruce.on.ca
Web site: www.publichealthgreybruce.on.ca

More events
For an additional list of events held by some Canadian provinces and territories, please see

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Childhood Road Safety Seminar
27 April 2007 — Beijing, China, China

A seminar on child pedestrian injury in China will be held in Beijing on March 27. The seminar will announce the research on child pedestrian injury in China and three major cities (Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou). The research was conducted by National Center for Chronic and Noncommunicable Disease Control and Prevention (NCNCD) of China CDC and Safe Kids China (SKC) and sponsored by FedEx. This will be the first time in China to announce the child pedestrian injury in three major cities. The seminar will invite officials from the Chinese Ministry of Health and Public Security. During the seminar, researches on traffic injury in China will also be presented. The seminar will certainly build a platform for Chinese injury professionals for information and prevention programs exchanges and will call the people to act on road safety, especially for children.

Contact: Monica Cui, Deng Xiao, Duan Leilei , Wu Fan, SAFE KIDS China, National Center for Chronic and Noncommunicable Disease Control and Prevention, China CDC
Phone +86 1052586628       , Fax +86 1083136480
E-mail: grsw2007@sina.com

Multi-Sectoral Forum on Road Safety in China
25 June 2007 — Beijing, China

The Multi-Sectoral Forum on Road Safety in China is sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Health and WHO. China CDC is taking the responsibility of organizing. The road safety situation, as well as advanced experiences which can be used to promote the road safety development in China will be discussed on the forum. It will try to enhance the co-operation between all sectors related to road safety in China and the support from the international community.

Contact: Deng Xiao, Duan Leilei , Wu Fan, National Center for Chronic and Noncommunicable Disease Control and Prevention, China CDC
Phone +86 1052586628       , Fax +86 1083136480
E-mail: grsw2007@sina.com

National Launch of Global Road Safety Week, China Activity, 2007
23 April 2007 — Beijing, China

The national launch of Global Road Safety Week--China Activity is sponsored by the Chinese Ministries of Health, Education, Public Security, Construction, Communications, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China, Chinese Communist Youth League and WHO on 23rd, April. China CDC is taking the responsibility of organizing. The launch will announce the series activities held in China, including Road Show of Road Safety, Original Design Competition on Road Safety , Multi-Sectoral Forum on Road Safety and Childhood Road Safety Seminar, as the national response for Global Road Safety Week. It will certainly arouse the attention of the whole country by media propaganda and reflect the governments' regard for road safety.

Contact: Jiao Yahui , Wu Fan, Chinese Ministry of Health, National Center for Chronic and Noncommunicable Disease Control and Prevention, China CDC
Phone +86 1052586628       , Fax +86 1083136480
E-mail: grsw2007@sina.com

Official Announcement of the Results of the China Seatbelt Intervention
23 April 2007 — The Kerry Centre Hotel, Beijing, China

In China, injuries are the leading cause of death from age 1 to 44, accounting for approximately 750,000 deaths and 3.5 million hospitalisations every year. Much of the injury-related death and serious injury is due to road traffic injury. The rate of death and injury is growing rapidly, there is an urgent need to implement proven road safety interventions. In the absence of widespread implementation of road safety interventions, the epidemic of road traffic injury will worsen. Following completion of the China Seatbelt Intervention in Guongzhou, The George Institute for International Health along with Central and Guangzhou Municipal Governments in China and BP China will announce the results of the intervention in addition to a cost-benefit analysis of the campaign.

Contact: Emma Orpilla, The George Institute for International Health
Telephone: +61 299934500, Fax: +61 299934501
E-mail: eorpilla@george.org.au
Web site: www.thegeorgeinstitute.org

Original Design Competition on Road Safety
23 April 2007 — Beijing, China

The Original Design Competition on Road Safety is sponsored by the Chinese Ministries of Health, Education, Public Security, Construction, Communications, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China, Chinese Communist Youth League and WHO. China CDC is taking the responsibility of organizing. The competition accepts commonweal designs familiar to young people like videos, flashes, posters, advertisements and photos, thus makes it possible to involve participation from people in the whole society, and visualize the conception of road safety to intensify the propaganda and realize the strategy of sustainable development.

Contact: Deng Xiao, Duan Leilei, Wu Fan, National Center for Chronic and Noncommunicable Disease Control and Prevention, China CDC
Phone +86 1052586628       , Fax +86 1083136480
E-mail: grsw2007@sina.com

Road safety and disability
25 April 2007 — Yuexi county (Sichuan province), China

Handicap International will participate in the road safety week trough awareness raising on the link between road traffic accident and disability. Handicap International will use its existing disability prevention and rehabilitation project sites in Yuexi (Sichaun province) and possibly Tibet as a base for road safety awareness activities.

Contact: Tom Song and Jean Van Wetter, Handicap International
Telephone: +86 1065320221       
E-mail: director@handicap-int.org.cn

Road Show of Road Safety in China
23 April 2007 — Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Xian, Chengdu, Changsha, China

The Road Show of Road Safety in China is sponsored by the Chinese Ministries of Health, Education, Public Security, Construction, Communications, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China, Chinese Communist Youth League and WHO. China CDC is taking the responsibility of organizing. Lots of volunteers, who are young road users, will be recruited via media to form the motorcade. Six cities in China have been chosen to form the road show circle, as well as the road, which connects those cities, involving different road conditions. From April 23 to June 25, the volunteers will drive down through the route while experiencing and filming on the road safety situation in China. The activity will give publicity to people's behavior on road safety, laws and rules of communication in China today with the help from CCTV and other major domestic media. After that, a documentary film and a written report will be possibly presented to the relative governmental departments as a reference for their decision-making on the improvements of road safety.

Contact: Deng Xiao, Duan Leilei, Wu Fan, National Center for Chronic and Noncommunicable Disease Control and Prevention, China CDC
Phone +86 1052586628       , Fax +86 1083136480
E-mail: grsw2007@sina.com

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Sensibilización de los estudiantes de la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
23 April 2007 — Campus de la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Centro de Estudios de Ergonomia, Colombia

    Sensibilización de los estudiantes de la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana en las practicas seguras de comportamiento en el transito urbano y el desarrollo de una actitud segura ante las diferentes situaciones de transito a que se ven avocados como peatones y como conductores. Presentación continúa de Videos y charlas informativas, difusión de folletos, ubicación de posters durante el transcurso de la semana. Apoyo a las actividades del Fondo de Prevención Vial, en cafés y actividades educativas.

    Contact: Ing. Leonardo Quintana J., Ph.D., Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
    Telephone: +57 3208320 ext 5351, Fax: +57 3208320 ext 5404
    E-mail: lquin@javeriana.edu.co

Czech Republic
First Global Road Safety Week Czech Republic
23-29 April 2007 — UN House, Prague, Czech Republic

Variety of Activities: National Road Safety Campaigns, Seminars (E.g. National Injury Free Days Seminar, International Seminar on Child Traffic Injury Prevention, Approval of the National Strategy for Child Injury Prevention). There will also be a road safety drawing contest for children and an exhibition at the UN House, Prague and the Czech Centre of Road Accident Prevention will sign the European Road Safety Charter. WHO also supports the European Contest for Young Truck Drivers and will present the first UN Global Road Safety Week at the PRAGOALARM Exhibition.

Contact: Pavla Kortusova, WHO Country office
Telephone: +42 0257 199 880, Fax: +42 0257 328 966

Young drivers and crashes
23 April 2007 — Czech Republic, Spain, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, Ethiopia, Netherlands

In the Czech Republic and in Spain, a traffic education program for young drivers (16-18 years) will be organized under the banner of IRSA; the program is called "The Action" (Czech Republic) and "The Road Show" (Spain). In the other countries, IRSA is organizing train-the-trainer programs for police trainers and traffic police specialists with respect to the improvement of traffic enforcement and the handling of crashes, including the improvement of crash data collection.

Contact: Peter ter Meulen, International Road Safety Academy - Association
Telephone: +31 205708930, Fax: +31 205708989
E-mail: office@irsa-association.org


Young drivers and crashes
23 April 2007 — Czech Republic, Spain, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, Ethiopia, Netherlands

    In the Czech Republic and in Spain, a traffic education program for young drivers (16-18 years) will be organized under the banner of IRSA; the program is called "The Action" (Czech Republic) and "The Road Show" (Spain). In the other countries, IRSA is organizing train-the-trainer programs for police trainers and traffic police specialists with respect to the improvement of traffic enforcement and the handling of crashes, including the improvement of crash data collection.

    Contact: Peter ter Meulen, International Road Safety Academy - Association
    Telephone: +31 205708930, Fax: +31 205708989
    E-mail: office@irsa-association.org

El Salvador
Celebraciones, campañas en medios publicitarios, entrevistas a funcionarios públicos
23 April 2007 — San Salvador, El Salvador

    Celebraciones religiosas en memoria de personas fallecidas por hechos de tránsito, campañas en medios publicitarios para el uso de dispositivos de seguridad, entrevistas a funcionarios públicos sobre el tema de seguridad vial en medios de comunicación:
    Con las celebraciones religiosas se fomentará la práctcia de valores morales, como el respeto a los demás en la vía pública. Con las campañas se hará conciencia en la población nacional. Sobre la "necesidad del uso de cinturón de seguridad, cascos, y demás dispositivos de seguridad, con énfasis en la conducción libre de alcohol y excesos de velocidad". Con las entrevistas se conocerán las medidas políticasa a implimentarse en materia de seguridad vial.

    Contact: Ninette G. Echeverría, Viceministerio de Transporte
    Telephone: +506 22210639, Fax: +506 22211532
    E-mail: nineth.echeverria@mop.gob.sv


    "Cool people wear helmets! 2007"
    23 April - 20 May 2007 — Nationwide, Estonia

    To minimize the number of head injuries occurring if one rides bicycle without wearing the helmet (by advocating the use of helmets explaining their protective nature). Focus is on children at the age of 10-12 years; also younger and older kids and their parents are part of the target group. Includes mass media campaign: TV, radio, outdoor, indoor, print and the events in Tallinn (capital) and in the other cities.

    Contact: Toomas Ernits, Estonian National road Administration
    Telephone: +373 6119323, Fax: +372 6119360
    E-mail: toomas.ernits@mnt.ee
    Web site: www.mnt.ee/atp/

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Global UN Road Safety Week
23-29 April 2007 — Nationwide, Ethiopia

A Steering Committee composed of Ministry of Health Focal Person and WHO-Ethiopia VIP National Programme Officer and head of Federal Transport Authority have had a meeting to form an organizing committee for the UN Global Road Safety Week. The Organizing Committee is composed of Ministry of Health, Federal Transport Authority, Federal Police Commission-Traffic Police Unit, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth and Sports and Ministry of Justice. The committee has met once and decided to conduct several activities during the Road Safety Week: Launch a national violence and injury prevention and emergency medical system strategy, the dissemination of leaflets in each major language and the dissemination of 100,000 printed materials (newsletters) to display data and reports on road traffic injury, but also quiz competitions and talk shows on radio and television.

Contact: Mussie G. Michael, Ministry of Health, Diseases Prevention and Control Department Other Diseases Prevention and Control Team
Telephone: +251 911 842 259 or +251 115 159 978
E-mail: mosess2005@yahoo.com

Young drivers and crashes
23 April 2007 — Czech Republic, Spain, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, Ethiopia, Netherlands

In the Czech Republic and in Spain, a traffic education program for young drivers (16-18 years) will be organized under the banner of IRSA; the program is called "The Action" (Czech Republic) and "The Road Show" (Spain). In the other countries, IRSA is organizing train-the-trainer programs for police trainers and traffic police specialists with respect to the improvement of traffic enforcement and the handling of crashes, including the improvement of crash data collection.

Contact: Peter ter Meulen, International Road Safety Academy - Association
Telephone: +31 205708930, Fax: +31 205708989
E-mail: office@irsa-association.org

    Finnish Road Safety Week
    23 April 2007 — Nationwide, Finland, Finland

    Finnish Road Safety Week 23 - 29 April 2007 - Nationwide, Finland The Road Safety Week in Finland will be launched nationally with a four-week media campaign in television, radio and the Internet. Aim is to strengthen an already existing "Attitude problem" - campaign that has been running for three previous spring seasons. Themes of this year's campaign are speeding and seatbelt use. Campaign is targeted at young road users between the ages of 15-24 years who account for 1/3 of traffic accidents in Finland. Campaign has a participatory element in form of a design competition to accessorize your own seatbelt. The idea in the competition is to increase awareness through problem solving. The goals of the activities are to create publicity and discussion in media and public sphere; increase the target group's consciousness of speeding and seatbelt significance; and affect target group's attitudes in order to decrease speeding and increase seatbelt use. Campaign is a co-operative effort between seven traffic safety actors in Finland.

    Contact: Annina Brandt, Liikenneturva - Central organisation for traffic safety in Finland
    Telephone: +358 207282300, Fax: +358 207282303
    E-mail: firstname.lastname@liikenneturva.fi
    Web site: www.syyllinen.fi

Action "discothèques" et "Bien conduire, c'est bien se conduire"
23 April 2007 — France

Action "discothèques" en partenariat avec la prévention routière pour la remise de gilet de sécurité. La campagne "Bien conduire, c'est bien se conduire" sera déployée dans les sites Michelin pour une durée de 4 à 6 semaines. Sur le réseau TV, une série de films type "caméra café", alliant sécurité routière et sécurité au travail, sera diffuser. Chaque film propose une question à la fin et les salariés peuvent répondre par bulletin, ce qui donne lieu à un concours avec récompensés.

Contact: Ariel Cabanes, Michelin
Telephone: +33 145661577, Fax: +33 145661554
E-mail: ariel.cabanas@fr.michelin.com

"Bib gonfleur" et "Concours de dessin"
23 April 2007 — Site de Blanzy, France

Bib gonfleur: Inauguration d'une station de gonflage à l'usine UMO. Concours de dessin: En partenariat avec la prévention routière dà déstination des enfants de 4 à 11 ans.

Contact: Géraldine Balay, Michelin
Telephone: +33 385673394, Fax: +33 385673300
E-mail: geraldine.balay@fr.michelin.com

Defensive Driving Training
25 April 2007 — Nanterre, France

We will teach all the staff (in small groups) the basic knowledge of the "Defensive Driving Concept". Each person will have the opportunity to attend a 2 hours session.

Contact: Honel Philippe, Société des Lubrifiants de Nanterre
Telephone: +33 1 56 38 59 78
E-mail: philippe.honel@shell.com

First UN Global Road Safety Week
23 April 2007 — Throughout French Polynesia

La 1ère semaine mondiale pour la sécurité routière offre une occasion majeure d'améliorer la sécurité routière des jeunes qui sillonent chaque jour les routes de la Polynésie française. Cette initiative,de la commission économique et sociale pour l'Asie et le Pacifique de l'ONU (CESAP), a nécessité la création d'un comité de la sécurité routière. Ce comité permet d'assurer la coordination des activités ainsi que leur suivi. Il regroupe les représentants du ministère des transports terrestres, de la santé, de l'éducation, de l'équipement, de la jeunesse, de la famille, ainsi que les représentants de l'Etat. Il permet également de renforcer l'engagement de la Polynésie française dans sa lutte contre l'insécurité routière. Monsieur Moana BLANCHARD, ministre des transports terrestres et Président de la commission souhaite réunir et mobiliser tous ces partenaires afin de pérenniser la lutte contre l'insécurité routière en Polynésie française. Cette semaine de la sécurité routière a pour thème « les jeunes usagers de la route ». De nombreuses manifestations locales seront organisées à raison d'une action par jour dans différentes communes de la Polynésie française afin de sensibiliser la population aux différents thèmes développés: Conférence de presse; des contrôles préventifs sur l'éclairage vélo dans les communes de Papeete, Faaa, Moorea, Tiarei, Taravao et Paea; manifestation sécurité routière, place Bougainville à Papeete; mise en place de contrôles préventifs de 2 roues motorisées dans les communes de Punaauia, Mahina, Papara, Moorea et Papeete. Sensibilisation sur le vélo au complexe sportif de la commune de Arue; Stage alternatif à la sanction animé par l'association Prévention Routière de Polynésie française, bâtiment du gouvernement, avenue Pouvanaa a Oopa, à Papeete.

Contact: Miss Loan Hoang Oppermann, Gouvernement de la Polynésie française
Telephone: +689 504155, Fax: +689 504156
E-mail: loan.oppermann@securite-routiere.gov.pf

First United Nations Global Road Safety Week
28 April 2007 — Throughout New Caledonia

Communicate the UN Global Road Safety Week in New Caledonia and inform the population in general on Road Safety (in particular young people).

Contact: Muriel dos Santos, Gouvernement de la Nouvelle-Caldonie
Telephone: +687 24 65 65, Fax: +687 24 66 26
E-mail: muriel.dos-santos@gouv.nc

Journée de sensibilisation à la sécurité routière
25 April 2007 — Lycée Agricole de Poisy, France

Reconstitutions réelles d'accidents de circulation en ville, initiation du public sur la maîtrise du véhicule, sensibilisation aux risques routiers, FFMC : Fédération française des motards en colère d'Annecy, prévention routière, SDIS Service départemental d'incendie et de secours d'Annecy, exposé sur l'alcool, association des traumatisés crâniens (FAI'ART), Conférence sur les stages CENTAURE

Contact: Olivier Lionel, Py Julien, Moulard Stéphane, Lycée Agricole de Poisy (Haute Savoie)
Telephone: n/a, Fax: n/a
E-mail: cnonel@wanadoo.fr
Web site: www.poisy.org

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Launch of the national campaign by the Partnership for Road Safety
22 April 2007 — Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Zugdidi, Poti, Senaki, Georgia

    The Partnership for Road Safety in Georgia, supported by the FIA Foundation, would like to use the first UN Global Road Safety Week for the official launch of its national campaign on road safety. The Partnership is going to organize public awareness campaigns in cooperation with youth development clubs network in five major cities. The actions will involve drawing competitions, street actions and distribution of flyers by young people which will be published in local and national media. The Partnership for Road Safety will organise a Conference with participation of relevant Ministries, public bodies, civil society and private sector organisations in Tbilisi. The week will end with a rally, organized by the Georgian Automobile Federation (Rustavi, 29 April), which will be used to promote the UN Global Road Safety Week and the launch of the national campaign.

