Lead Statement

Guidance on the Practical Application of the Espoo Convention

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As a response to the decision (work plan 2001-2003, item 4) at the Second Meeting of the Parties (Sofia, February 2001) to the Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context, the Netherlands, Finland and Sweden have led a process to develop guidance on the practical application of the Convention and on bilateral and multilateral agreements and arrangements. The guidance is the outcome of this process in which all Parties to the Convention have participated.

The lead countries suggest the following conclusions for adoption by the Third Meeting of the Parties.

The Meeting

  • adopts the document "Guidance on the Practical Application of the Espoo Convention" as appended to this decision; 
  • notes that the Parties can facilitate and greatly improve the practical application of the Convention by appropriate organisation of tasks and responsibilities within their countries; 
  • recommends that the Parties take into account the contents of the guidance when planning the rules of procedure for applying the Convention and when planning specific cases where the Convention is to be applied; 
  • calls on the Parties to distribute the guidance to authorities, specialists, developers, NGOs and other stakeholders to enhance the awareness of the existence and contents of the Convention and to support them in applying the Convention; 
  • suggests that the Parties report on the use of the guidance to the Secretariat and the Convention working group on environmental impact assessment in connection with reporting on the application of the Convention; 
  • invites the Parties to submit links to their draft and final bilateral and multilateral agreements and arrangements to the Convention web site.
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