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86th Meeting

Document No.
1Adoption of the agenda ECE/EX/2016/5PDFPDFPDF
2Chairman's conclusions from the last meetingEXCOM/CONCLU/85PDF
3Election to the Bureau: Vice-Chair
4Matters relating to the Steering Committee on Trade Capacity and Standards (SCTCS)
a. Meeting with the Chair of the SCTCS2016/41PDF
PPT presentationPDF
b. Decision on matters relating to the SCTCSECE/EX/2016/L.16PDFPDFPDF
5Matters relating to the Committee on Innovation, Competitiveness and Public-Private Partnerships (CICPPP)
a. Meeting with the Chair of the CICPPP2016/42PDF
PPT presentationPDF
b. Decision on matters relating to the CICPPPECE/EX/2016/L.17PDFPDFPDF
Reference Document:  Proposal for a Working Party on Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals



Informal segment

6ECOSOC resolution on strengthening institutional arrangements on geospatial information management2016/43PDF
Reference Document:  Strengthening institutional arrangements on geospatial information managementE/2016/L.28PDF
7Update on evaluation activities:
a. Report on the evaluations for 2014-2015;2016/44PDF
b. Amendments to the Evaluation Workplan for 2016-2017;2016/45PDF
c. Evaluation Workplan 2018-20192016/46PDF
8ECE Resource mobilization strategy2016/47PDF
9ECE Gender policy2016/48PDF
10Preparations for the 2017 Commission session
- Anniversary visual 2016/49PDF
- Enhancing the visibility of ECE work2016/50PDF
11Important new developments:  briefing by the Executive Secretary:
(a)    Update on the High-level Political Forum;
(b)    Update on the Strategic framework for 2018-2019
(c)    Preparation for the 70th anniversary of ITC            2016/51PDF
(c)    Cooperation with other organizations;
(d)    Recent missions and meetings of relevance;
(e)    Key upcoming events.
12 Extrabudgetary projects (for approval)
- Application of biogas technology model for rural areas in Kyrgyzstan2016/52PDF
- EU Water Initiative Plus2016/53PDF
- Regional Transport Infrastructure Connectivity and establishment of a Transport Geographical Information System (GIS) Database2016/54PDF
- Strengthening capacity of ECE member States to achieve the energy-related SDGs2016/55PDF
13Other business