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UNECE to support Kazakhstan’s Transition to a Green Economy Model

In its follow-up to the Rio+20 process, Kazakhstan took the landmark decision to transition towards a sustainable development model. The Kazakh "Green Economy Concept" establishes a completely new development paradigm for the country.

To support the transition, a four-year, €7.1-million project, with a particular focus on the water sector, funded by the European Commission, is kicking off in Astana on 23 September. Implementation of the project will be led by the United Nations Development Programme in cooperation with UNECE. The project aims to provide relevant policy, legislative and normative advice to policymakers as well as concrete, visible and replicable benefits through pilot actions.

In implementing the new green economy model for Kazakhstan, UNECE will be engaged in supporting various aspects of water management, including improving water cooperation between Kazakhstan and its neighbours. There will be a specific focus on basin management as well as the link between water and health. Training of experts, dam safety and environmental impact assessment are other components of UNECE work under the project.