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ACCC/C/2016/141 Ireland

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Covering letter

Annex 1: European Communities (Access to Information on the Environment) Regulations (consolidated)
Annex 2: Summary of OCEI decisions
Annex 3: OCEI Procedures Manual
Annex 4: CEI pleadings in Friends of the Irish Environment v CEI & others
Annex 5: OCEI reply of 18.08.2016 regarding NAMA

From the communicant19.08.2016
Letter to the Party concerned enclosing Committee's determination of preliminary admissibility and forwarding communication for the Party concerned's responseFrom the secretariat06.12.2016

Response to the communication

Annex 1: Reference list of annexes

Annex 2: Presentation on access to environmental information, dated 19.10.2016 (app. A(i))

Annex 3: Presentation on appeals to the OCEI, dated 19.10.2016 (app. A(ii))

Annex 4: Presentation on dissemination of information, dated October 2016 (app. A(iii))

Annex 5: Findings of the Committee on communication ACCC/C/2007/21 (EC) (app. B)

Annex 6: Findings of the Committee on communication ACCC/C/2011/58 (Bulgaria) (app. C)

Annex 7: OCEI Annual Report 2013 (app. D(i))

Annex 8: OCEI Annual Report 2014 (app. D(ii))

Annex 9: OCEI Annual Report 2015 (app. D(iii))

Annex 10: High Court judgement, An Taoiseach v OCEI [2010] IEHC 241 (app. E)

Annex 11: OCEI Procedures Manual (app. F)

Annex 12: High Court judgement, NAMA v OCEI [2013] IEHC 166 (app. G)

Annex 13: Order 84C of the Rules of the Superior Courts, Statutory Appeals Procedure (app. H)

Annex 14: High Court judgement, Deely v Information Commissioner [2000 No. 95 M.C.A.] (app. I)

Annex 15: CJEU judgement, Case C-71/14 East Sussex (app. J)

Annex 16: High Court judgement, NAMA v OCEI [2013] IEHC 86 (app. K)

Annex 17: Supreme Court judgement, NAMA v OCEI [2015] IESC 51 (app. L)

Annex 18: CJEU judgement, Case C-279/12 Fish Legal (app. M)

Annex 19: High Court judgement, Minch v OCEI [2016] IEHC 91 (app. N)

Annex 20: Findings of the Committee on communication ACCC/C/2004/2 (Kazakhstan) (app. O)

From the Party concerned05.05.2017
Letters inviting Party concerned and communicant to hearing at the Committee’s 62nd meetingFrom the secretariat11.09.2018
Update on developments since submission of the communication
Annex 1: Published decisions
Annex 2: Outcomes 2017 to 2018
Annex 3: R2K Cases
Annex 4: CEI refusal letter
Annex 5: CEI 2017 annual report
From the communicant09.10.2018
Observer statementFrom the Irish Environmental Pillar18.10.2018
Additional information
Annex 1a: OCEI annual report 2016
Annex 1b: OCEI annual report 2017
Annex 2:   OCEI webpage 'How We Review Decisions'
Annex 3:   OCEI Procedures Manual
Annex 4:   OCEI appeals by Right to Know in 2017
From the Party concerned24.10.2018 (corrected on 26.10.2018)
Observer statementFrom Mr. Stephen Minchin27.10.2018
Opening Statement for hearing at Committee's 62nd meetingFrom the Party concerned08.11.2018
Opening statement for hearing at Committee's 62nd meetingFrom the communicant14.11.2018
Annex: OCEI annual report 2018
From the communicant21.08.2019
Email inviting commentsFrom the secretariat23.08.2019
Letter enclosing  the OCEI annual report 2019From the communicant26.06.2020