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Eighth session of the Meeting of the Parties to the Water Convention

10 - 12 October 2018

Astana, Kazakhstan

Item 1. Opening of the session and adoption of the agenda
MOP 8 opening song
Item 2. Status of ratification of the Convention and its Protocols and report on credentials
Item 3. Adoption of revised rules of procedure
Item 4. Special session: Transboundary water cooperation: Sharing water for people, planet, prosperity and peace
Item 5. Reporting under the Convention and on Sustainable Development Goal indicator 6.5.2
Integrated Monitoring Initiative for SDG 6 -
Data for reporting and policy
William Reidhead, UN-Water
Progress on Transboundary Water Cooperation -
Global baseline for SDG Indicator 6.5.2
Sarah Tiefenauer-Linardon, UNECE
Aurélien Dumont, UNESCO
Progress on Transboundary Water Cooperation under the Water Convention -
Report on Implementation of the Water Convention prepared by the Secretariat
Alistair Rieu-Clarke, UNECE
Decision on reporting and revised template for reporting under the Water Convention
Francesca Bernardini, UNECE
Item 6. Opening of the Convention, promotion and partnerships
Activities on the global opening of the Convention
Sonja Koeppel, UNECE
Strategy for implementation of the Conventin at the Global level
Sibylle Vermont, Switzerland
Cooperation with the UNECE-WHO/Europe
Protocol on Water and Health
Dragana Jovanovic, Serbia
Regional Cooperation for Sound Water Resources Management in the Asia-Pacific Region
Aneta Nikolova, UNESCAP
Item 7. Implementation and compliance
Item 8. Supporting implementation and application of the Convention through projects on the ground and capacity development
Projects on the ground
Sarangoo Radnaaragchaa, UNECE
Item 9. European Union Water Initiative and National Policy Dialogues
European Union Water Initiative and National Policy Dialogues
Alisher Mamadzhanov, UNECE
Matthew Griffiths, OECD
Eric Tardieu, EU MS Consortium
Item 10. Water-food-energy-ecosystems nexus in transboundary basins
Water-food-energy-ecosystems nexus in transboundary basins
Seppo Rekolainen, Finland
Annukka Lipponen, UNECE
Water allocation in transboundary basins
Seppo Rekolainen, Finland
Item 11. Identifying, assessing and communicating the benefits of transboundary cooperation
Assessing the benefits of transboundary water cooperation
Harry Liiv, Estonia
Chantal Demilecamps, UNECE
A Benefit Opportunity Assessment Dialogue in the Sio Malaba Malakisi Basin, East Africa
Callist Tindimugaya, Uganda
CORB Benefits Analysis
Tracy Molefi, OKACOM-OBSC
Item 12. Adapting to climate change in transboundary basins
Task Force on Water and Climate
Sibylle Vermont, Switzerland
Niels Vlaanderen, The Netherlands
Supporting Adaptation in transboundary basins
Francis Bougaire, AWF/AFDB
The Sendai Framework: Recent Developments on water and transboundary cooperation
Paola Albrito, UNISDR
Implemetation Guide for Addressing Water-Related Disasters and Transboundary Cooperation
Jos Timmerman, The Netherlands
Item 13. Water and industrial accidents
Joint Ad Hoc Expert Group on Water and Industrial Accidents
Progress achieved in the last 20 years
Peter Kovacs, Hungary

Joint Ad Hoc Expert Group (JEG)
Draft guidance on firewater retention -
Workplan and Future Activities
Peter Kovacs, Hungary
Gerhard Winkelmann-Oei, German Environment Agency
Heide Jekel, Germany

Item 14. International Water Assessment Centre
International Water Assessment Centre in Kazakhstan
Roles, Objectives and Programme of Work
Serik Akhmetov, IWAC
Item 15 - Programme of work for 2016–2018, terms of reference of bodies established to implement it and resources needed for its implementation
Draft Programme of work of the Water Convention for 2019-2021
Francesca Bernardini, UNECE