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ACCC/C/2017/147 Republic of Moldova

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posted by the secretariat
Annex 1: Relevant legislation ENG/RUS, including Resolution no. 330 and annexes thereto ENG 
Annex 2: Relevant correspondence ENG/MOL
From the communicant09.07.2017
Letters to the Party concerned and the communicant enclosing Committee's determination of preliminary admissibility and forwarding communication for the Party concerned's responseFrom the secretariat19.09.2017
Letter to Party concerned from the Director of the UNECE Environment Division regarding the Party's failure to provide its response to the communicationFrom the secretariat29.06.2018
Letter from the UNECE Executive Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration regarding the Party’s failure to provide its response to the communication From the secretariat13.03.2019 (dated 12.03.2019)
Response to the communicationFrom the Party concerned12.07.2019
Letters inviting the Party concerned and communicant to hearing at Committee’s 65th meetingFrom the secretariat31.07.2019
LetterFrom the communicant27.02.2020
Email enclosing letters to state bodies
Attachment 1: Letter of 25 July 2016 to State Hydrometeorological Service MOL ENG
Attachment 2: Letter of 18 February 2017 to State Hydrometeorological Service MOL ENG
Attachment 3: Letter of 3 April 2017 to the Minister of Environment MOL ENG
From the communicant03.05.2020
Questions from the Committee to the partiesFrom the secretariat04.06.2020
Reply to Committee’s questions
Annex: Letter from the State Hydrometeorological Service of 3 October 2016 MOL ENG
From the communicant22.06.2020 (dated 20.06.2020)

Cover letter enclosing reply to Committee’s questions From the Party concerned06.07.2020