    Contact: Ekaterine Laliashvili, Partnership for Road Safety
    Telephone: +995 99587370, Fax: +995 32330417
    E-mail: eka@safedrive.ge
    Web site: www.safedrive.ge


    "Special" Road Safety Day
    22 April 2007 — nationwide, Germany

    Road safety activities will take place all over Germany focusing on young drivers. In Berlin, a central event will take place, where young road users will submit to the Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Development proposals for the improvement of the road safety situation of this road user group.

    Contact: Jacqueline Lacroix, German Road Safety Council
    Telephone: +49 228400010, Fax: +49 2284000167
    E-mail: jlacroix@dvr.de
    Web site: www.tag-der-verkehrssicherheit-spezial.de


Launching of Road Safety Week and national Road Safety Strategy (2006-2010)
23 April 2007 — Cape Coast, Ghana

Pedestrians continue to constitute the largest category of fatalities (over 40%), resulting from road traffic crashes in the country, there is therefore the need to sensitize the motorist to respect the pedestrian as a road user and thus reduce casualties.

Contact: May Obiri-Yeboah, National Road Safety commission
Telephone: +233 21761726
E-mail: may_akweley@yahoo.co.uk

Opération "Faites le plein d'air"
23 April 2007 — Ghana

L'opération consiste à contrôler gratuitement la pression et l'état des pneumatiques. A chaque automobiliste les équipes expliquent combien la juste pression et l'entretien de leur pneumatiques est important pour leur sécurité.

Contact: Laurent Tridemy, Michelin
Telephone: +233 473327821, Fax: +233 473326977
E-mail: laurent.tridemy@fr.michelin.com

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National Workshop "Road safety"
27 April 2007 — EKAB (National Center for Emergency Health Care) - Central Office, Holargos, Greece

Workshop "Road Traffic Injuries" coordinated from WHO-Europe National Focal Person (Violence and Injury Prevention) under the auspices of Greek Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity with support of EKAB (National Center for Emergency Health Care) as part of national response to 1st UN Global Road safety Week will be held in Athens (27.4.2007). The event is organized in the framework of 2-day National Workshop "Injuries and Violence" (27.-28.4.2007), includes intersectoral collaboration with other ministries and participation of relevant stakeholders.

Contact: Dimitirios Efthymiadis, M.D., Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity of Greece
Telephone: +30 2105235929, +30 6978481370, +30 6973331070, Fax: +30 2105236023, +30 2108650401
E-mail: dimoefkarvina@yahoo.gr

Postage stamp
24 April 2007 — Athens, Greece

A postage stamp on the road safety topic will be circulated

Contact: Kosmidou Konstantina, Ministry of Transport and Communications
Telephone: +30 2106508514, Fax: +30 2106508485
E-mail: k.kosmidou@yme.gov.gr

Road Safety
23 April 2007 — Athens, Greece, Greece

The opening event will be on Monday the 23rd of April 2007 at the central square of Athens (Constitution Square), where the central metro station is. Inside the metro station (where an exhibition hall exists), key-note speakers will address the beginning of the road safety week. Outside, at the Constitution Square, the public will have the opportunity to test drive simulators, get information about driving, etc.

Contact: Stelios Efstathiadis, Road Safety Institute
Telephone: +30 2109577077
E-mail: info@seassociates.gr


Journée portes ouvertes pour les conducteurs d'ambulances
23 April 2007 — Hungary

    Journée portes ouvertes pour les conducteurs d'ambulances: sensibilisation à la sécurité routière en particulier la pression des pneus ainsi que la distribution du CD "le bon usage du pneu".

    Contact: Nora Vass, Michelin
    Telephone: +361 4592945, Fax: +361 4592878
    E-mail: nora.vass@hu.michelin.com

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Road Safety Awareness Training for Taxi and Bus Drivers of Guwahati
24 April 2007 — District Library/ Rabindra Bhavan, India

Training will be given to over 300 drivers on safe driving; Awareness will be created on the effects of accidents; Will be trained as to how to take care of the accident victims; Will be given tips to do safe driving to avoid accidents

Contact: Devasia Nellikunnel, Welfare Association for Relief and Regional Development (WARRD)
Telephone: +91 9435082079, Fax: nik
E-mail: devasia_warrd@rediffmail.com

Sensitizing and Motivating Adolescent School Children in the sphere of prevention of road accidents
28 April 2007 — Amar Jyoti Research and Rehabilitation Center, Delhi, India

Sensitizing and motivating young road users, comprising adolescent school children, by schematically using the participatory learning approach for personal safety skills formation and development. A quiz to test road safety knowledge of the 900 students from the 10 schools covered by RUSF during the year 2006-07 under the GIA programmes of the Department of Road Transport & Highways, Govt. of India and equal numbers under the programme of road safety training sponsored by the Department of Transport &Road Safety, Govt of NCT Delhi, India. A running trophy will be given to the best performing school and 1st , 2nd, 3rd and consolation prizes will given to the best performing school Child participants.

Contact: L.C. Mahajan, Road Users Safety Forum (RUSF)
Telephone: +91 11-22153350 / 22162732, Fax: +91 11-22153350
E-mail: rusf@growthalternatives.com

Stay Alive On The Street
23 April 2007 — St. James Hospital Campus, Chalakudy, Kerala, India

Road Safety awareness program in association with government organizations and NGOs. The program is supported by seminars, via street campaigns and a short film in our regional language on road safety, "Road Hurts". We will be having a public rally followed by a meeting to be addressed by political leaders and road safety activists. A documentary on road safety and a street play on road safety will also be presented to the public on that day.

Contact: Dr T.K. Manoj, St.James Life Saving Mission
Telephone: +91 480 2710271
E-mail: tkmanoj66@yahoo.com

Transcon Road Safety Day
25 April 2007 — Mumbai, India

We will have a Transcon (Road) Safety Day with all our employees to talk about the need of road safety, share lessons learned from accidents of others and talk about the steps we can take to prevent them. A more detailed plan is being put in place.

Contact: Shashank Singh, Castrol India Ltd
Telephone: +91 9820549138, Fax: +91 66984770
E-mail: shashank.singh@castrol.com

UN Global Road Safety Week - state level commemoration
3 April 2007 — Kerala State, India

The State Level Commemoration will be jointly organized by ADIC-RSA, National Transportation, Planning & Research Centre (NATPAC) & the Regional Office of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India with the active participation and cooperation of major Stakeholders. The Commemoration begins with a Public Exhibition Campaign in front of the Kerala Government Secretariat on the 3rd April 2007 and will be followed by painting competitions on the topic of Road Safety will be organized in all the 14 District Headquarters of Kerala, state level essay & slogan postal competitions, a media workshop. The UN Week Observation will be inaugurated by His Excellency the Governor of Kerala on 23rd April 2007 at Trivandrum followed by a series of State Level Workshops on various aspects related to Road Safety with special focus on the Five Risk Factors- Helmets, Alcohol, Inappropriate & Excessive Speeding, Safety Belts & Child Restraints, and Infrastructure. Exhibitions, Seminars, Road Shows, Rallies & Public Awareness Campaigns will be organized in all major Towns & Villages and on the national level a quiz competition will be organized and awards will be presented to the most outstanding contribution in Road Safety. The entire event will try to generate massive awareness and ensure public commitment to reduce the amount of road traffic accidents and fatalities in the State.

Contact: Johnson J. Edayaranmula, ADIC - India Road Safety Alliance (RSA)
Telephone: +914712551221, Fax: +914712551221
E-mail: adic.rsa@gmail.com
Web site: www.adicindia.org

UN Global Road Safety Week celebration
23 april 2007 — new delhi, india, india

Under the global road safety week2007 number of events will be organised: A rally of 1000 school children on road safety education, seminar on role of NGOs in road campaign, national poster competition and exhibition, 2 days eye testing camp for Delhi Transport Corporation bus drivers, seminar on role of heads of schools in road safety education.

Contact: Vijay Gaur, Bhagidari Jan Sahyog Samiti (regd.)
Telephone: +91 9350160556
E-mail: vijaygaur16@yahoo.com


Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Youth Seminar on road safety
24 April 2007 — Tehran/Lavasan, Kashmar, Arsanjan cities, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

    Several activities are planned: The UN week's toolkit has been translated into Persian and distributed to all 30 provincial focal points. A drawing competition on Road Safety for school kids and young adults has been organized with collaboration of Ministry of Education and the winning drawings, selected by a committee, consisting of experts from health and education sectors, will be published. Lavasan, Kashmar & Arsanjan city are three communities which were nominated for "International safe community network designation" on June 2007. A multisectoral youth seminar is one the planned activities. The theme is children and Road Safety: protect youngsters from suffering from road traffic injuries. This seminar is intended to raise more and constant awareness among major stakeholders at local and national level, as well as to raise awareness among car drivers and motorist for children safety and protection. Broad media coverage has been planned. Besides the seminar an exhibition, a kids' film projection and drawing competitions will be held.

    Contact: Alireza Moghisi, Center for Disease Control
    Telephone: +98 2188812953, Fax: +98 2188720778
    E-mail: ar_moghisi@yahoo.com
    Web site: www.cdc.hbi.ir/ipd

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Camminiamo ad occhi aperti: come riconoscere la segnaletica stradale (Let's walk to open eyes: how to recognize the road signs)
28 April 2007 — Fucecchio (Fi), Italy

( Laboratories for children and paths for families to know the road signs ) L'evento sarà introdotto con un laboratorio in cui i bambini potranno conoscere la segnaletica stradale attraverso giochi e attività di costruzione. Giovedì 5 e mercoledì 11 aprile 2007, la Polizia Municipale sarà presente al Centro Infanzia e Famiglie per raccontare la sicurezza stradale ai bambini, con il supporto delle animatrici del centro, nell'ambito di un laboratorio appositamente pensato per loro. Sabato 28 aprile 2007 Ritrovo alle ore 9.30 a Fucecchio in Piazza XX Settembre per scoprire come muoversi in sicurezza e consapevoli dell'importanza della segnaletica in un percorso a piedi fino al Palazzetto. I bambini saranno accompagnati dal personale della Polizia Municipale che illustrerà il significato dei segnali stradali posti lungo l'itinerario. L'iniziativa è organizzata in collaborazione con Legambiente.

Contact: Stefania Mattonai, Comune di Fucecchio
Telephone: +39 5712681, Fax: +39 571268246
E-mail: s.mattonai@comune.fucecchio.fi.it
Web site: www.comune.fucecchio.fi.it/site/focuson.asp

Educazione dei giovani, stili di vita e sicurezza stradale
24 April 2007 — Aula Magna Università degli Studi "La Sapienza" - Roma, Italy

Discussion on the evidence of the connection between food/life styles and psycho-physical efficiency in view of maintaining adequate levels of attention as a function of preventing road accidents. Special attention will be paid to educating the young part of road users to healthier life styles and responsible driving ethics. The event is part of the Convention "From the Antique Chinese Theories to the Sustainable Pianesiano Development", promoted by Mario Pianesi, Founder and President of the International Association "Un Punto Macrobiotico"(A Macrobiotic Point), and member of the Scientific Committee CNI-UNESCO, for the Decade for Education on Sustainable Development.

Contact: Giovanni Bargnesi, Associazione Nazionale e Internazionale UN PUNTO MACROBIOTICO
Telephone: +39 0733 961019, +39 0733 961432, Fax: +39 0733 961809
E-mail: upm@simail.it
Web site: www.socitras.org/roadsafetyweek_eventi.htm

Forum "I giovani e la sicurezza stradale"
27 April 2007 — Aula Magna Istituto Alberghiero, via Abruzzo - Loreto (AN), Italy

Before the event, starting from the story of a serious road accident and the violations made for abuse of alcohol or while driving without crash helmet and/or seat belts and the students, attending the forum, will be submitted to an interview concerning the juridical, economic and physical, consequences for the victims involved. On the day of the event, the results of the survey will be reported and debated with the students who will, then, be asked to write a dissertation the topic.

Contact: Gesualdo Angelico, Rotary Internationa Distretto 2090 Rotary Club Loreto
Telephone: +39 0717590837, Fax: +39 0717505648
E-mail: aldoangelico@marcheonline.net
Web site: www.socitras.org/roadsafetyweek_eventi.htm

Gli incidenti stradali come problema di Sanità Pubblica: spunti epidemiologici e nuovi obiettivi conoscitivi.
23 April 2007 — Sala multimediale della Regione Piemonte, corso Regina Margherita 174 - Torino, Italy

[Road accidents as a public health problem: epidemiological hints and new knowledge objectives.]
Modelli di studio, approcci metodologici, valorizzazione delle fonti dati; differenze regionali nei determinanti della incidentalità e mortalità nei traumi della strada; sorveglianza: cosa si fa oggi, cosa si dovrà fare domani; i fattori che influenzano la gravità dell'esito; la sicurezza stradale come obiettivo di salute: problemi e opportunità per la sanità pubblica; nuove frontiere conoscitive (es. diseguaglianze sociali e incidenti stradali).

Contact: Carlo Mamo, Servizio Regionale di Epidemiologia ASL 5 Piemonte
Telephone: +39 01140188206/333, Fax: +39 01140188201
E-mail: carlo.mamo@epi.piemonte.it

Guido con prudenza - Zero alcol, tutta vita
25-29 April 2007 — Various towns in Italy, to be determined., Italy

Nelle notti del 25, del 28 e del 29 aprile 2007 verrà organizzata in tre località italiane un'edizione speciale della campagna "Guido con Prudenza - Zero alcol, tutta vita" contro i rischi legati alla guida in stato di ebbrezza. L'operazione combina l'informazione con la prevenzione e i controlli mirati, avendo l'obiettivo di contrastare il fenomeno delle c.d. stragi del sabato sera. La campagna è organizzata da Polizia di Stato e Fondazione ANIA per la Sicurezza Stradale, con la collaborazione di SILB (Sindacato Italiano Locali da Ballo), SIMEU-Società Italiana di Medicina d'Emergenza-Urgenza, SOC.I.TRA.S.
[In the nights of 25, 28 and 29 April 2007 a special edition of the campaign "Drive with Prudence - Zero alcohol, all life" will be organized in three Italian locations, to remind people of the risks of Driving While Intoxicated. It's a Campaign that combines information with prevention and targeted controls, aimed to clash the "Saturday evening massacres". The Campaign is organized by State Police and ANIA Foundation for Road Safety, with the collaboration of SILB, SIMEU and SOC.I.TRA.S.]

Contact: Elisabetta Mancini, Polizia di Stato
Telephone: +39 064651
E-mail: elisabetta.mancini@interno.it
Web site: www.poliziadistato.it/pds/primapagina/ania/index.htm

I giovani e i fattori di rischio stradale
24 April 2007 — Roma - Sede CRI - Via Ramazzini, 31, Italy

Con un approccio innovativo ed in chiave di prevenzione si mettono a fuoco i fattori di rischio cui sono esposti i bambini e i giovani in relazione alle varie fasce d’età. Segue l’analisi di incidenti tipici per ciascuna fascia di età. L'evento si svolge nell'ambito della manifestazione organizzata da SOC.I.TRA.S., con la partecipazione di alunni di scuole, insegnanti, genitori, familiari di vittime della strada.

Contact: Prof. Girolamo BOLDI, Associazione Italiana Familiari Vittime della Strada
Telephone: +39 030654034, Fax: +39 030654034
E-mail: girolamo.boldi@email.it
Web site: http://www.socitras.org/roadsafetyweek_eventi.htm

I giovani utenti della strada
29 April 2007 — Palafiori di Sanremo - Sanremo, Italy

L'evento si svolgerà in due fasi. Nella prima, dal 29 aprile, verranno svolte dai Clubs iniziative promozionali di sicurezza e di educazione stradale per i giovani del territorio del Distretto Lions 108 I a3 (Piemonte occ. e Liguria occ., escl. Torino e Genova). Nella seconda, dell'8 maggio, con un Convegno al Palafiori di Sanremo, saranno presentati i risultati delle iniziative ed un CD di sensibilizzazione sulle tremende conseguenze degli incidenti stradali.

Contact: Prof. Francesco Bedini, Distretto Lions 108 I a3
Telephone: +39 3292130504
E-mail: rockbed@inwind.it
Web site: http://www.lions108ia3.it

I medici di pronto soccorso fanno il processo agli incidenti stradali nei giovani: le 'stragi del sabato sera'
23 April 2007 — Rome, Italy

Le "stragi del sabato sera" costituiscono un problema ancora irrisolto, i cui "esiti" invariabilmente finiscono nelle mani, fortunatamente sapienti ed esperte, dei medici di emergenza-urgenza; purtroppo, troppo spesso, le possibilit di intervento positivo sono drammaticamente ridotte. Che fare, per prevenire soprattutto, ma anche per intervenire in modo utile ed efficace ? Questa volta ne parla Ubaldo Mengozzi, "veterano" di questa branca della medicina di importanza determinante. L'evento inserito nel pi ampio contesto della manifestazione organizzata da SOC.I.TRA.S. per il 23 e 24 aprile a Roma, Villa Ramazzini.

Contact: Ubaldo Mengozzi, Società Italiana di Medicina di Emergenza-Urgenza (SIMEU)
E-mail: umengozzi@libero.it
Web site: http://www.socitras.org/roadsafetyweek.htm

I traumi toraco-addominali nei giovani utenti della strada - prevenzione e soccorso
26 April 2007 — Ospedale Cannizzaro - Messina, Italy

Incontro di divulgazione scientifica e di diffusione di conoscenze in materia di soccorso. Indicazioni alla prevenzione dei traumi toracico-addominali in rapporto all'uso idoneo dei sistemi di ritenuta (cinture di sicurezza, airbag).
[Meeting of popularization and knowledge spreading on medical aspects and first aid in road accidents. Suggestions to prevent thorax-abdominal traumas, in connection with appropriate use of restraint systems (seatbelts, airbag)]

Contact: Dott. Gaetano Mauceri, Ospedale Cannizzaro - Catania
Telephone: +39 0957263342, Fax: +39 0957263343
E-mail: gmauceri@libero.it
Web site: http://www.socitras.org/roadsafetyweek_eventi.htm

27 April 2007 — Teatro Italia, via BARI 18, ROMA, Italy

Manifestazione conclusiva della campagna di sicurezza stradale ICAROYOUNG, settima edizione, con uno spettacolo teatrale destinato agli studenti della scuola media di secondo grado e testimonianze di giovani vittime di incidenti stradali. La Campagna è promossa dalla Polizia di Stato, dal Ministero dei Trasporti, dal Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione, dalla Fondazione ANIA per la Sicurezza Stradale, con la collaborazione di Sicurstrada e dell'UNICEF.
[Final event of the safety road campaign ICAROYOUNG, seventh edition, with a theatre performance for high school students and testimonials from young victims in road accidents. The campaign is promoted by State Police, Ministry of Transportations, Ministry of Public Education, ANIA Foundation for Road Safety, with the collaboration of Sicurstrada and UNICEF.]

