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Joint expedition of water and environment experts from Afghanistan and Tajikistan kicks off in the upper Amudarya basin

Hydrology and environment specialists from Afghanistan and Tajikistan are conducting a hands-on study this week to identify and discuss issues related to the efficient use of water resources, land use, irrigation practices and biodiversity in the upper Amudarya basin. Particular attention will be given to the possibility of strengthening cooperation on hydrology and environment by installing hydro-posts (water gauging stations) on both sides of the Pyanj River which separates the two countries. This will enable relevant authorities in both countries to receive up to date information about the quality and quantity of water in the river, and will support stronger cooperation in the shared use and protection of water resources.

The findings of the expedition are expected to contribute to the development and finalization of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Afghanistan and Tajikistan which will further strengthen cooperation on the environment and the sustainable management of shared water resources. The MoU is expected to be adopted in November 2017.

The expedition and a related seminar are being conducted as part of the ongoing UNECE-led project, “Strengthening cooperation on hydrology and environment between Afghanistan and Tajikistan in the upper Amu Darya River Basin”. The Ministry for Water and Energy and the National Environmental Protection Agency of Afghanistan and the Committee for Environmental Protection of Tajikistan and Tajik Hydromet are project partners. The project is funded by the government of Finland.

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 Mr. Batyr Hajiyev

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