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ACCC/S/2015/2 Belarus

DocumentStatusDate received or
posted by the Secretariat
SubmissionFrom Lithuania (the submitting Party)27.03.2015 (dated 25.03.2015)
Letter forwarding submission to the Party concernedFrom the secretariat08.04.2015
Letter to inform that the Party concerned would apply the 6 month timeframe for its response to the submission RUS ENGFrom the Party concerned10.07.2015 (dated 08.07.2015)
Response to submission RUS ENG From the Party concerned08.10.2015
Letter to the Parties enclosing questions from the CommitteeFrom the secretariat18.07.2016
Reply to questions of the Committee RUS ENGFrom the Party concerned12.08.2016

Covering email enclosing
Reply to Committee's questions
Annex 1: Complaint of NGO "Demokratijos pletros fondas" dated 21 August 2013
Annex 2: Letter from Ministry of Environment to Espoo Convention Implementation Committee dated 27 July 2016

From the submitting Party19.08.2016
Invitation to the Party concerned and the submitting Party to the hearing at Committee's 55th meeting From the secretariat09.11.2016
Opening presentation for the hearing at Committee's 55th meetingFrom the submitting Party07.12.2016
Statement at the hearing at Committee's 55th meeting RUSFrom the Party concerned17.12.2016 (dated 16.12.2016)
Questions from the Committee to the Party concerned and the submitting Party From the secretariat10.08.2017
Email request for an extension to reply to the questionsFrom the Party concerned28.08.2017
Request for an extension to reply to the questions, delivered in person by a representative of the Permanent Mission of Belarus to the United Nations
From the Party concerned30.08.2017 (dated 28.08.2017)

Reply to questions from the Committee


From the submitting Party30.08.2017
Reply to request for an extension from the Party concernedFrom the secretariat12.09.2017

Reply to questions from the Committee RUS ENG

Annex 1: Compilation of letters LIT and ENG

Annex 2: Letter No 13-13/1602-BH of 01.10.2013 ENG

Annex 3: Protocol of public hearing on 17.08.2013 RUS

Annex 4: Letters No. 14-16/3759-BH and 14-16/3760-BH of 24.08.2009 RUS, including table in RUS and ENG

Annex 5: Website notification for public hearing on 17.08.2013 RUS

From the Party concerned18.10.2017

Comments on the Party concerned's reply to the Committee's questions, including letter No. 14-16/3759-BH of 24.08.2009 in ENG and RUS

Annexes 2 and 3: Letters No.14-16/996 of 15.09.2009 and No. 13-16/333-bn of 26.01.2010 RUS

From the submitting Party31.10.2017