Contact: Elisabetta Mancini, Polizia di Stato
Telephone:+39 064651
E-mail: elisabetta.mancini@interno.it
Web site: http://poliziadistato.it/pds/stradale/icaro/2007/icaro_2007.html

Idee per comunicare la sicurezza stradale ( Ideas to communicate the road safety)
26 April 2007 — Fucecchio (Fi), Italy

Concorso a premi "Idee per comunicare la sicurezza stradale" rivolto alle scuole superiori per la realizzazione di una campagna di comunicazione sul tema. ( Exile of competition for high schools for the accomplishment of a communication project with rewards for the winners)

Contact: Stefania Mattonai, Comune di Fucecchio (Fi)
Telephone: +39 5712681, Fax: +39 571268246
E-mail: s.mattonai@comune.fucecchio.fi.it
Web site: http://www.comune.fucecchio.fi.it/site/focuson.asp?idfocus=368&princ=si

Il diritto alla mobilita' in sicurezza per i giovani utenti della strada
23 April 2007 — CRI - Villa Ramazzini - Roma, Italy

Il diritto alla mobilità in sicurezza si configura con particolare rigore nel caso di utenti giovani. Configurabilità di un diritto alla salute comune in ambito europeo, con la possibilità di libero accesso alle strutture di terapia e riabilitazione in Europa.
[The right to safe transport is crucial when it comes to young drivers. The event boosts discussion on a common right to health in the European context, in order to allow free access to treatment and rehabilitation facilities in Europe.]

Contact: Dott. Enrico SBAFFI, LIDU - Lega Italiana Diritti dell'UOMO
Telephone: +39 06 8120754
E-mail: e.sbaffi@tiscali.it

Il Ritorno alla guida dopo grave cerebrolesione
23 April 2007 — Rocca di Fontanellato (PR), Italy

Il ritorno alla guida di un autoveicolo rappresenta un'esigenza molto sentita per coloro che hanno subito una grave lesione cerebrale, in particolare per quanto riguarda le persone giovani e in et lavorativa. Il Congresso, articolato in due giorni (23 e 24 aprile), nasce da un'esigenza di confronto sui programmi di riabilitazione e prevenzione, sugli aspetti normativi e sulla valutazione dei reali risultati connessi al ritorno alla guida dopo una grave cerebrolesione.

Contact: Adriana Conforti, Centro Cardinal Ferrari, Fontanellato (PR)
Telephone: +39 0521820266
E-mail: segreteriaorganizzativa@centrocardinalferrari.it
Web site: http://www.centrocardinalferrari.it/...

Iniziative Mondiali per la Sicurezza Stradale dei Giovani
28 April 2007 — Sala Consiliare del Comune di Patti, Italy

Esame dei programmi e dei progetti di sicurezza stradale rivolti ai giovani, stabiliti a livello internazionale: scopi, strategie, risultati, prospettive. Analysis of programs and projects on road safety regarding youth, established at international level: aims, strategies, results, prospects.

Contact: Avv. Claudio Calabrò, Rotary Club di Patti Terra del Tindari - Malta, Distretto Sicilia 2110
Telephone: +39 90354050, +39 3389464433
E-mail: linaricciardello@tiscali.it
Web site: http://www.socitras.org/roadsafetyweek_eventi.htm

Istruzione di primo soccorso nei confronti di giovane traumatizzato della strada
27 April 2007 — Via Salerno - 73025 Policoro (MT), Italy

Esercitazioni pratiche, rivolte ai giovani, sul soccorso immediato dei traumatizzati della strada.
[Practice, meant to young people, on first and immediate aid to traumatized victims from road accidents.]

Contact: Elvina Judy Martini, ASL5 Basilicata - P.O. Policoro
Telephone: +39 0835986359, Fax: +39 0835986418
E-mail: elvinajudymartini@yahoo.it
Web site: http://www.socitras.org/roadsafetyweek_eventi.htm

Junior Bike Michelin
21 April 2007 — Viareggio / S Maria Maggiore, Italy

Pour les enfants de 4 à 11 ans on organise un parcours pour les vélos de 5 à 10 minutes. Distributioin de casques à chaque participant.

Contact: Gian Paolo Galloni, Michelin
Telephone: +39 0233953641, Fax: +39
E-mail: gian.paolo.galloni@it.michelin.com

L'incidentalità stradale nei giovani. Dinamica e prevenzione
23 April 2007 — Sede Comitato Regionale CRI - Roma, Italy

Studies carried out by the Central Commitee of Road Haulage Registry show that road haulage shares the same problems of safety of other roads' usage modalities, with specificities due to vehicles' features, their ways of use and drivers' qualification processes; an important role is also played by technical-legal elements and by controls. By working on these aspects is possible to implement the message "Siamo tutti sulla stessa strada: TIRispetto", that was at the basis of a series of events carried out in Italy by the Central Committee.

Contact: Prof. Rocco Giordano, Comitato Centrale Albo Autotrasportatori
Telephone: +39 0817614718, +39 3357761507
E-mail: rocgior@libero.it
Web site: http://www.socitras.org/roadsafetyweek_eventi.htm

L'incidente non e' fatalita' - prevenzione, dinamica e trattamento dell'incidentalita' stradale tra i giovani
23-24 April 2007 — Rome, Italy

Aspetti medici e preventivi della sinistrosit stradale, con particolare riferimento ai giovani; esposizione di progetti sulla sicurezza stradale destinati alle scuole, dimostrazioni di mezzi di ritenuta per bambini, esercitazioni pratiche di primo soccorso, documentazione ed istruzione dei sistemi di controllo sull'alcol e le sostanze psicoattive.

Contact: Andrea Costanzo, Società Italiana di Traumatologia della Strada (SOC.I.TRA.S.)
Telephone: +39 06 49982399, Fax: +39 06 49982553
E-mail: socitras@socitras.org
Web site: http://www.socitras.org/roadsafetyweek.htm

La prevenzione nei giovani dei disturbi psichici conseguenti ad incidente stradale
27 April 2007 — Via Barberia, 18 - Bologna, Italy

L'importanza della prevenzione dell'incidente in soggetti affetti da ansia e depressione. Il valore dei contatti con famiglie ed educatori sul modo di trattare queste persone.
[Injury prevention is dealt with with reference to drivers affected by anxiety and depression. Family contact and advice from experts in the field is the added value described by the event.]

Contact: Maria Maddalena Fiordaliso, Fondazione IDEA
Telephone: +39 0516447124, Fax: +39 0516440931
E-mail: ideabo@virgilio.it

La riparazione microchirurgica delle gravi lesioni da incidente stradale nei giovani utenti della strada
23 April 2007 — Universit "La Sapienza"- Roma - Via Olevano Romano, 25, Italy

Vengono messe in evidenza le precauzioni per prevenire lesioni traumatiche in particolare degli arti superiori: posizione delle mani su manubri e su volanti con airbag. Più recenti metodologie per la riparazione microchirurgica di lesioni vascolo-nervose.
[The event highlights the precautions to prevent traumatical injury, particularly to upper limbs: position of hands on handlebar and steering wheels with airbag are discussed. Most recent methodologies for microsurgical repair of vasculo-nervous lesions are also presented.]

Contact: Dott. Andrea Ortensi, Univ. di Roma "La Sapienza"
Telephone: +39 06215921, Fax: +39 06233213310
E-mail: a.ortensi@libero.it

La Sicurezza stradale non è un caso ("road safety is not an accident")
29 April 2007 — Cellino S. Marco (BR), Italy

The event is structured in several actions: 1. Lessons for students of age from 13 to 16 at schools, kept by experts in safe driving/riding, in cooperation with local police forces, mainly focused to improve the consciouness and knowledge of risks while riding/driving on roads; these lessons will be kept from 18/04 to 21/04/2007. 2. Practical experience in riding small motorbikes/mopeds (or simulators for youngest) for children of age from 13 to 16 in a restricted area, under the direct supervision of Italian Motorbikers Federation (FMI) instructors; this event will take place on 29/04/2007. 3. Final workshop named "La Sicurezza stradale non è un caso", with the participation of local, regional and national authorities, representatives of organizations dealing with road safety, hospitals, associations, etc.; this event will take place on 29/04/2007.

Contact: Francesco De Luca, Moto Club Cellino
Telephone: +393284148736
E-mail: motoclub.cellino@libero.it
Web site: http://www.motoclubcellino.it/

La sinistrosità stradale in età giovanile: aspetti preventivi, di terapia e riabilitativi
26 April 2007 — University of Sassari, Italy

Conferenza-convegno di carattere scientifico con la partecipazione di scuole. Vengono anche presentati e valutati progetti di educazione stradale, implementati con una parte medico-preventiva ed una relativa al trattamento immediato.
[Scientific congress jointly organised with schools. Projects on road safety education are presented and evaluated, with parts regarding prevention and first aid.]

Contact: Dott. Bruno Franco, Universita' di Sassari - Policlinico Universitario- Istituto di Clinica ortopedica
Telephone: +39 079278227
E-mail: brunofranco@tin.it
Web site: http://www.socitras.org/roadsafetyweek_eventi.htm

Lesioni vascolari da traumi stradali nella popolazione giovanile
23 April 2007 — Sede CRI Villa Ramazzini - Roma, Italy

Peculiarità delle lesioni vascolari nell'incidente stradale, con particolare riguardo ai giovani conducenti di motoveicoli. Inoltre si mettono in evidenza le più recenti acquisizioni chirurgiche e tecnologiche per il trattamento di queste lesioni.
[Peculiarities of vascular injury in road accidents, with particular regard to young drivers of motorcycles. Furthermore, the latest surgical and technological improvements for the treatment of these kind of injuries will be highlighted.]

Contact: Prof. Bruno Salvati, Università di Roma "La Sapienza"
Telephone: +39 0649970557, Fax: +39 064882457
E-mail: rysal@virgilio.it

Let's run the life (per...corriamo la vita)
29 April 2007 — from Locorotondo to Casamassima, Italy

The event consist of a parade of ancient cars and motorcycles along the National Road n.172 named "statale dei trulli" departing from the Town Hall of Locorotondo Town. the vehicles will stop near each Town Hall of the other towns such as Alberobello, Putignano, Turi. The parade will end near the Town Hall of Casamassima. The objective is to focus the attention both of the authorities and of the citizens on the extreme dangerousness of the National Road n.172 and on the absolute necessity of widening the roadway in order to decrease the percentage of accidents, often deadly, that sadly characterize it.

Contact: Margherita Diana, Comune di Casamassima
Telephone: +39 0804522317, Fax: +39 0804522317
E-mail: margherita.27@virgilio.it
Web site: http://www.comune.casamassima.ba.it

Metti in moto la sicurezza - road show '07
27 April 2007 — Parma, Italy

Il Road Show coinvolgerà gli alunni delle ultime classi degli Istituti Superiori del Comune di Parma, ossia gli alunni in età prossima alla patente di guida. L'obiettivo è far riflettere gli adolescenti e aumentare la loro sensibilità sui temi della sicurezza stradale, migliorando i comportamenti e prevenendo le condotte a rischio sulla strada. Si tenderà, inoltre, a creare aggregazione fra giovani e istituzioni facendo incontrare i ragazzi con le realtà che si occupano di mobilità e sicurezza stradale. Oltre All'Assessorato Mobilità e Ambiente del Comune di Parma e Infomobility, promotori dell'iniziativa, molti sono i partners istituzionali coinvolti: Centro internazionale di Guida Sicura di Andrea De Adamich, Polizia Municipale, Croce Rossa, Automobil Club di Parma, Carabinieri, Croce Rossa Italiana, Polizia Stradale, Pubblica Assistenza. Il Road Show è un "viaggio" che porterà i partecipanti di ambiente in ambiente e di spazio in spazio, stimolando la coscienza singola e collettiva: i ragazzi avranno la possibilità di seguire alcuni istruttori nelle sessioni di guida sicura (focus su frenata improvvisa e distanza di sicurezza) e nelle prove coi simulatori di guida messi a loro disposizione.

Contact: Chiara Spaggiari, Infomobility
Telephone: +39 0521706300, Fax: +30 0521706331
E-mail: c.spaggiari@infomobility.pr.it

Patentino per ciclomotori, il simulatore di guida nelle scuole.
23 April 2007 — Sede CRI - Roma, Via Ramazzini 31, Italy

Articolato nelle giornate del 23 e 24 aprile, l'evento consentirà la presentazione e la valutazione delle prime esperienze di un Progetto, sviluppato in collaborazione con Honda Italia, che consente a tutti i ragazzi modenesi (oltre 5000) che intendono conseguire il patentino attraverso i corsi scolastici, di potersi esercitare anche sui simulatori di guida. Questo ausilio didattico (presente durante l'evento ed a disposizione dei visitatori) si è rivelato di grande utilità per acquisire una particolare sensibilità verso i pericoli della circolazione stradale.

Contact: Dott. Maurizio Guaitoli, Provincia di Modena
Telephone: +39 059209009, Fax: +39 059209017
E-mail: guaitoli.m@provincia.modena.it
Web site: http://www.provincia.modena.it/

Playsafe: prevenzione e sicurezza stradale
23 April 2007 — Autodromo di Vallelunga, Rome, Italy

Incontro con i giovani per informarli sui temi della guida sicura. Si utilizza la figura stereotipata del pilota alla quale, soprattutto i giovani, associano tratti quali l' imprudenza e l' incoscienza, per parlare invece di prevenzione, di controllo e di prudenza al volante: la strada pi pericolosa dell'autodromo!

Contact: Chiara Piacentini, Playteam Sarafree
Telephone: +39 02 45495856, Fax: +39 02 45455858
E-mail: c.piacentini@playteam.com

Prevenzione e trattamento dei traumi midollari nei giovani
23 April 2007 — Sede CRI Villa Ramazzini - Roma, Italy

Condizioni e meccanismi di produzione delle lesioni midollari, con particolare riguardo alla prevenzione e al trattamento immediato e d'elezione.
[Medullar injury are central topic to this event whereby their features and potential cause are discussed. Prevention and immediate treatments are especially highlighted.]

Contact: Prof. Roberto Delfini, Universita' di Roma "La Sapienza"
Telephone: +39 0649979104, Fax: +39 06 49979105
E-mail: roberto.delfini@uniroma1.it

Prevenzione e trattamento nei traumi scheletrici e vasculo-nervosi nei giovani utenti della strada
26 April 2007 — Policlinico Casilino - Roma - Italy, Italy

Conferenza del dott. Antonio Cassarino - Centro Traumatologico Policlinico Casilino. Tecniche di comportamento alla guida di autovetture e motocicli per prevenire lesioni agli arti inferiori, in rapporto all'uso corretto delle cinture di sicurezza, alla posizione ideale di guida ed alla presenza dell'airbag. Illustrazione delle più recenti tecniche di riparazione delle lesioni scheletriche.
[Conference by Dr Antonio Cassarino - Traumatological Center of Casilino Polyclinic, on tecniques of behaviour when driving cars and motorcycles to prevent injury at lower limbs, in connection with correct use of seat belts, ideal driving position and presence of airbag.]

Contact: Dott. Attilio Rota, Policlinico Casilino
Telephone: +39 0623188500, Fax: +39 0623188211
E-mail: antoniocassarino@hotmail.com

Primo Convegno Nazionale Sulla Sicurezza Stradale (First National Road Safety Conference)
29 March 2007 — Taranto (Italy) - Centro Congressi Nuova Tursport, Via Del Faro 58, Italy

Nowadays road safety has become a social issue. Because of road accidents, every year 1,2 million people lose their lives worldwide, compared to 45,000 in Europe. In Italy, official statistics for the year 2005 reported 225000 road accidents with 5426 deaths and 13700 injured. The European Union has established the objective to reduce these deaths with 50% by the year 2010. On the occasion of the First UN Global Road Safety Week (April 23-29, 2007) , the First Italian Road Safety Conference has as primary objective to inform about actual statistics (on a global and local scale), most recent studies and researches and to discuss actions and measures that should be undertaken in the next few years to reach European objectives.

Contact: Cosimo Natuzzi, Associazione Giovani Ingegneri - Taranto (Taranto Young Engineers Association)
Telephone: +39 997361557, Fax: +39 1782204530
E-mail: segreteria@agitaranto.it
Web site: http://www.agitaranto.it

Progretto provinciale "sicuri sulla strada"
23 April 2007 — provincia di Bologna, Italy

La Provincia di Bologna è da sempre molto impegnata nell'ambito della sicurezza stradale e della mobilità sostenibile ed è stata la prima Provincia in Italia a sottoscrivere la Carta Europea della Sicurezza Stradale. Per la settimana della sicurezza stradale globale, ha messo in campo una serie di iniziative che si apriranno il 23 aprile con una seduta straordinaria del Consiglio Provinciale, dedicata interamente al tema della sicurezza stradale. Dal 23 al 29 aprile in vari Comuni della Provincia di Bologna che partecipano al Progetto Provinciale "Sicuri sulla strada" si svolgeranno una serie di attività volte a promuovere la cultura della sicurezza stradale nei bambini delle scuole elementari. Queste attività includono simulazioni della circolazione come pedone e/o ciclista in palestra, lezioni pratiche sulla strada come pedoni, lezioni pratiche come ciclisti in cortile o area chiusa e aperta al traffico, incontri con le famiglie sulla educazione stradale: nelle giornate del 23-24-26 e 27 aprile, in particolare, saranno impegnati in queste iniziative i Comuni di Castenaso, Crespellano, Crevalcore, Imola, Minerbio, S. Giorgio di Piano, S. Giovanni in Persiceto, Zola Predosa.

