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SEA pilot projects

SEA and EIA pilot projects

The experience with practical application of SEA and EIA belong to the key aspects that are essential for successful establishment of the environmental assessment systems in the EaP GREEN beneficiary countries. The overall aim of SEA and EIA pilot projects is to build capacities for implementation of SEA and EIA, and to raise awareness of SEA and EIA benefits among relevant stakeholders.

The pilot SEAs and EIA provide an opportunity to 'test' in practice the procedures stipulated by the draft national legislation, and thus identify potential challenges and 'bottlenecks'. Therefore, the experience gained through the pilots can be used in developing recommendations for further improvement of national legislative and institutional frameworks on EIA and SEA in a given country. Optimally, the pilot SEA/EIA application should also result in recommendations for environmental optimisation and modifications of the selected plan, programme, or project.

The links to the dedicated websites on individual pilots are provided in the table below.