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Eighth session of the Meeting of the Parties to the Water Convention

10 - 12 October 2018

Astana, Kazakhstan

'One body of water’ to symbolize cooperation among States

The installation ‘One Body of Water’ (2018) was created at the 8th session of the Meeting of the Parties to the Water Convention by the artist Carolina Caycedo, with objects contributed by delegates participating to the meeting (Astana, 10 - 12 October 2018). Each participating country and organization was invited to bring an object connected to the topic of the special high-level segment “Transboundary water cooperation: Sharing water for people, planet, prosperity and peace”.

The diversity of objects gives an account of the different global perspectives over water issues, raising awareness about scarcity and the need for working together towards equitable and sustainable water management.  From artisanal crafts and tools, animal and boat figures, water vessels, drawings and maps, to a Water and Peace symphony, the objects are arranged so that they flow together in river form, representing transboundary water cooperation and the sharing of water for people and the planet, for prosperity and peace.

Ms. Caycedo’s recent work has been strongly connected to the challenges inherent to the development and joint use of rivers, such as access to water, environmental impacts and cooperation. Ms. Caycedo has developed publicly engaged projects in Bogota, Quezon City, Toronto, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Lisbon, San Juan, New York, San Francisco, Paris, Mexico DF, Tijuana, and London. Some of her most prominent projects are A Gente Rio [The People River] (2016) created for the 32nd São Paulo Biennale, and YUMA, or the Land of Friends (2014) created for the 8th Berlin Biennale. The video To Stop Being a Threat and To Become a Promise (2017), which was also exhibited in Astana during the 8th session of the Meeting of the Parties, combines footage from diverse hydrographies such as the Colorado, the Yaqui, the Xingu, the Spree and the Magdalena Rivers, weaved together, juxtaposing encountered perspectives and understandings of what a territory is, and how it may be inhabited.