Contact: Provincia di Bologna, Assessorato Viabilità e Mobilità
Telephone: +39 516598490, Fax: +39 516598887
E-mail: segreteria.prantoni@provincia.bologna.it
Web site: http://www.provincia.bologna.it/viabilita/

Road Safety is No Accident
24 April 2007 — Ospedale Fatebene Fratelli S. Giovanni Callibita, Italy

The event is to give information to people that get into the hospital in order to let them kow how to behave with a victim of a street accident: what to do and what not to do, how to call the ambulance, how to move (when needed) the victim and the first aid to give. We will explain the importance of the safety tools (e.g. the helmet) and the risck of alcool and drugs in driving.

Contact: Dr. Claudio Bastianelli & Prof. Filippo Alegiani, Ospedale Fatebene Fratelli S. Giovanni Callibita
Telephone: +39 066837299
E-mail: cbmattoli@tiscali.it
Web site: http://socitras.org

Road Show '07 - Metti in moto la sicurezza
27 April 2007 — Parma, Italy

Il Road Show coinvolgerà gli alunni delle ultime classi degli Istituti Superiori del Comune di Parma, ossia gli alunni in età prossima alla patente di guida. L'obiettivo è far riflettere gli adolescenti e aumentare la loro sensibilità sui temi della sicurezza stradale, migliorando i comportamenti e prevenendo le condotte a rischio sulla strada. Sono previste sessioni di guida sicura con istruttori professionisti per le due e per le quattro ruote. Si tenderà, inoltre, a creare aggregazione fra giovani e istituzioni facendo incontrare i ragazzi con le realtà che si occupano di mobilità e sicurezza stradale. Molti sono i partners istituzionali coinvolti: Automobil Club Parma, Carabinieri, Croce Rossa Italiana, Polizia Municipale, Polizia Stradale, Pubblica Assistenza, Vigili del Fuoco, USL.

Contact: Spaggiari Chiara, Infomobility
Telephone: +39 0521706301, Fax: +39 0521706331
E-mail: c.spaggiari@infomobility.pr.it

Ruolo della Medicina Legale nella prevenzione della sinistrosità stradale nei giovani
23 April 2007 — Rome, Italy

La valutazione del danno anatomico e funzionale per incidente stradale nei giovani. Aspetti preventivi e risarcitori.
[Assesment of anatomical and functional damage from road accidents in young people: aspect of prevention and indemnification]

Contact: Giuseppe Cave Bondi, SOCITRAS e Università di Roma "La Sapienza" - Scuola di specializzazione in Medicina Legale e delle Assicurazioni
Telephone: +39 0649982399, Fax: +39 0649982553
E-mail: giuseppe.cavebondi@uniroma1.it
Web site: http://www.socitras.org/roadsafetyweek_eventi.htm

Seminario scientifico su problematiche di risarcimento del danno, sicurezza stradale e giovani
27 April 2007 — Oratorio S. Filippo Neri, Via Manzoni 5, Bologna, Italy

Dedicato agli aspetti scientifici del risarcimento del danno, il seminario confronta gli orientamenti specialistici sul tema, con particolare riferimento alle lesioni in età giovanile. Sono inoltre affrontate le problematiche relative alla sicurezza stradale e si discute sulla guida ed i comportamenti a rischio nei giovani.
[Dedicated to the scientific aspects of harm claim, the workshop confronts the specialistic views on this subject, with particular regard to injury in young age. Furthermore, it will deal with issues on raod safety and a discussion on driving and risky behaviours by youth.]

Contact: Prof. Domenico Vasapollo, Università di Bologna
Telephone: +39 051243250, Fax: +39 051243069
E-mail: domenico.vasapollo@unibo.it

SettiMana Mondiale Della Sicurezza Stradale
21 April 2007 — Torino, Asti, Verbania, Alessandria, Biella, Novara, Cuneo, Verlelli, Italy

ROAD SHOW around Piedmont: meetings, test, shows and drive safety courses.

Contact: Silvia Venutti, Regione Piemonte
Telephone: +39 114323581, Fax: +39 114325453
E-mail: silviamaria.venutti@regione.piemonte.it
Web site: http://www.regione.piemonte.it/

Settimana Sicurezza Stradale
16 April 2007 — Arezzo City and Province, Italy

During April and May, several activities will be organized to promote the global road safety week: A conference on "Health in urban policies", a poster exhibition, a conference "Arezzo Provincial Observatory on Traffic Accidents", a training course for GPs "Urban mobility", "Edustra Days", "Children walking on the way home-school-home" and "Children on bike: safe roads for cycling children - BIMBIMBICI"

Contact: Roberto Romizi, Centro Francesco Redi
Telephone: +39 057522256, Fax: +39 057528676
E-mail: isde@ats.it

Sicurezza stradale: dall'insegnamento al vissuto e viceversa
23 April 2007 — Istituto Prof.le di Stato per i Servizi Commerciali e Turistici "G. Filangieri" - Cava de' Tirreni (SA), Italy

Incontro con i giovani: il rispetto delle regole, del buonsenso e della prudenza salva da conseguenze spesso tragiche. Dimostrazione dei comportamenti più idonei per la prevenzione degli incidenti.
[Meeting with the youth: observance of rules, of common sense and of prudence save from often tragic outcomes. Presentation of the most appropriate behaviours to prevent accidents.]

Contact: Dott.ssa Modesta Pepe - Dott. Francesco Ragni, Istituto Professionale di Stato per i Servizi Commerciali e Turistici "G. Filangieri" - Cava de' Tirreni (SA)
Telephone: +39 089343888, Fax: +39 089444977
E-mail: dotragni@inwind.it
Web site: http://www.socitras.org/roadsafetyweek_eventi.htm

Sicurezza stradale: educare è prevenire
24 April 2007 — Sala Assunta - Ospedale San Giovanni Calibita Fatebene Fratelli - Roma, Italy

Free interactive lessons for hi-schools students. Each lesson will last 60', with 150 as maximum number of participants for each lesson and 4 lessons given. The importance of primary injury prevenction in road accidents (helmets, safety belts, role of speed and use of alcool and drugs) will be explained, as well as the behaviour nearby the accident site (rescuers' safety, how to call for the ambulance and "what not to do").

Contact: Prof. Filippo Alegiani, Dr. Claudio Bastianelli, Ospedale Fatebene Fratelli isola tiberina Roma, Athenaeum N.A.E.
Telephone: +39 338 7810648, +39 3335925109
E-mail: filippo-alegiani@libero.it
Web site: http://www.athenaeumnae.com

Sicurezza Stradale - Le stragi del sabato sera
20 April 2007 — Aula Magna del Tribunale di Pescara - Via Antonio Lo Feudo, Italy

With a large participation of experts in accident reconstruction and evaluation, forensic and educational representatives, experts in human behaviour and the expected attendance by students in local high schools, some recent researches on juvenile driving behaviour will be discussed, besides alcohol/drugs-related problems and issues on consequent civil and penal liability.

Contact: Giancarlo Massetti, ARAPIS (Assoc. Reg.le Periti Infortunistica Stradale) & Lions Club di Montesilvano- Distretto 108 A
Telephone: +39 0854221911, Fax: +39 0854224947
E-mail: tecmass@tin.it
Web site: http://www.socitras.org/roadsafetyweek_eventi.htm

Sicuri in strada
28 April 2007 — 40 cities and villages of Regione Lazio, Italy

On the 28th of April more than 40 cities and villages of the Lazio region will host information points dedicated to the issue of road safety. Volunteers of local and national associations will distribute materials, specifically produced for the campaign, and give advise to citizen and passers-by. The campaign is chiefly dedicated to young road users, both pedestrians and drivers. The aim is to promote awareness on the road safety issues and to reduce the number of road casualties. The events will be supported by side activities and initiatives involving schools, driving schools and televisions.

Contact: Bruno Astorre - Assessore Lavori Pubblici e Politica della Casa, Regione Lazio
Telephone: +39 0645427860, Fax: +39 0645427864
E-mail: segreteria@extracomunicazione.it
Web site: http://www.regione.lazio.it/web2/contents/lavori_pubblici/

Strategie di sicurezza stradale per i giovani in zone turistiche
26 April 2007 — Comune di Cava de' Tirreni (SA), Italy

Indicazione di comportamenti di guida di auto e motoveicoli in rapporto al rispetto dei pedoni e degli "utenti deboli", particolarmente presenti in zone turistiche
[Suggestion of appropriate behaviours when driving cars and motorcycles, in order to respect pedestrians and "weak users", particularly present in tourist areas.]

Contact: Dott. Germano Baldi, Comune di Cava de' Tirreni - Assessorato alla qualità dell'Ambiente
Telephone: +39 339 3105862
E-mail: ass.baldi@comune.cava-de-tirreni.sa.it
Web site: http://www.socitras.org/roadsafetyweek_eventi.htm

Sulle Strade dell'Etica
29 April 2007 — Rome (From Rome to Santiago de Compostela on bike), Italy

"Buke'n'Bike Occhio alla Buca!" is a project conceived in Rome aiming at monitoring in real time through collection of pictures the conditions of roads in the capital by means of a web portal (http://www.bukenbike.it). Rome features 5,500 Km of roads with one of the biggest most difficult urban settings. The initiative "Sulle Strade dell'Etica" ("addressing ethical paths") foresees a jorney from Rome to Santiago de Compostela with which the organisers suggest not only a spiritual but also an awereness-raising experience on the theme of "Road Safety". The roads to go are the same that in the past were used to meet the most intimate needs of human being, i.e. Rome and Santiago de Compostela. The itinerary also crosses the "Via Franchigena" backwards and therefore through France till Spain bearing the following message: a call for roads to be again a means to communicate and not to die, stopping the death toll that repors thousands of lives lost on "civil" roads. Equipped with a bike and positive attitude we hope we are able to make it through the total 5,500 Km to go leaving on 29 April. Our wish is to also raise awareness for policy makers and administrators controlling and incharge of the keeping our roads safe to really guarantee that this is done for their citizens. The companies performing the maintenance are to be more careful and accurate in the way they operate and citizenzs on their turn are to be more aware of their rights and duties in respecting the public roads by driving safely. Concerted efforts are key to road safety and in addressing the problem in a more ethical and unselfish way focusing on everyone's freedom and safety.

Contact: Massimo Mancini, Buke'n'Bike Occhio alla Buca!
Telephone: +39 645443871 / +39 3383142570, Fax: +39 699938094
E-mail: presidente@bukenbike.it
Web site: http://www.bukenbike.it

Una notte per la vita (A night for the life)
28 April 2007 — Rimini and a number of large and small towns all over the Country, Italy

With the aim of "zero deaths" in a saturday night, a traffic ban - agreed with local authorities and helped by free usage of public transport system- will be established in towns particularly affected by the "saturday night carnage". Such a disruptive initiative will be accompanied by a call on citizens to deeply discuss on tv, radio and internet, on a phenomenon that in the last four years has recorderd, on the "amusement front", as many young victims as the american soldiers died in Iraqi war.

Contact: Avv. Gianmarco Cesari, Associazione Italiana Familiari e Vittime della Strada
Telephone: +39 0641734624, +39 335 6281230, Fax: +39 0686217281
E-mail: info@vittimestrada.org
Web site: http://www.vittimestrada.org/articles.php?lng=it&pg=2432

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Seminar for teachers of primary school on road safety and press conference for mass media
24 April 2007 — Almaty, Kazakhstan

The aim of the seminar is to reach the teachers of primary schools, raise awareness of the impact of road traffic injuries, particularly among children, and offer key messages aimed at prevention of traffic injuries. We believe that targeting teachers of primary schools will have a long-term impact on safety of children on the roads. The press conference for mass media will be an opportunity to raise awareness about the impact of road traffic injuries, particularly among children. This venue should bring together key policy-makers and main groups concerned.

Contact: Gabit Ismailov, WHO
Telephone: +7 3172592550, Fax: +7 3172592540
E-mail: gai@euro.who.int

Kenyan Road Safety Week
20-23 April 2007 — Nairobi, Kenya

Road Safety Walk (Processions with key messages on placards), demonstrations on Road Safety rules and regulations and distribution of bumper stickers or wrist bands to motorists on major highways.

Contact: David N Njoroge, Automobile Association of Kenya
Telephone: +254 020-825060-6, Fax: +254 020-825068
E-mail: aakenya@wananchi.com

UN Global Road Safety Week
23 April 2007 — Nairobi, Busia, Kisumu, Nakuru, Kenya

1. Cyclists commonly called Boda Bodas to cycle in the towns of Busia, Kisumu and Nakuru and to receive road safety training. 2. Media Campaign on Road Safety to include Seminar for Journalists on Road Safety in Kenya

Contact: George Mahinda, Destiny Africa
Telephone: +254 20310728#9, Fax: +254 20313588
E-mail: destiny_africa@yahoo.com


National campaign on careless driving and tiredness "What do people do while driving"
17 April 2007 — Latvia, Latvia

The national campaign on careless driving will take place in whole of Latvia for 3 weeks, starting on 17 April 2007. The main activities will be concentrated during UN road safety week (23.-29.April 2007). These include video and audio clips, communication via internet, environment-related advertisements, police raids as well as press conferences and round table discussion with decision makers from respective ministries (Interior, Transport, Health and Education), public discussions on national TV and other activities. The campaign is support by the UN country team, the Transport department, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Interior and the State Police.

Contact: Iveta Gravite-Masson, WHO EURO Country office of Latvia
Telephone: +371 7503619, Fax: +371 7503603
E-mail: iveta@undp.riga.lv

Safety Week "Road Safety"
23 April 2007 — Latvia, Latvia

The aim of the Road Safety Week is to improve knowledge on several road safety items. Participans are pupils from grade 1 to 12 (age 7-18 ) in whole Latvia. During this week different activities will take place in all scholls in Latvia: competitions, discussions etc.

Contact: Kristine Ilgaza, The Centre for Curriculum Development and Examinations
Telephone: +371 29420515, Fax: +371 7223801
E-mail: kristine.ilgaza@isec.gov.lv
Web site: http://isec.gov.lv

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Lebanon Conference on Road Safety 16 April 2007 — Phoenicia Hotel, Beirut, Lebanon Conference on Road Safety, which will be preceded by a billboard campaign in whole of Lebanon. The diffusion of brochures and leaflets in nightclubs, as it is allowed in Lebanon to drink and drive. There will also be a special party where no cars are allowed. Contact: Fady Gebrane, Kunhadi Telephone: +961 3 694789, Fax: +961 1 750044 E-mail: kunhadi@kunhadi.org Web site: www.kunhadi.org

Launching a national partnership between YASA and MECAT University
3 May 2007 — YASA office in MECAT-Hamra, Lebanon

Closing event of the activities of the First United Nations week for Road Safety in Lebanon that had been sponsored by MTC touch, and had been organized by YASA jointly with the World Health Organization Office in Lebanon, the general directorate of Internal Security Forces and the Lebanese Association for School Safety Awareness (LASSA). this event will include the launch of a new YASA office in MECAT-Hamra, and the signature of a memorundum of Understanding between Mecat University and YASA Lebanon for Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention in Lebanon.

Contact: Kamel Ibrahim, YASA Lebanon & MECAT university
Telephone: +961 3091874, Fax: +961 5952587
E-mail: mecat@mecat.edu.lb
Web site: http://www.mecat.edu.lb

Launching National campaign for road safety
11 April 2007 — American University for Sciences and Technology ( AUST)-Saida, Lebanon

YASA and AUST will organize a national event for road safety in AUST campus in Saida. This event will precede a National campaign for road safety that will be organized jointly between YASA, MTC touch, Internal Security Focres and the World Health Organization office in Beirut. the event will be closed with a simulation for a traffic accident where Lebanese Red Cross and Civil Defense will rescue victims from a traffic crash.

Contact: Ziad Akl, YASA International
Telephone: +961 3601972, Fax: +961 5952587
E-mail: ziad@yasa.org
Web site: http://www.yasa.org

Launching of two new YASA offices in Lebanon
22 April 2007 — Zouk Mosbeh - Alma el Chaab, Lebanon

In the occasion of the first United Nations Week for Road Safety, YASA will launch two new offices in Lebanon that will support its sustainable efforts to reduce road traffic injuries in Lebanon. One office is North of Beirut, in the city of Zouk mosbeh (Caza of keserwan), and the second is in Alma el Chaab (Caza of Tyre).

Contact: Mona Akl, Youth Association for Social Awareness (YASA)
Telephone: +961 3 601972, Fax: +961 5 952587
E-mail: mona@yasagroup.org

Launching the Public Awareness campaign for the Urban Transport Developement Project for Beirut
21 April 2007 — Unesco Palace - Beirut, Lebanon

The Urban Transport Developement Project for Greater Beirut area reserved 140 million USD for the improvement of roads in Great Beirut Area. This project is organized by the Lebanese Government ( Council for Developement for Reconstruction). YASA, SRF and Rouge will manage a two year public awareness campaign about safety on intersections, pedestrian safety and about park meters. It will mainly consist of a wide national campaign on Tv, billboard and unipoles.

Contact: Charbel Allam, Scientific Research Foundation ( SRF) and Youth Association for Social Awareness (YASA)
Telephone: +961 5452587, Fax: +961 9215775
E-mail: srf@yasagroup.org
Web site: http://www.yasa.org

National-Arab conference for Road Safety
20 April 2007 — Unesco Palace, Beirut, Lebanon

Under the patronnage of Lebanese Prime minister Fouad Saniora, YASA will organize this National event for Road safety on the occasion of the First United Nations week for Road Safety with wide participation from public and private sectors in Lebanon, and with the participation of selected guests from the Arab region.

