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ACCC/C/2016/143 Czech Republic

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Annex 1: Chronology of the Dukovany power plant and extensions of lifetimes
Annex 2: Selected parts of the March decision
Annex 3: Selected legislation and case law
Annex 4: Old Atomic Act
Annex 5: Code of Administrative Justice
Annex 6: Higher Administrative Court decision CZE
Annex 7: Constitutional Court decision CZE
Annex 8: March Decision CZE
Annex 9: New Atomic Act CZE

From the communicant31.10.2016
Letters to the Party concerned and communicants enclosing Committee's determination of preliminary admissibility and forwarding communication for the Party concerned's responseFrom the secretariat06.02.2017
Annex: Decree issued by the State Office for Nuclear Safety (dated 2 February 2017) ENG CZE
From the communicant27.02.2017
Cover letter enclosing response to the communicationFrom the Party concerned04.07.2017
Letters inviting Party concerned and communicants to hearing at Committee's 64th meetingFrom the secretariat25.04.2019
Updated chronologyFrom the communicant OEKOBUERO28.06.2019
Opening statement delivered at the Committee's 64th meetingFrom the communicant03.07.2019
Covering email providing additional information
Annex 1:  Request of 24 September 2015 for operating license for reactor 1 ENG CZE
Annex 2: Request of 2 January 2017 for operating license for reactor 2 ENG CZE
Annex 3: Request of 30 June 2017 for operating license for reactor 3 ENG CZE
Annex 4: Request of 30 June 2017 for operating license for reactor 4 ENG CZE
From the communicants19.09.2019