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Youth Declaration

First UN Global Road Safety Week (23 - 29 April 2007)

World Youth Assembly 

The Youth Declaration for Road Safety was agreed by the delegates to the World Youth Assembly, who commit to taking practical measures to improve road safety and call upon other young people to do the same. The declaration calls on all young people to "stand up and participate in local and national campaigns and programmes" and urges adults to do more. The declaration also calls for more political will at national and community level to tackle road safety. It urges schools and universities to teach young people about safety, bartenders to serve alcohol responsibly, media to report more widely and more responsibly about the lack of road safety, and celebrities and the entertainment industry not to glamourize speed and to wear seatbelts and helmets.

Implementation steps for the Youth Declaration

Delegates agreed to the following 10-step plan to support implementation nationally and ensure follow up to the Assembly:

  1. Translate the Declaration into national languages and present it to national or local policy-makers (mayors, governors, ministers, or Head of State).
  2. Talk to the media about the Declaration, the importance of road safety and the role of young people.
  3. Establish a local working group, including mentors and victims of road traffic crashes, to further develop ideas and support the message.
  4. Send the posters and video clips to national and local media or have them adapted to illustrate the local reality.
  5. Develop a national plan for youth involvement in road safety.
  6. Find funding to support implementation of the plan by targeting companies that have an interest in young people.
  7. Identify a local celebrity to champion the cause of road safety.
  8. Adapt and translate the opinion editorial developed by the Chair and Vice-Chairs and have it published in a national or local newspaper.
  9. Prepare a fact sheet on the problem of youth and road safety at a national level and prioritize areas where youth can be involved.
  10. Stay in touch with the global group, and remain part of the global movement for youth and road safety.
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