Contact: Ziad Akl, Youth Association for Social Awareness (YASA)
Telephone: +961 3 601972, Fax: +961 5 952587
E-mail: yasa@yasagroup.org

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« L’accident de la route n’est pas une fatalité » , tel est le slogan de la première semaine mondiale des Nations Unies pour la sécurité routière. Le nombre de personnes qui meurent chaque année des suites d’un accident de la route est de presque 1,2 millions de personne dans le monde . Les jeunes âgés entre 5 et 25 ans sont surreprésentés dans ces statistiques et les accidents de la route sont la deuxième cause principale de mortalité dans cette tranche d’âge. Ce constat effrayant a amené la Commission européenne à dédier la 1 ère Journée européenne de la sécurité routière aux jeunes conducteurs.

Ces deux événements constituent également pour le Ministre des Transports une occasion de sensibiliser les opinions aux conséquences des décès, des mutilations, des blessures et des traumatismes dus aux accidents de la route et de promouvoir des activités portant sur les principaux facteurs de risque liés aux accidents et à leur prévention.

Mardi, 24 avril 2007

  • Participation de Monsieur le Ministre des Transports Lucien LUX à un événement organisé  pour les classes de 3 e d’un lycée dans le cadre du programme éducatif « Mobilité et Sécurité sur la Route ». Ce programme, initié par le Ministère de l’Education et de la Formation professionnelle en collaboration avec le Ministère des Transports, comporte une partie théorique et une partie pratique et contribue à un enseignement important à la sécurité routière (www.msr.lu).

Vendredi, 27 avril 2007

  • Conférence de presse de Monsieur le Ministre des Transports en présence de tous les acteurs oeuvrant en matière de sécurité routière qui dans le cadre d’une exposition ont l’occasion de présenter leurs diverses actions.
  • Lancement d’une campagne de sensibilisation audiovisuelle relative à l’alcool au volant en corrélation avec la procédure législative en cours en vue de l’abaissement du taux légal d’alcoolémie actuel de 0,8 ‰ à 0,5 ‰. Cette campagne à laquelle sont étroitement associés les secteurs concernés (hôteliers, restaurateurs, cafetiers, viticulture) est complétée par une action visant la distribution d’éthylotests dans tous les restaurants et bistrots du pays ainsi que par la diffusion à grande échelle de cartes d’information reprenant les numéros utiles des opérateurs des moyens de transports offerts en alternative à la voiture personnelle [transports publics, Late Night Bus (www.latenightbus.info/), Night Rider(www.nightrider.lu)].
  • Signature de la Charte nationale de la sécurité routière par les membres du Gouvernement qui s’engagent ainsi à ne pas relâcher les efforts déployés en matière de sécurité routière et d’intensifier davantage les actions tant sur le plan préventif que répressif.

Samedi, 28 avril 2007

  • Journée « Fit for your bike » organisée par la S.A. Centre de Formation pour Conducteurs (www.cfc.lu) sous le haut patronage de Monsieur le Ministre des Transports. Alors que la saison pour la conduite des deux-roues motorisés vient de commencer, il s’agit en l’occurrence d’un événement visant à sensibiliser les conducteurs pour les particularités et risques inhérents à la conduite de ces véhicules.

Road Safety Expo
28-29 April 2007 — Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In recognition of the Global Road Safety Week, the Ministry of Health is planning to organize an expo on road safety on the 28 and 29th of April 2007, in collaboration with the Department of Road Safety and the Ministry of Transport. A number of agencies such as the police department, the fire and rescue department, the road transport department and other related agencies, including private sectors, will be invited to participate in the expo. This event will be part of the activities to create awareness and increase knowledge about the prevention and control of road traffic accident.

Contact: Dr Mohd Fadhli Mohd Yusoff, Ministry of Health Malaysia
Telephone: +60 388834135, Fax: +60 388886277
E-mail: drfadhli@yahoo.com

Road Safety Expo
28 April 2007 — Bukit Jallil Stadium, Malaysia, Malaysia

An Interactive Expo that will be open to the public. This expo will be interactive, as many activities that are being organised will require the participation of the public. This Expo will be on for two days (28-29 April 2007). The purpose of this event is to promote road safety amongst Malaysians.

Contact: Deepa Pasupathy, Road Safety Department (Malaysia)
Telephone: +60 377222610, Fax: +60 377222611
E-mail: d_pasu@yahoo.com


Conférence de Presse, Animations Ecoles
28 April 2007 — Centre Culturel Communauté Urbaine Nouakchott; schools throughout Mauritania

Conférence de Presse en collaboration avec l'ONG Prévention Routière / Education Sociale; Animations écoles: Dans différentes écoles des différents quartiers de Nouakchott

Contact: TALL Mamadou Demba, Association Planète Jeunes / Ets TALL Presse Représentant Mauritanie
Telephone: +222 6354391 / +222 7495503
E-mail: mauritanie@planete-jeunes.org
Web site: http://www.planete-jeunes.org


Compromiso del peatón y del automovilista (pedestrian and driver´s comittment)
28 April 2007 — Large cities in Mexico

Scouts in Mexico will be on the main streets in their cities. They will hand out pamphlets to pedestrians and drivers, listing 10 points about pedestrian or driver commitment.

Contact: Raul Sanchez Vaca, Asociación de Scouts de México, A.C.
Telephone: +52 5552087122, Fax: +52 5555114840
E-mail: raul.sanchez@scoutsmexico.org
Web site: http://www.scouts.org.mx

Conferencia - Choque de frente de un vehiculo Sentra - Emisión de boletines electrónicos
25 April 2007 — Instalaciones de CESVI, Mexico

A la conferencia se invitará a representatnes de los medios de comunicación y al Comité Nacional que organiza la semana de la seguridad vial en México siendo los mismos invitados para presenciar el choque del vehiculo. Se enviarán correos masivos con temas de seguridad vial dirigidos al público en general.

Contact: Miguel Guzmán Negrete, CESVI México
Telephone: +52 7222792870, Fax: +52 7222790224
E-mail: mguzman@cesvimexico.com.mx

Evento Magno de Consumo Responsable. Capacitacion a Educadores y maestros sobre el consumo responsable de alcohol y la prevencion de accidentes de transito
27 April 2007 — Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico

Grupo Modelo will organize an event for over 3000 people in Cuernavaca Morelos. The event will focus on the prevention of accidents due to drink-driving and experts will present on the subject of drink-driving, people who have suffered from car accidents will share personal experiences and local artists and dancers will bring entertainment. The events will be supported by the local government of Morelos and most Colleges and Universities of the area. Grupo Modelo will also be giving lectures to teachers and professors from the most prestigious Universities in Zacatecas on "How to prevent accidents" and "How to drink moderately". These lectures will be given so that the teachers and professors from the Universities can help prevent accidents in the future among their students. The lectures will be given by psychologists, experts on the subject and people who have suffered from accidents .

Contact: Veronica Flores, Grupo Modelo
Telephone: +52 55 22660000
E-mail: veronica.flores@gmodelo.com.mx
Web site: http://www.gmodelo.com.mx

Primera Semana Nacional de las Naciones Unidas sobre Seguridad Vial
23 April 2007 — Plaza "Moch Cohuó", Malecón de la Ciudad, Mexico

Reunión del Consejo Estatal para la Prevención de Accidentes con Feria de la Salud y demostración de la seguridad vial en niños. Volanteo a automovilistas y transeúntes. Colocación de carteles, mantas y espectaculares publicitarios.

Contact: Manuel A. Moreno Martínez, Consejo Estatal para la Prevención de Accidentes en Campeche
Telephone: +981 8165303 ext. 2254 y 2244, Fax: +981 1271258
E-mail: mnmoreno@salud.gob.mx

Young drivers and crashes
23 April 2007 — Czech Republic, Spain, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, Ethiopia, Netherlands

In the Czech Republic and in Spain, a traffic education program for young drivers (16-18 years) will be organized under the banner of IRSA; the program is called "The Action" (Czech Republic) and "The Road Show" (Spain). In the other countries, IRSA is organizing train-the-trainer programs for police trainers and traffic police specialists with respect to the improvement of traffic enforcement and the handling of crashes, including the improvement of crash data collection.

Contact: Peter ter Meulen, International Road Safety Academy - Association
Telephone: +31 205708930, Fax: +31 205708989
E-mail: office@irsa-association.org

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Global Road Safety Week
23 April 2007 — Windhoek and rest of Namibia, Namibia

Essay competitions in schools, Commemoration service next to the main road, Media conferences, Media talks.

Contact: Riaan van Rooyen, GRSP Namibia
Telephone: +264 61255685, Fax: +264 61247297
E-mail: riaan@proimage.com.na

Dutch Road Safety Week
23-27 April 2007 — Nationwide, Netherlands

The Dutch Global Road Safety week tries to raise public and political awareness and tries to promote action and active involvement throughout a variety of initiatives. Each day of the week focuses on a different group of young road users between the age of 4 - 24 and all events are coordinated by a collaboration of the Ministry of Transport, the National Road Safety Association VVN, the Road User Association ANWB, young drivers organization Team Alert, regional authorities, the Road Safety Research Institute SWOV and the police. To start the Road Safety Week, a press conference, referring to the objectives of the Week, will be held. The Minister of Transport will also present the road safety statistics of 2006, with specific attention to young road users of 0-24 years. During the week, several existing and new local projects, all targeting road safety of young people, are being promoted. A book on blind spots of trucks, an OECD-publication on young drivers and the results of a national survey among primary school pupils will be released and communicated. A Jubilee Congress will be held in honor of the 45th anniversary of SWOV, at which scientists and policy makers will discuss the results of recent scientific research on road safety. On the last day, the resolution of the World Youth Assembly is input for a debate between national and regional politicians, experts and elected young road users.

Contact: J.A. Tamis, Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management
Telephone: +31703516456, Fax: +31703516411
E-mail: koos.tamis@minvenw.nl

Survey and contest for primary school pupils (9-12 years)
24 April 2007 — Schools throughout the Netherlands

In february a survey is held among pupils of the highest classes of primary school (9-12 years). The survey is held by means of the free National Childrens Paper, which is spread to about 1500 primary schools in The Netherlands. The questions in the survey relate to the problems childres encounter in daily traffic and the solutions they have for these problems. The survey is combined with a contest. Those children who offer the most creative solution for improving road safety of their own age group can win attractive prizes, f.e. a weekend to Disneyland Paris.

Contact: J.A. Tamis, Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management/Road safety division
Telephone: +31703516456, Fax: +31703516411
E-mail: koos.tamis@minvenw.nl

First UN Global Road Safety Week
23 April 2007 — 37 States and federal capital territory, Nigeria

Organisation of the first UN Global Road Safety Week in Nigeria. This will involve Campaigns, Youth Assembly and Lectures.

Contact: Bo Oyeyemi, Federal Road Safety Commission
Telephone: +234 8056208767, Fax: +234 95234643
E-mail: grsweek@frsc.gov.ng

Global Road Safety Campaign
1-7 April 2007 — Aba Town Hall, Aba, Abia State, Nigeria

Seminar, Road Match, Cyclists Motorcade Involving Cyclists Union In Aba. Members of the Union of road transport workers and other NGOS will participate in the week's event. The aim is to reduce the number of road accidents.

Contact: Iwuoha Chima Iwuoha, Refugee Relief Workers International
Telephone: +234 8035622086
E-mail: refugeevolunteer@yahoo.com

Global Road Safety Week
23 April 2007 — Ilorin, Kwara, Nigeria

Carry out a one-week programme of public enlightenment events like rallies etc on road safety to all classes of drivers alongside with visits by road safety officers wives (Rosowa) to road traffic crash victims in hospital wards in Kwara state as directed by our FRSC HQ.

Contact: Osawe Ep, FRSC, RS8.1, Ilorin
Telephone: +234 8062277186
E-mail: opsfrsc8.1@safe-mail.net

Global Road Safety Week
24-27 April 2007 — Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria

PATVORA plans several activities to support the Week. First of all, a road safety game is distributed to schools. It promotes road sign education and it is intended to assist school children understand road signs and effect positive behavioral change among commercial motor drivers especially while they await passengers at motor parks. The Organization is also launching a website, which is a four-year compilation of media reports and analysis on road and injuries; rescue efforts and challenges; views and victims' voices. Finally, PATVORA also offers free training on First Aid to petrol station attendants situated on major highways, to enhance volunteering for road safety and improve response time for road crash victims; it is especially important in a country like Nigeria where medical help for accident victims often arrive late.

Contact: Chude Ojugbana, Prompt Assistance To Victims Of Road Accidents (PATVORA)
Telephone: +234 8023232328
E-mail: patvoranig@yahoo.ca
Web site: http://www.patvora.org

Improving Road Safety Among Commercial Drivers
25 April 2007 — NURTW Branch Office Hall, Nigeria

The campaign is aimed at educating commercial drivers about the important role they play in road safety. Topics to be addressed include the problem of road traffic accidents as well as the causes and prevention of accidents. The reasons for poor/non-use of seatbelts will also be addressed and brainstorming sessions held with members and executives of the commercial drivers associations to arrive at ways of improving seat belt use. Officers of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), Oyo State will be invited to participate in the health campaign.

Contact: Dr. Adesola O. Sangowawa, The Resident Doctors, Dept. Of Community Medicine, University College Hospital, Ibadan
Telephone: +234 8033265796, Fax: +234 22411768
E-mail: daisyolu@yahoo.co.uk

Launching of Youth Against Traffic Accident (YARTA) Clubs in post primary schools in Nigeria
23 April 2007 — Uyo, Nigeria

Televised youth discussion on road safety and young road users, official launch of the club by both the Ministries of Health and Education and a campaign on the use of crash helmets.

Contact: Joseph Udeme, Centre for Accident Prevention (CAP)
Telephone: +234-8028862022
E-mail: center4accidentprevention@yahoo.com

Reflective safety waistcoats for children
24 April 2007 — Lagos, Abuja and Ibadan, Nigeria

It is extremely dangerous for the children to travel to school near busy roads in Nigeria. We want to make sure that children can be seen with the Safety Reflectives' Walk to School Waistcoat so road users see exactly where they are. We want to distibute 1000 reflective waist coats to school children. Our site will be up with relevant information within the next two weeks.

Contact: Adenusi Patrick, El-Elyon limited
Telephone: +234 8037863837
E-mail: el-elyon@usa.net

Ride To Return Alive
23 June 2007 — Warri, Delta State, Nigeria

The event focuses on motorcycle safety. Street campaign will be held on strategic motorcycle stops along major streets. Issues relating to why riders should wear safety helmets shall be discussed as well as how to ride safely bearing in mind the pedestrains, particularly the young people on the street. A second part of the event consists in the lecture of road safety poems and ryhmes by school children. The poems and ryhmes cover road safety issues as safety belts, zebra crossing, crossing where no zebra crossing exists, speeding, T-junctions, phoning while driving and driving drunk. If the road safety game can be completed before the Road Safety Week, the event will provide an opportunity to launch it.

Contact: Uche Eke, Royal Life Saving Society of Nigeria, Delta State Branch
Telephone: +23480511204 or +2348023052633
E-mail: ucheeke4real@yahoo.com

Safe Roads for Sustainable Development
23 April 2007 — Owerri-Imo State and All our terminals spread across the country, Nigeria

On-board enlightenment programmes for passengers, handbills, seminars for drivers,attendants and staff,publication in our on-board magazine. Awards to drivers and attendants with the best safety strategy.

Contact: Chukwuemeka Ulor, ABC Transport
Telephone: +234 8038798834, Fax: n/a
E-mail: emyrunz@yahoo.com

Road Safety Appreciation Summit of School Children and Lauching of After School Hours Road Safety Initiative
23 April 2007 — National Centre for Women Development, Abuja. Portharcourt and Lagos, Nigeria

The weeklong event, which will include talkshops, drama sketches, seminars, candlelight procession and launching of the "After School Hours Road safety Initiative is aimed at promoting rapid spread of road safety education amongst junior and high school students with the view to reducing road traffic injuries and deaths amongst young road users and then using them as change agents to reach out to their parents, families and friends.

Contact: Olanrewaju Lawrence Osho, Safety Alliance
Telephone: +234 8034501557, 234-805-215-7720, Fax: +234 95235386
E-mail: safetyalliance@yahoo.com

Safety all the way
15-17 March 2007 — Designated Garages and Motor Parks in Abuja, Nigeria

Campaign against drinking and driving; free eye test campaign

Contact: Comrade Monday Eligimbe, Drivers' Welfare Club of Nigeria
Telephone: +234 803 450 34 99
E-mail: dwcnigeria@yahoo.com

Seminar "Millennium Development Goals: Reducing Road Fatalities By Half By 2015"
26 April 2007 — Hotel de la Paix, Aba, Nigeria

We have selected different people from the Nigerain Road Safety Commission and the Traffic division of the Nigerian Police. Our audience includes members of the Nigerian Road Transport Workers, Drivers in general and commercial Motor Cycle Drivers, Pedestrians and school children. In Partnership with the Nigerian Red Cross and other voluntary organizations there will be a First Aid Training course on the second day of our event. Other planned programs include Dramer, Road match by school children and church service on sunday.

Contact: MR. Alexius Chucks Onwuka, Road Safety Campaign Volunteers Of Nigeria
Telephone: 00234 8038798354
E-mail: rtscampaignvolunteers@yahoo.com

UN Global Road Safety Week
28 April 2007 — Lagos, Nigeria

CEHAP is organising road safety activities that will span the whole week. There will be Radio gingles, Television programmes, workshops, rallies and road safety campaigns. These activities will culminate in a road safety march (Walk For Life) on Saturday, 28th April, 2007, Involving Celebrities, Popular Nollywood actors/actresses and some popular musicians. Our website with details of the Week activities will be up soon.

Contact: Dr. Chinedu Nkole, Centre For Emergency Help And Accident Prevention(CEHAP)
Telephone: +234 8056277282
E-mail: cnkole@hotmail.com

Youth / Young Road Users Summit and nauguration of After School Hours Road Safety Initiative
25 April 2007 — Abuja, Lagos and Port-harcourt, Nigeria

The After School Hours Road Safety Initiative which will be inaugurated on Wednesday 25th April 2007 is an initiative of Safety Alliance to promote rapid spread of road safety education amongst junior and high school students with the view to reducing road traffic injuries and deaths amongst young road users and then using them as change agents to reach out to their parents, families and friends.

Contact: Olanrewaju Lawrence Osho, Safety Alliance
Telephone: +234 8034501557, +234 8052157720, Fax: +234 95235386
E-mail: safetyalliance@yahoo.com
Web site: http:// www.safetyalliance-events.org

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Norwegian Road Safety Week
23-29 April 2007 — Nationwide, Norway

The road safety Week will be launched nationally with a joint press conference with the three ministers of transport, health and justice on Monday 23 April. Attention will be drawn to the objectives of the Week in the global and national context. We are aiming to strengthening existing campaigns and activities with a special emphasis on young road users during the Week both in global and national context. This includes a seat belt campaign aimed at young people and campaign and control activities aimed at 2-wheelers. We also try to call special attention to various youth initiatives and local road safety projects around the country and there will be an exhibition on the theme of young road users and young drivers. In the exhibit we will present various Norwegian road safety campaigns, activities and local projects aimed at young road users through the use of files, posters, etc.

Contact: Jakob Linhave, Department of Environmental Health - Directorate for Health and Social Affairs
Telephone: 0047 24163562
E-mail: jakob.linhave@shdir.no

First Global Road Safety Week in Pakistan
23-29 April 2007 — Nationwide, Pakistan

A variety of events are being held during the Week: A Road Safety Walk, National convention to identify risky behavior and its causes, particularly among young road users and the Road Safety Gala. Other activities are planned as well: Lectures on road safety in Mosques, articles on risky behavior showing statistical data, campaign at School, Colleges & University levels, articles on Road Safety Program, comparison of crash victim's data at international, national and local level, distribution of posters, National Charity sports events, open days in hospital emergency rooms, free training programs for drivers and motorcyclists, etc.

Contact: Bashir Ahmad, Ministry of Communications
Telephone: +92 9202711

National Conference on Road Safety
24 April 2007 — Karachi, Pakistan

The objective of the conference is to "Create awareness amongst stakeholders, bringing stakeholders on a common platform, discussing and proposing recommendations for improving Road Safety in Pakistan and making Pakistani roads safer."

Contact: Shah M saad Husain, Indus Motor Company Ltd
Telephone: 92-21-4720070, Fax: 92-21-4720056
E-mail: saad.husain@toyota-indus.com
Web site: http://toyota-indus.com

One Day Road Safety Seminar - First UN Global Road Safety Week
25 April 2007 — Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore, Pakistan

National Highways & Motorway Police (NH&MP) of pakistan has chalked out a comprehensive program under which various activities would be conducted throughout the country. In this regard One Day Seminar on the theme of "Young Road Users" is being conducted on 25th April 2007 at Lahore, Pakistan

Contact: Hameed Akhter, Ministry of Communications
Telephone: +92 519202711, Fax: +92 519202711
E-mail: hameedakhter1964@gmail.com
Web site: http://communications.gov.com

Road Accidents: Greatest Epidemic of human history
25 April 2007 — NH&MP Complex Airport Road Sukkur, Pakistan

This event is being organised to acquint all stakeholders pertinent to Road Traffic accidents to know the severity of the problem and their role to play in order to mitigate the severity.

Contact: Ajmal Khan Khoso, National Highways & Motorway Police
Telephone: +92 715633106, Fax: +92 715631238
E-mail: ajmalkhoso9108@yahoo.com

Road Safety Week
25 April 2007 — Islamabad Convention Centre, Pakistan

National Seminar on Road Safety

Contact: Hameed Akhter, Ministry Of Communications, PAK Secreatariat Islamabad
Telephone: +92-51-9202711, Fax: +92-51-9202711
E-mail: hameedakhter1964@gmail.com

Seminar: Protecting Our Young From Injury On The Roads
23 April 2007 — Karachi, Pakistan

A seminar to be held to increase awareness of the dangers of injury and death to our Young Road Users. Data from the injury surveillance project will be presented and recommendations made to protect the young.

Contact: Prof Rashid Jooma, Road Traffic Injury Research & Prevention Centre, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre
Telephone: +92 21 920 1300, Fax: +92 1 920 5092
E-mail: rjooma@akunet.org


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Dr Abdiel Ivan Diaz
Direccion Nacional de Promocion de la Salud
Ministerio de Salud
Tel + fax: +507 262 31 94
E-mail: daiminsa@yahoo.com


Seguridad Vial a Conductores y Cobradores de Transporte Publico
28 April 2007 — Callao, Peru

Realizar un curso de seguridad vial y consientizacion a conductores y cobradores de transporte publico de la Provincia Constitucional del Callao.

Contact: Isaias Valverde Ibarguen, Mejorando Tu Vida Peru (MTV PERU)
Telephone: +511-4296648, Fax: +511-4607196
E-mail: mtvperu@terra.com, mtvperu1@hotmail.com

Teleconferencia de Seguridad Vial en Mexico, Colombia, Chile y Peru
27 April 2007 — Lima, Peru

Teleconference between the countries of Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru about the prevention of road accidents among youngsters.

Contact: Isaias Raul valverde Ibarguen, Mejorando Tu Vida Peru
Telephone: +51 14296648, Fax: +51 14200448
E-mail: mtvperu@terra.com

Primera Semana Mundial de las Naciones Unidas sobre la Seguridad Vial
23-29 April 2007 — Lima, Peru

Por medio del presente es grato dirigirme a Ud. para saludarlo y comunicarle que con motivo de celebrarse la Primera Semana Mundial de las Naciones Unidas sobre la Seguridad Vial del 23 al 29 de abril del presente año el Grupo MTV PERU (Mejorando Tu Vida Perú) esta organizando diferentes actividades: Confección y distribución de material didáctico (póster y libro); Curso de capacitación a Operadores de Transporte; Seminario alusivo a la Semana Mundial de la Seguridad Vial; Talleres de Educación Vial Infantil Intercultural Perú – México 2007.

Contact: Isaias Raul valverde Ibarguen, Mejorando Tu Vida Peru
Telephone: +51 14296648, Fax: +51 14200448
E-mail: mtvperu@terra.com

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Celebration of 1st UN Global Road Safety Week
23 April 2007 — Nationwide, Philippines

Organized by the Department of Health, road safety practitioners and stakeholders were convened to join in the celebration of the UN Global Road Safety Week. A 7-kilometer motorcade through three cities will highlight road safety. A program will follow with high level participation from the Departments of Health (DOH), Department of Public Works & Highways (DPWH), Department of Transportation & Communication (DOTC), WHO, UNICEF, Metro Manila Development Authority and the Council for the Welfare of Children. Safe Kids Philippines, together with private and public organizations, including an association of truckers, will contribute to the program and exhibits. Through a memo, the DPWH, DOTC and the Philippine National Police will co-celebrate Road Safety Week nationwide.

Contact: Dr. Cecile Magturo, National Center For Disease Control and Prevention
Telephone: +632 7329966, Fax: +632 7117846
E-mail: cecile_magturo@yahoo.com

Road Safety Camp
19 April 2007 — April 19-20, 2007, Philippines

Ford Group Philippines launched its Road Safety program, Road Safety: Our Lives depend on it in 2004. Since then it has initiated several activities and projects including the creation of the Ford Road Safety Youth Council. This year, a summer camp will be held in which participants, mostly members of the Ford Road Safety Youth Council will learn and appreciate Road Safety through lectures and fun activities.

Contact: Cherry Ramirez, Ford Group Philippines and Ford Road Safety Youth Council
Telephone: +63 495415174, Fax: +63 495415110
E-mail: mramir28@ford.com

Young Driver Awareness Week
26 April 2007 — Paraparaumu Airport, Philippines

3 days in which teenagers and others with a Restricted or Full Licence can learn how to brake properly

Contact: Jane Pearson, Kapiti Coast District Council
Telephone: +63 42964854, Fax: +63 48364830
E-mail: jane.pearson@kapiticoast.govt.nz


1st Road Safety Forum. "Road Safety is No Accident. Young Road Users as a High Risk Group"
26 April 2007 — 53 E. Plater Str., 00-113 Warsaw, Poland

The 1. Safety Forum is part of the Global Road Safety Week in Poland, organized by our Partnership together with the Polish National Road Safety Council. As the issue of young drivers is currently a critical one in Poland, our main goal is to attract attention of decision makers to the high rate of road accidents caused by young people. The further goal is to initiate a broad discussion about effective measures in order to change the situation of the high rate of the road crashes/injuries in the group of young road users (ex. law, education, road safety campaigns, etc.). Start: 11.00 am

Contact: Jaroslaw Giemza, Road Safety Partnership Poland (Partnerstwo dla Bezpieczenstwa Drogowego)
Telephone: +48 228276763
E-mail: jgiemza@pbd.org.pl

Drink driving
22 April 2007 — Poland, Poland

Evénement en discothéques: avec vérification du taux d'alcool chez les participants et un concours dont les prix seront des leçons de conduites spéciales aux écoles de conduite.

Contact: Malgorzata Babik, Michelin
Telephone: n/a
E-mail: malgorzata.babit@pl.michelin.com

First UN Global Road Safety Week
23 April 2007 — nation wide, Poland

During the Week, the abstainers associations in Poland will distribute educational materials regarding the drivers sobriety among the participants of the driving schools. Also, local communities from all of Poland will encourage the local police to conduct more frequent sobriety inspections among drivers, who are at the stage of obtaining a driving licence. The aim of this undertaking is to draw the atteintion of the drivers to the issue of drink-driving.

Contact: Robert Lemanski, PARPA - State Agency for the Prevention of Alcohol-related Problems
Telephone: +48 225320320, Fax: +48 228368166
E-mail: robert.lemanski@parpa.pl

Global Road Safety Week Exhibition
April 2007 — Warsaw, Poland

Global Road Safety Week Exhibition in headquarter of lower house of the Polish Parliament. The exhibition will be devoted to Global Road Safety Week problems.

Contact: Maria Dabrowska, Loranc, Motor Transport Institute (Instytut Transportu Samochodowego)
Telephone: +48 228110294, Fax: +48 228110906
E-mail: cbr@its.waw.pl

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27 April 2007 — Escola Secundária Gabriel Pereira - Évora, Portugal

"The Alcokart is a new machine that allows in real time, to feel the simulation of impaired driving, while the driver is sober. The kart is equipped with a computer that can be activated from a distance and that makes the machine react with a short time-lag and that creates the simular result as driving under influence". It takes place 27th. and 28th April in Évora

Contact: António Adérito Araújo, GARE - Associação para a Promoção de uma Cultura de Segurança Rodoviária
Telephone: 00 351 266 785 498, Fax: 00 351 266 785 498
E-mail: geral@gare-apcsr.pt
Web site: http://www.gare-apcsr.pt

Feira da Segurança
23-27 April 2007 — Various University Campuses in Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra and Leiria, Portugal

We will be visiting 4 University Campuses during 4 days (23, 24, 26, and 27 of April), where we will construct what we call a "Feira da Segurança". Along with our Company, Liberty Seguros, other entities like DEKRA, ACP and Federação Nacional de Motociclismo, will have the mayor objective of alerting and sensibilizing youg people concerning safer road practices.

Contact: Cristina Saraiva, Liberty Seguros
Telephone: +351 213183519, Fax: +351 213183866
E-mail: cristina.saraiva@libertyseguros.pt

Global warning - child road safety videos from around the world
23 April 2007 — Bébé Confort Coimbra / International House Coimbra, Portugal

Bebé Confort Coimbra will exhibit videos from many different countries and legal cultures in their permanent installations with the aim of highlighting their common goal - child safety. They will also make child car seats available throughout the Global Road Safety Week, check service and inform on the appropriateness of the seat size for the child in question. The International House Coimbra will carry out various in-class activities (in English) to raise awareness of road safety for pedestrian, in-car and cyclist; instigate an on-going competition to vote for the most effective road safety video from all those shown from around the world.

Contact: Paulo Ferreira, Bébé Confort Coimbra / International House Coimbra
Telephone: +351 239724592
E-mail: globalwarning@miminhos.com

More Tolerance, More Safety - Hemicycle
26 April 2007 — Évora, Portugal

The Hemicycle - More Tolerance, More Safety, will mobilize students of all Évora District. They will debate together in plenary assembly, and propose 3 actions, which they consider more excellent for an effective road safety in our streets and roads. The actions will be delivered to the Government.

Contact: António Adérito Araújo, GARE - Associação para a Promoção de uma Cultura de Segurança Rodoviária
Telephone: +35 1266785498, Fax: +35 1266785498
E-mail: geral@gare-apcsr.pt
Web site: http://www.gare-apcsr.pt


Republic of Korea
ike Safety School
28 April 2007 — Seoul, Republic of Korea

After bike safety education via internet, children have a bike driver's license test. Safe Kids Korea issues bicycle driver's license to children who passed the test and also distributes helmets. In this event, Safe Kids Korea will educate children about bike safety (especially about the importance of wearing a helmet) and celebrates the UN Road Safety Week.

Contact: Jeeyoun Jeong, Safe Kids Korea
Telephone: 0082 28290195, Fax: 0082 28290198
E-mail: safekids01@hotmail.com
Web site: http://www.safekids.or.kr

Founding Meeting of The Korea Road Safety Forum
27 April 2007 — Samsung Insurance Building, Mugyo-dong, Seoul, Republic of Korea

The new direction of transportation safety policy outlined by the recently revised 'Transportation Safety Law' will be presented by a Government Official and the inauguaration of 'Korea Road Safety Forum' which will provide with an open forum to all stakeholders in road safety will be declared by the President of the Korea Transportation Safety Authority, who will organize the Forum.

Contact: Bu-Yong Shin, Dr., Korea Transport Authority
Telephone: +11 82313623700, Fax: +11 82314810491
E-mail: byshin@kotsa.or.kr
Web site: http://kotsa.or.kr

Internal training for employees
25 April 2007 — Busan, Republic of Korea

Internal trainings for employees to raise their awareness of road safety through email, face to face and bulletine posts. Some materials will be translated into Korean for better understanding.

Contact: Kiyong Jung, Hankook Shell Oil Co., Ltd.
Telephone: +82 516 205 199, Fax: +82 516 247 116
E-mail: kiyong.jung@shell.com

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Joint activities on the occasion of the Global Road Safety Week
23 April 2007 — nation wide Romania, Netherlands

A High Level Road Safety Summit with Government Representatives, Members of Parliament, International organizations, High Level Decision Makers and Press on Monday April 23 in the Parliament in Bucharest to launch the Global Road Safety Week. A Road Safety Campaign focussing at young road users that will be launched at the end of the Summit on Monday April 23, and will last until end of June. This campaign consists of a TV and radio clip, broadcasting of campaign items, brochures explaning the problem and countermeasures, intensified enforcement by the police, local activities where young road users can be met and an evaluation, before and after based on polls, interviews and observations. The campaign is aimed at different target groups. A Young Road Users Forum that will be held in Bucharest later, but a Romanian representative is invited by the WHO to take part on April 23-24 in the World Youth Assembly for Road Safety.

Contact: Peter M.W. Elsenaar, GRSP - Global Road Safety Partnership
Telephone: +31 134690666, Fax: +3113 4690202
E-mail: pelsenaar@cs.com

Safety Belt, Third National Campagne
15 April 2007 — Bucharest and principal towns in Romania

Like every year we conduct a study on the evolution of the (use of the) seat belt, together with IMAS. We also organize a press conference about this subject and compare our results to our results of the last 3 years and to other European results. Banners and other materials about this subject will be printed and distributed.

Contact: Virgil Mihailovici, The Association for Promoting Auto Safety
Telephone: +40 16 36 39 46, Fax: +40 21 313 97 07
E-mail: virgilm@autostrada.ro


Russian Federation
Professional newspaper supplement
3 April 2007 — Nationwide, Russian Federation

Professional newspaper supplement (ad hoc issue devoted to the First United Nations Global Road Safety Week) and distribution among driving, training and transport operation sectors all over Russia (5000 copies).

Contact: Sergey Bykov, Autopolis Company
Telephone: +7 499 1979160, Fax: +7 495 4967692
E-mail: info@autopolis.ru

Publication of the road safety week materials in the Russian professional magazine for driving schools
4 May 2007 — nationwide, Russian Federation

Placing the Road Safety Week materials in the current issue, to let Russian people who teach driving know at least the existing of such global action, because we feel a real lack of information in our large country, mostly in the farthest regions of Siberia and Far East.

Contact: Ivan Borisov, Magazine "Driving School Prophy" / "Artoshkola Prophy"
Telephone:+791 69325256, Fax: +749 56942720
E-mail: ivanborisov@mail.ru

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Corridor X (First Aid checkpoints)
23-29 April 2007 — Highway through Vojvodina (from border with Hungary to Novi Sad), Serbia

There will be two first aid checkpoints on the highway through Vojvodina (from border with Hungary to Novi Sad) with 12 hour service of our volunteers. The volunteers will offer rest and refreshments to the travelers, measure blood pressure and the level of blood sugar if needed, offer first aid and respond to emergency calls. They will also hand out propaganda leaflets about first aid and road safety to all travelers who will stop at our checkpoints. They will also give a decorated egg to convey the message of the first UN Road Safety Week: this is how fragile our life in traffic is, if we do not take care.

Contact: Aleksandar Svilokos, Red Cross of Vojvodina
Telephone: +381 21 422-454, 422-526, Fax: +381 21 423-750
E-mail: sasas@ckv.org.yu, vrc@eunet.yu

Global Road Safety Week and Road Safety Outreach 2007
21 April 2007 — Vivo City, Singapore

There will be an exhibition on road safety during two days and the Traffic Police will organize traffic games. We are also planning to do a road safety workshop in the afternoon of 21 April.

Contact: Yeo Se Lay, Land Transport Authority, Singapore
Telephone: +65 63962040, Fax: +65 63961163
E-mail: se_lay_yeo@lta.gov.sg

Premlad.si (Too young to die)
29 March 2007 — nation-wide, Slovenia

Slovene Road Safety Council prepared several activities as a part of the First UN Global Road Safety Week in April 2007. From February 1st until March 29th, young people are given a chance to submit their own suggestions on road safety measures on a web page www.premlad.si (Too young to die). These measures can include anything from preventive or advertising programmes, programmes intended for schools and universities, legislative measures for drivers, novice drivers or road safety regulations, technical solutions for cars, road infrastructure, IT technology or any other suggestion that could improve road safety among young. The web page also has an option of submitting a photo of a certain dangerous road areas or a road safety problem, to submit a slogan for an action on road safety. The main idea of the web page is to promote road safety among young people, to stimulate their ideas and make them realize they are too young to loose a friend, relative or their life in a road accident. With this action we give young people a chance to participate and submit their ideas in a media they are familiar with.

Contact: Mr. Bojan Zlender, Directorate of Republic of Slovenia for roads, Slovene Road Safety Council
Telephone: +386 013009170, Fax: +386 013009171
E-mail: bojan.zlender@gov.si

Street playing day
25 April 2007 — nation-wide, Slovenia

The programme "Street playing day" is a part of work done on a local level. Local road safety councils have been invited to prepare events for kindergartens and elementary schools on April 25th 2007. The goal of the programme is to calm down traffic in areas with schools and kindergartens and to give children a chance to play outside. The programme whishes to point out the problems, mainly in urban areas, where there aren't enough areas where children could play safely, where there aren't safe school roads or cycle paths. The goal is to close down at least 50 streets for this event and make them safe for children to play on. With this simbolic act, we can point out other problems regarding overall use of motor vehicles in urban areas. The streets we intend to close are mainly streets in areas with schools and kindergartens and residential streets who wish to endorse traffic calming measures in their areas. We want to promote the meausure of turning these streets into the residential areas (max. speed 10km/h). The programme Street playing day wishes to motivate people in helping to bring such measures successfully into action.

Contact: Mr. Bojan Zlender, Directorate of Republic of Slovenia for roads, Slovene Road Safety Council
Telephone: +386 013009170, Fax: +386 013009171
E-mail: bojan.zlender@gov.si
Web site: http://www.vozimo-pametno.si

Workshop "Alcohol and young drivers"
24 April 2007 — Celje, Slovenia

In co-operation with the National Traffic Safety Board we are planning to organize a workshop for "traffic safety rules"-instructors, that carry out driver education courses for novice drivers. The workshop will talk about epidemiological data on traffic injuries and burden of alcohol, prevention strategies, presentation of videospot and health promotion materials and ameliorate skills for conducting the classroom instructions. We expect to have 60 participants from all over the country. Brochures will be prepared and disseminated to all participants.

Contact: Tatjana Banic, Institute of public health of the Republic of Slovenia
Telephone: +386 12441515, Fax: +386 12441535
E-mail: tatjana.banic@ivz-rs.si
Web site: http://www.ivz.si

Young people and traffic conference
23 April 2007 — National Council of Republic of Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Slovenia

On April 23rd the Slovene Road Safety Council, the Ministry of Transport and the National Council are organizing a conference on which young people will introduce their ideas and suggestions in the field of road safety and discuss those ideas with experts from different fields dealing with traffic safety. Those young people who will submit the most interesting and well argumented suggestions on the web page www.premlad.si will also be invited to the conference. Together with the experts they will try to find ideas and possible solutions to certain problems. The conference is the first step towards active involvement of young people in road safety. At the end of the conference a symbolic signing of the European Road Safety Charter for some of the participating organizations and businesses will be held.

Contact: Mr. Bojan Zlender, Directorate of Republic of Slovenia for roads, Slovene Road Safety Council
Telephone: +386 013009170, Fax: +386 013009171
E-mail: bojan.zlender@gov.si
Web site: http://www.vozimo-pametno.si

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Global Road Safety Week
23 April 2007 — University of Navarra, Spain

A course on AIS coding techniques, the 3rd Annual course on biomechanics of impact applied to motor vehicle injuries and a plenary session, open to the general public entitled "Myths and realities on motor vehicle safety", will be held at the University.

Contact: María Seguí-Gómez, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Navarra
Telephone: +34 948425600, Fax: +34 948425649
E-mail: msegui@unav.es

Primera semana mundial sobre seguridad vial
23 April 2007 — Instalaciones municipales, Spain

Campaña de sensibilzacion para "Jovenes" de más de 50 años. Campaña de sensibilzacion para "Jovenes" de menos de 25 años.

Contact: Raimundo G. Cuesta, Oviedo Council
Telephone: +349 85113477, Fax: +349 85277358
E-mail: raimundogc@ayto-oviedo.es
Web site: http://www.ayto-oviedo.es

IV Safety Road Campaign for Young People in Extremadura
28 April 2007 — Near the Town Hall, Merida (Extremadura), Spain

We are going to develop our Fourth Year Campaign About Safety Roads in our region, next 23-29 april 2007. We will deliver information and materials about Safety Road Education for young people, and we also will play music, movies, ...

Contact: Daniel Cambero, Alternativa Joven de Extremadura
Telephone: +34 924242564, Fax: +34 924242564
E-mail: info@alternativa-joven.org
Web site: http://www.alternativajoven.es

Semaine mondiale de sécurité routière
23 April 2007 — Spain/Portugal

Examen des pneus gratuit pendant 3 semaines avec distribution de CD "le bon usage du pneumatique". En outre, distribution de la brochure "Guide de sécurité pour la route" à l'ensemble du personnel pour sensibiliser les employés du groupe Michelin. Aussi, sur les sites Michelin il y aura l'action "implication dans la vie locale" autour de la sécurité routière et avec la participation d'employés volontaires.

Contact: Juan José Pedrayes Larrauri, Michelin
Telephone: +34 914105199, Fax: +34 914105293
E-mail: juan-jose.pedrayes.larrauri@es.michelin.com

Semana Mundial de la Seguridad Vial
23 April 2007 — Madrid, Spain

An exhibition of the road safety measures in Madrid, together with a daily seminar during the week, games for children, safety demonstrations, efficient car driving lessons, etc., gathered in a canvas in a very representative square in Madrid, will be the rounding activities of a Roadshow, developed with any stakeholders involved in the road safety, This initiative brings the emergency services together in a theatre stage to demonstrate to young people their input to the scene of an accident and the risks they should to avoid.

Contact: Ignacio Ramos, Madrid City Council/Mobility Foundation
Telephone: +34 917877271, Fax: +34 913271125
E-mail: iramos@fundacionmovilidad.es

Young drivers and crashes
23 April 2007 — Czech Republic, Spain, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, Ethiopia, Netherlands

In the Czech Republic and in Spain, a traffic education program for young drivers (16-18 years) will be organized under the banner of IRSA; the program is called "The Action" (Czech Republic) and "The Road Show" (Spain). In the other countries, IRSA is organizing train-the-trainer programs for police trainers and traffic police specialists with respect to the improvement of traffic enforcement and the handling of crashes, including the improvement of crash data collection.

Contact: Peter ter Meulen, International Road Safety Academy - Association
Telephone: +31 205708930, Fax: +31 205708989
E-mail: office@irsa-association.org

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Sri Lanka
"Help Reduce Accidents- Road Safety Is No Accident" advocacy programmes dedicated to UN Road Safety Week
23 April 2007 — Accident Service Colombo, Colombo South Teaching Hoapital, General Hospital Kalutara, Base Hospital Panadura and Base Hospital Horana, Sri Lanka

Banners, posters, drawings will be displayed for patients, visitors and staff of all five hospitals througout the week. Hand bills and other health education materials will be distributed among target groups listed above. A school education programe will be held in each of the four hospitals other than Colombo accident service. Drivers of trishaws (a country specific vehicle) of local police areas of four hospitals will be educated on road safety with support from local police. A web page will be dedicated in our official website www.traumaseclanka.gov.lk. A national media seminar will be held in Colombo one week before UN road saftey week chaired by Hon, the minister of health in Sri Lanka.

Contact: "Help Reduce Accidents - Road Safety Is No Accident" advocacy programmes dedicated to UN road safety week, Trauma Secretariat _ Sri Lanka
Telephone: +94 112692534, Fax: +94 112692534
E-mail: traumaseclanka@yahoo.com
Web site: http://www.traumaseclanka.gov.lk

National Media Seminar
26 April 2007 — Auditorium, Health Education Bureau, Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition, Sri Lanka

Media Seminar on specific areas of road safety- a national event Target group: Personnel from all media agencies in Sri Lanka, time: 9.30 a.m to 12.00 p. m Moderator: Dr. Sarath Amunugama - Director Health Education Bureau, this occasion will be graced by the Honorable Minister of Healthcare and Nutrition Mr. Nimal Siripala de Silva. Topics of presentations: 'Night Road Users' by Prof:A.H. Sheriffdeen - 'Rider Safety: Use od Helmets' by Dr. Anil Jasinghe - Descriptive survey on road traffic victims seeking treatment at the Accident and Othopaedic Service of National Hospital of Sri Lanka by Dr. Ranjith Ellawala - 'Role of Private bus owners association on Road safety' by President of Private Bus Owners Association, Mr. Gemunu Wijeratna - 'Role of National Transport Commission on Road safety' by a representative from the National Transport Commision - Road safety:enforcement by Mr. Lucky Peiris , Director Traffic and Road Safety, Department of Police. A short stage drama on road safety produced by Base Hospital Horana will be staged at the media seminar.

Contact: Dr. Anil Jasinghe, Trauma Secretariat_ Sri Lanka
Telephone: +94 112692534, Fax: +94 112692534
E-mail: traumaseclanka@yahoo.com
Web site: http://www.traumaseclanka.gov.lk


Intensive speed surveillance week
23-29 April 2007 — Nationwide, Sweden

Road Safety in Sweden is based on the Zero Vision which suggests a shared responsibilty of the system designers and road users. If the road users however fail to obey the system the system designers are required to take the necessary further steps to counteract people being killed and seriously injured. In Sweden road safety has been improved during the last decades step by step. The benefits of safer roads with median barrier, roundabouts i.e. - and safer cars is significant. However one problem is the road-users behaviour - speeding, driving under influence of alcohol/drugs and not using seat belt. Still 50-60% of the car drivers in Sweden are speeding. It is estimated that about 100-150 persons per year are killed in Sweden due to speeding of totally 440 killed persons in road traffic accidents. In Sweden the Police, the Road Administration and the National Society for Road Safety are cooperating with information measures both on local, regional and national level to explain that speed is a key factor in road safety at the same time as the police will be present on roads as much as possible during this week.

Contact: Mikael Klingstedt, Swedish Road Administration
Telephone: +46 16157083
E-mail: mikael.klingstedt@vv.se

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Alc, drugs and speeding - and lifelong consequences
23 April 2007 — various schools, Switzerland

Every 2nd driver between age 18 and 25 causes an accident. RoadCross therefore focusses on road accident prevention in schools, larger companies and at sport events, for young people between 16 and 20 yrs old. Such prevention takes place all year round, with realistic films and stories presented by victims , and also by former speeders who caused accidents - and have to live with the bad consequences.

Contact: Roland Wiederkehr, RoadCross Switzerland
Telephone: +41 794166737
E-mail: rw@rolandwiederkehr.ch
Web site: http://roadcross.ch

Syrian Arab Republic
Launching the National Syrian Campaign for Road Safety
25 April 2007 — Basel asad hall - Faculty of Civil Engineering - University of Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic

Based on the agreement of co-operation between Syrian Transport Ministry and YASA international, signed on November 2006, the two institutions will organize a major road safety event in Damascus to declare their co-operation for the next two years in order to decrease road traffic injuries in Syria. This event will launch the Syrian campaign for road safety, prepared by YASA with the support of four Syrian oil companies: Shell, Total, Deir el Zorr and aal Furrat.

Contact: Mohammed Kism, YASA International
Telephone: +963 94288211, Fax: +961 5952587
E-mail: yasa@yasa.org
Web site: www.yasa.org

Launching the Syrian Driver Guide
26 April 2007 — Office of YASA at the Ministry of Transport - Syria, Syrian Arab Republic

After around 2 years of preparation, the ministry of transport will launch the Syrian Driver Guide that was prepared by YASA International and the Scientific Research Foundation (SRF). This guide is presented by his excellency the minister of transport of Syria Dr Yarob Badr, the Under-Secretary General of the United Nations (Executive Secretary of the UN-ESCWA) Dr Mervet Tallawy, Dr Ziad Akl-President of YASA International. This guide of 192 pages (fully colored) was prepared with the support of four Syrian Companies: Shell, Al Furat, Total and Deir el Zorr. It will help the improvement of Driver Education and road safety promotion in Syria.

Contact: Mohammed Kism, YASA International
Telephone: +963 94288211, Fax: +961 5952587
E-mail: yasa@yasa.org
Web site: http://www.yasa.org

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Conference of the National board for road safety 2 May 2007 — Skopje, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Final conference of the National board for road safety, with purpose to present the realized activities during the Road Safety Week, recommendations emerging from the conference for future activities and press conference and assigning winning prizes for student-winners of the thematic competition on works about road safety. The agenda for the conference: 1. Video material 2. Global report "Youth and road safety" 3. Generic powerpoint presentation with European and Macedonian data 4. Presentations from the board members the realized activities 5. Panel discussion with recommendations 6. Press conference Contact: Assoc. Prof. Fimka Tozija, Republic Institute for Health Protection Telephone: +389 23125044 ext. 110 E-mail: ftozija@mt.net.mk Web site: www.rzzz.org.mk

Press conference
19 April 2007 — Skopje, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

The press conference will be held jointly with the national focal point, selected for this event by the government, Associate Professor Dr. Fimka Tozija. The press conference will inform on this initiative, scope of the week and on planned national and international events. It will also communicate the importance of initiatives for safer roads and national mortality and morbidity statistic data, resulting from road accidents, for this age group and the general population. Besides that, effective measures to prevent future events will be presented.

Contact: Dr. Marija Kisman, WHO Country Office
Telephone: +389 23064 599, Fax: +389 23063 710
E-mail: mki@who.org.mk

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Trinidad and Tobago
Sensibility to Road Deaths Week
23 April 2007 — Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago

This Event will have the objectives of broadening the preventive knowledge of the General Public per-se Road Safety, Road Deaths, and safe driving practices. It will also highlight the Government of T&T's failure to protect vulnerable road users and motorists from dangerous situations that the Government have themselves created at various junctions across the length and breadth of the country. It seeks solutions, not faults, but also encourages the various stakeholders involved, including The Ministry of Works and Transport, to accept responsibility for badly planned traffic flow that puts all road users' lives in danger.

Contact: Mr. Yashin Rupani, Safeways Institute of Driver Education and Standards
Telephone: +1 868 6360049
E-mail: intlmalekenya@hotmail.com

Forum Euro-Mediterranean "Young Drivers"
17 March 2007 — Tunis, Tunisia

A Forum for youngsters from all Arabic countries to talk about the topic "Young Drivers". There will be psychologists, sociologists and psychiatrists present at this Forum, to discuss the risk for / behaviour of Young Drivers. There will also be an exposition of posters about road safety, made by young designers.

Contact: Ben Ghenia Afef, Association Tunisienne de la Prévention Routière
Telephone: +216 71354740, Fax: +216 71354578
E-mail: prevention@prevention.org.tn

Sécurité Routière et Premiers Secours pour les enfants
25 April 2007 — Primary Schools, Tunisia

Sessions de sensibilisation à la sécurité routière et aux premiers secours Cible: les écoliers et les enseignants des différents gouvernorats de la Tunisie. Description: Apprendre aux enfants et aux enseignants les gestes qui sauvent notamment appeler de l'aide , la protection, vérifier si la victime est inconsciente et la mettre en P.L.S et arrêter une hémorragie par le biais de cas concrets. Par ailleurs le programme comporte une sensibilisation à la sécurité routière par des jeux, des scénarios et un concours de dessin afin de faire des enfants les acteurs de la sécurité routière et adopter un comportement responsable sur la route.

Contact: Mr Radhouane Ben Amara, Tunisian Red Crescent
Telephone: +216 98436545, Fax: +216 71575646
E-mail: radhouane.conseils@yahoo.com


Two-day Seminar for Ashgabat and Velayat Red Crescent volunteers on Road Safety and first aid followed by joint spot-checks.
26 April 2007 — Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Two-day seminar for Ashgabat and velayat Red Crescent volunteers on Road Safety and first aid. The seminar will be followed by a two day spot-check of trained volunteeres, together with policemen of the State Road Control Service who will randomly interview drivers on the roads on the knowledge of first-aid practices and medical kits content.

Contact: Mr. Ata Boppyew, National Red Crescent Society of Turkmenistan
Telephone: +99 312395512, Fax: +99 312394349
E-mail: nrcst@online.tm

United Arab Emirates
International cooperation about road safety
28 April 2007 — Al Arabiya Television-Dubai Media City, United Arab Emirates

YASA International and the Scientific Research Foundation (SRF) will present a new updated study about the promotion of the international cooperation about road safety that was prepared by 25 road safety experts from many Arab countries. The task force started its preparation in 2003, and presented its first report on the World Health Day in April 2004. This report will also be presented in many languages to concerned international and national organizations. It will manily help individuals and Civil Society efforts to lobby for more sustainable efforts to road safety promotion in middle and low-income countries.

Contact: Ziad Akl, YASA International
Telephone: +971 507022570, Fax: +971 5065550281
E-mail: ziad@yasa.org
Web site: http://www.yasa.org

Launching RTA-YASA co-operation for road safety in Dubai
27 April 2007 — Headquarter of Road & Transports Authority -Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Based on the agreement of co-operation between Road & Transports Authority -Dubai and YASA international, the two institutions will organize a major road safety event in Dubai to declare their co-operation for the next three years in order to decrease road traffic injuries in the province of Dubai.

Contact: Saleh Jaafar, YASA International
Telephone: +971 5070225 70, Fax: +971 506550281
E-mail: saleh.jafar@yasa.org
Web site: http://www.yasa.org

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United Kingdom
Driving forward - Global Road Safety Week in 2007
23 April 2007 — Scotland, UK

RoSPA in Scotland will provide a central focus for road safety practitioners to highlight the work that goes on in road accident prevention in Scotland. Key partners will work together to raise the profile of road safety, particulary in respect of vulnerable road users, especially young drivers. These organisations include RoSPA, the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (ACPOS), the Scottish Executive (Road Safety Scotland), the Institute of Road Safety Officers(IRSO) and Society of Chief Officers of Transportation in Scotland (SCOTS). A company will be employed to ensure co-ordinated Scotland-wide media activity. RoSPA will host web pages to enable the sharing of good practice.

Contact: Elizabeth Lumsden, Road Safety Manager, Scotland, Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)
Telephone: +44 131 449 9379, Fax: +44 131 449 9380
E-mail: elumsden@rospa.com
Web site: http://www.rospa.com/roadsafety

FedEx & Brake Road Safety Academy
23 April 2007 — Nationwide, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The FedEx & Brake Road Safety Academy is a partnership project by Brake and FedEx, providing free training and resources to volunteers and professionals to empower them to spread life-saving road safety education in their community. Nearly 1,000 Academy 'graduates' have been trained through the project to deliver powerful, awareness-raising road safety presentations to groups of young people, company drivers or parents. During the Global Road Safety Week, graduates will be particularly active, delivering presentations around the UK in schools, colleges, youth clubs, companies and community centres. Brake will be carrying out promotional work to: raise awareness about the shocking number of UK families affected by road death and injury and the role we can all play in making our roads safer; and to encourage more volunteers and professionals to get involved in the Academy and make a real difference in their community.

Contact: Jools Townsend, head of education, Brake, the road safety charity
Telephone: +44 1484 559909
E-mail: brake@brake.org.uk
Web site: http://www.brake.org.uk

First United Nations Road Safety Week
23 April 2007 — Ridgway Place, Wimbledon, United Kingdom

Road Safety Campaign in our road with support from residents to emphasise road safety, and in particular the dangers of speeding, to all road users (including cars, taxis, bikes, cyclists and walkers). We intend to use posters, banners, leaflets and lead a peaceful campaign to get the message across.

Contact: Hayley Colraine, Ridgway Place Residents' Association
Telephone: +44 2089468969
E-mail: hcolraine@aol.com

Launch of 'Bright Thinking for Cyclists' on www.3Mstreetwise.co.uk
20 April 2007 — Press release, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

3M, the diversified technology company, will be launching a new 'safe cycling' module on 3M Streetwise, its online child road safety teaching resource. In keeping with the original site, the new module, Bright Thinking for Cyclists, has many bright and interactive pages aimed at teachers, pupils and parents. It also features an animated film designed to allow for classroom discussion on safe and unsafe behaviours by cyclists. The launch of the new module is being timed to coincide with the United Nation's first Global Road Safety Week.

Contact: John Klee, 3M United Kingdom plc
Telephone: +44 1344 858516, Fax: +44 1344 862367
E-mail: john.klee@mmm.com
Web site: http://www.3Mstreetwise.co.uk

Library Displays
23 April 2007 — Stockbridge Library, Central Library, Morningside Library, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

For four weeks we will have a display of materials showing Road Safety Problem Globally then focussing on local problems, giving contact details for the offer of road safety presentations to target audiences, young drivers, older drivers, occupational drivers and motorbikers and educational resources to all road users in general and including materials specific to children as pedestrians.

Contact: Kathleen Braidwood, Lothian and Borders Police Headquarters
Telephone: +44 1313166384, Fax: +44 1313166401
E-mail: kathleen.braidwood@lbp.pnn.police.uk

Making roads safer and greener
26 April 2007 — Portcullis House, Room O, Westminister, London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

A Meeting (12noon-2pm) of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Justice for Road Traffic Victims, on the benefits of Event Data Recorders (EDRs, or black boxes) and their potential to reduce law breaking, in particular speeding, and therefore reduce crashes, to reduce pollution through slower travel and fewer unnecessary trips, and to provide evidence in the event of crashes and hence greater justice, with presentations from Rob Marris MP and Chief Inspector Simon Lebbatt.

Contact: Brigitte Chaudhry, RoadPeace
Telephone: +44 2088385102, Fax: +44 2088385103
E-mail: brigitte.chaudhry@roadpeace.org
Web site: http://www.roadpeace.org

MAWWFRS UN Road Safety Support Event
27 April 2007 — Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service Area, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

This event will involve the fire and rescue service and other partners from the road safety community working together to raise awareness of the issues that face one of our most vulnerable road user groups, that is the 17-25 year old driver and his passengers. During 2005, the last year for which validated statistics are available, young drivers in Wales were involved in 3559 collisions, 435 of which resulted in either death or serious injury.

Contact: Wyn Cornelius, Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service
Telephone: +44 870 6060699, extension 2239
E-mail: w.cornelius@mawwfire.gov.uk

National Road Safety Forum
25 April 2007 — Birmingham, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Mott MacDonald's Road Safety experts converge at Birmingham's Aston University to share knowledge about road safety issues - including the development of an in house computer-based system for road safety audit which it hopes to make available to developing countries. The event includes presentations on crash investigation, accidents involving roadside objects and speed management.

Contact: Martin Heath, Mott MacDonald
Telephone: +44 1412224628
E-mail: martin.heath@mottmac.com

Panel Discussion: 'Murder Most Foul' revisited: Are we doing enough for our young people or are we still blaming the most vulnerable?
26 April 2007 — The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, County Hall, Westminster, London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

A discussion (2.30-4.30pm) on the issue of who should have priority on our roads, between panelists from relevant national and London government departments and campaigners, and those involved in child health and well-being and road safety - based on the 1947 pamphlet 'Murder Most Foul', in which JS Dean condemns the expectation that vulnerable road users - pedestrians and cyclists - should assume more responsibility for their safety than those who actually pose the harm in motor vehicles.

Contact: Brigitte Chaudhry, RoadPeace
Telephone: +44 2088385102, Fax: +44 20 88385103
E-mail: brigitte.chaudhry@roadpeace.org
Web site: http://www.roadpeace.org

Promotion of Event Data Recorders (black boxes) in all vehicles
23 April 2007 — In countries where the road crash victim organisations affiliated to FEVR are active, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

To protect the lives of young people, FEVR and its member organisations are calling for Event Data Recorders (EDRs or black boxes) to be installed in all vehicles, including those of young drivers, on the grounds of their potential to reduce crashes, unnecessary driving and to aid crash investigations and therefore justice.

Contact: Brigitte Chaudhry, European Federation of Road Traffic Victims, FEVR
Telephone: +44 2089641800, Fax: +44 2089641800
E-mail: brigitte.chaudhry@roadpeace.org

Rally for Safer Roads
23 April 2007 — One Great George Street, Westminster, United Kingdom

The Make Roads Safe campaign is organising a 'Rally for Safer Roads' in London in support of the UN's Global Road Safety Week. Keynote speakers at the event will include Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, Rt Hon Douglas Alexander MP, UK Secretary of State for Transport, Michael Schumacher and HRH Prince Michael of Kent. Panel discussions at the Rally will include "Road safety and the Millennium Development Goals"; "Road safety for children and young drivers"; and "Taking action for global road safety"; with speakers from organisations including the World Bank, Taskforce for Child Survival & Development, UK Department for Transport and OECD.

Contact: Saul Billingsley, FIA Foundation
Telephone: +44 207 747 5180
E-mail: s.billingsley@fiafoundation.com
Web site: http://www.makeroadssafe.org/unweek/

Reprint of 'Murder most Foul; A Study of the Road Deaths Problem', by JS Dean
23 April 2007 — RoadPeace offices, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

This pamphlet, which highlights that the burden of road traffic injury is disproportionately borne by vulnerable road users, who are expected to assume more responsibility than drivers of motor vehicles, is reprinted by RoadPeace, with support from KeyMed, on the occasion of its 60th anniversary, since its message - that road danger must be reduced - is highly relevant on the occasion of the 1st UN Global Road Safety Week dedicated to the safety of young road users.

Contact: Brigitte Chaudhry, RoadPeace
Telephone: +44 20 8838 5102, Fax: +44 20 8838 5103
E-mail: brigitte.chaudhry@roadpeace.org
Web site: http://www.roadpeace.org

When Lives Collide
23 April 2007 — Whitehall Waterfront, Leeds, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

A photographic exhibition of road crash scenes and bereaved road victims, by award winning photographer Paul Wenham-Clarke, who worked on this topic with RoadPeace, UK's national charity for road traffic victims, and their members, is held until 28th April. Entrance is free and the Gallery is open from 10am to 6pm.

Contact: Amy Aeron-Thomas, RoadPeace
Telephone: +44 2088385102, Fax: +44 2088385103
E-mail: amy.aeronthomas@roadpeace.org
Web site: http://www.whenlivescollide.co.uk

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United States of America
Bike Safety
30 April 2007 — Cooperstown, United States of America

We are working with the village police department to do a bike check-up, helmet fitting station and overall safety seminar for road rules. We are also planning a bike rodeo at the event.

Contact: Coleen Vesely, Safe Kids of Otsego COunty
Telephone: +1 6075474812
E-mail: coleen.vesely@bassett.org

Child Passenger Safety Event
26 April 2007 — Madison Fire Department, Madison, Wisconsin, United States of America

Child passenger safety check up for families Appointments made via 608-890-8999 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            608-890-8999      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Contact: Nan Peterson, Safe Kids Of Madison, WI, USA
Telephone: +1 6082629993, Fax: +1 6082659650
E-mail: nmpeters@wisc.edu

Child Passenger Safety Technician Training & Child Passenger Safety Check-up Event
28 April 2007 — State Farm Insurance Mid town location for the training and GM AK Sales & Services for the CPS Check up, Alaska, United States of America

We will train 6 -12 people as CPS technicians and conduct a free public CPS child seat check event. We will exam the child seats and how they are installed. We will explain to the parent/caregiver what of any problem and then confirm that the parent/caregiver will be able to install

Contact: Gordon Glaser, Alaska Safe Kids/State of AK Division of Public Health IPEMS
Telephone: +1 9072693433, Fax: +1 9072692041
E-mail: gmglaser@health.state.ak.us

Child Safety Seat Checkup
27 April 2007 — Bennett Motors, 26 9th St. South, Great Falls, MT 59401, United States of America

A new class of child passenger safety technicians will be on hand to check your child's car seat for safety. Come make sure your child is riding safely!

Contact: Mary Kay Burns, Safe Kids Cascade County
Telephone: +1 4064546950 ext. 6127, Fax: +1 4064546959
E-mail: goatfarm4@hotmail.com

First UN Global Road Safety Week
23 April 2007 — Nationwide, United States of America

In the United States, Global Road Safety Week events will focus on teen drivers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is excited to take part in this effort and will focus on raising awareness about the important role parents play in keeping their teen drivers safe. In particular, parents can use graduated driver licensing (GDL) systems to guide and support their teen's road safety efforts. GDL systems, which vary by state, are designed to help new drivers gain knowledge and experience under low-risk conditions. As drivers progress through learning stages, they are granted additional driving privileges such as driving alone or driving with other young people in the car with them. Research suggests that the most strict and comprehensive GDL programs are associated with 38 percent reductions in death and 40 percent reductions in injury among 16-year-old U.S. drivers. CDC hopes to increase awareness of this impact and help parents of teen drivers to learn more about the GDL requirements in their state.

Contact: Michele Huitric, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control
Telephone: +1 7704881231
E-mail: mhuitric@cdc.gov
Web site: http://www.cdc.gov/ncipc/duip/GRSW

Fitting Station
25 April 2007 — EMS Garage, United States of America

With our partners at Boston Emergency Medical Services we hold a weekly fitting station every Wednesday. It runs from 11 am to 3 pm and is by appointment only. Anyone living in the Boston area is welcome to set up an appointment to have their seat checked. For families in need we do offer seats at a reduced cost. Our fitting station is held inside of the EMS garage at 2 Theodore Glynn Way, Roxbury MA 02118. To set up an appointment call +1 6175342635

Contact: Jonathan Otero, Boston Public Health Commission
Telephone: +1 6175342635, Fax: +1 6175342405
E-mail: jonathan_otero@bphc.org
Web site: http://www.bphc.org/childinjuryprevention

Make Roads Safe, North America (and partners)
23 April 2007 — Washington, DC, and other cities across the US and Canada, United States of America

Make Roads Safe, North America, is composed of a diverse group of national, state, local, academic, advocacy, and other organizations in the US and Canada united in a Campaign for Global Road Safety (see Supporters at www.makeroadssafe.org). We will be hosting diverse events (press conferences, legislative briefings, child passenger safety checks, older driver courses, school presentations, safety conferences, etc) during Global Road Safety Week in Washington, DC, and across the US and Canada. We are also conducting a traffic safety writing contest for children ages 4-11 called "Zebra's International Adventures" (deadline March 16). In addition, we are encouraging people to sign a petition to help make roads safe around the world. To join our group, sign the petition, and receive updates, email.

Contact: T. Bella Dinh-Zarr, PhD, MPH, Make Roads Safe, North America
Telephone: 001 2027015656
E-mail: dinhzarr@dinhzarr.org
Web site: http://www.makeroadssafe.org

National Youth Traffic Safety Month
April 2007 — Nationwide, USA

The national youth and youth serving NOYS member organizations will be hosting traffic safety awareness events across the country. NOYS will sponsor this event with project ideas, registration of activities, press releases, awards, articles from experts on youth traffic safety, and hosted conference calls with experts in this field.

Contact: Sandra E Spavone, National Organizations for Youth Safety
Telephone: +1 703 981 0264, Fax: +1 703 754 8262
E-mail: sspavone@noys.org
Web site: http://www.noys.org

Precious Cargo Checkpoint
27 April 2007 — University Park Shopping Mall Parking lot, South Bend, Indiana, United States of America

As the finale of a 4 day NHTSA Child Passenger Technician certification course, we are hosting a child safety seat checkpoint where families will have in person car seat evaluations, education and there will be a few replacement seats available if needed. The class is expected to have 20 new technicians and 5 instructors present. Other currently certified technicians may also assist in this event. I expect this will be a large public showing. This event is hosted as a community outreach event by Memorial Children's Hospital. Co sponsored by Safekids of St Joesph and Elkhart Counties, South Bend and Mishahwaka Police Departments.

Contact: Paige Smith RN CPSTI, Memorial Children's Hospital
Telephone: +1 5742614062, Fax: +1 5746476697
E-mail: psmith3@memorialsb.org

Safe Kids Week- "Make it a Safe Kids Summer"
28 April 2007 — Everett Mall 1402 SE Everett Mall Way, United States of America

Fun safety activities and prizes: Free t-shirt to all children participating in the event. Low cost bike/skate helmets will be on hand with a free custom fit. Bike and skateboard demonstrations will be performed at center court. Safety information and activites will be provided for wheeled sports, drowing, child passenger safety and falls. Please join us.

Contact: Shawneri Guzman, Safe Kids Snohomish County
Telephone: +1 425 2613047, Fax: +1 425 2613170
E-mail: shawneri.guzman@providence.org
Web site: http://www.safekids.org

Spring Safety Fair
28 April 2007 — Curt Warner Chevrolet, United States of America

The event will feature a car seat clinic as well as several different safety related activities for children. Some of the events will be a bicycle safety table, pedestrian safety tips, proper seat belt fit, a commercial shredder to destry documents. Information/education about different safety issues will be available for parents.

Contact: Doris Girt, Clark County Safe Kids
Telephone: +1 3604877466
E-mail: doris.girt@ci.vancouver.wa.us
Marion Swendsen
E-mail: marion.swendsen@ci.vancouver.wa.us

Stop Underage Drinking and Driving
23-29 April 2007 — Troy, Michigan, USA

A public service campaign, and possibly an event, in collaboration with the local police department, the school district personnel and community leaders to raise awareness about the problem of underage drinking and driving.

Contact: Lori Podsiadlik, Troy Community Coalition
Telephone: +1 248 823 5210, Fax: +1 248 823 5051
Web site: http://www.troycoalition.com

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Compilation, printing and distribution of theme posters, leaflets on RTI targeting youth.
23 April 2007 — Hanoi, and 6 other provinces, Viet Nam

Based on SAVY, UNICEF supported research on traffic injuries among urban youth the Ministry of Health will compile data for use in leaflets on RTI targeting youth. Printed materials will be distributed in various events during the week in Hanoi and 6 other provinces.

Contact: Dr. Nguyen Thi Hong Tu, Vietnam Administration of Preventive Medicine, Ministry of Health
Telephone: +84 47366349, Fax: +84 47260237
E-mail: hongtu@netnam.vn

Enhance safety on the road
9 April 2007 — HCM & Go Dau terminal, Dong Nai province, Viet Nam

Training sessions, e.g. "Driving For Excellence" for road users and contractors and tool box talks among departments about road safety.

Contact: Binh, Shell Lubricants Vietnam
Telephone: +84 8 829 29 32, Fax: +84 8 825 76 03
E-mail: pham-thai.binh@shell.com

Public meeting to officially launch the UN Safety week
23 April 2007 — Hanoi, Viet Nam

A large public gathering will be organized comprising senior officials from the Government and all partners working in road safety. This event will kick start a number of related activities during the week such as awarding prizes for writing on road safety, safe driving training, and launching of campaigns on road safety in 64 provinces of Vietnam.

Contact: Dr. Nguyen Trong An, Vietnam Committee for Population, Family and Children
Telephone: +84 48234050
E-mail: huonglienan@yahoo.com

Wear a helmet - No excuse
28 April 2007 — Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

AIPF has announced plans for a one year Helmet Wearing Public Awareness Campaign, to be launched during the UN Global Road Safety Week, April 23 2007. Two outdoor concerts will be held, one in Ho Chi Minh City in the south of Vietnam and one in Hanoi in the north. Popular singers and groups appealing to the younger set will perform in each city, along with helmet wearing fashion shows, live interviews with crash survivors and their families. Large TV screens on stage will allow for participation up to 10,000 young people at each event. National TV stations have promised live coverage. The launches will be followed by: Poster campaigns on buses and at bus-stops and in dense outdoor public locations; street banners and bill boards; flyers to promote traffic safety; use of different media tools including newspapers, radio, nationwide television; the message will be "Wear helmet, no excuses".

Contact: Mr. Greig Craft / Mrs. Nguyen Lan Huong, Asia Injury Prevention Foundation (AIPF)
Telephone: 84 4 933 0002, Fax: 84 4 933 2851
E-mail: lanhuong.nguyen@aipf-vietnam.org

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