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High-level Awareness-Raising Meeting and Expert Workshop for Georgia

5 - 8 November 2013

Tbilisi (Georgia)

The general objective of the high-level awareness-raising meeting is to create awareness among authorities of their roles in the process of ratification and implementation of the Convention. The high-level meeting will be followed by a two days expert workshop at which more detailed questions on the requirements of the Convention, responsibilities among authorities as well as the prepartation of a self-assessment and action plan will be discussed.

High-Level Meeting (5 November 2013)ENG
Introduction to the UNECE Industrial Accidents Convention and its relevance - Presentation by Sergiusz Ludwiczak (UNECE)PDF
The Assistance Programme - Presentation by Laura Meszaros (UNECE)PDF
Key Provisions of the Convention - Presentation by Chris Dijkens (Chair of the Industrial Accidents Convention)PDF
Tools that support the realisation of Convention's Assistance Programme - Presentation by Jasmina Karba (Vice-Chair of the Industrial Accidents Convention)PDF
Expert Workshop (6-8 November 2013) ENG
Introduction to the Self-assessment and to the preparation of an Action Plan - Presentation by Jasmina Karba PDF
Self-evaluation progress for the working area 3: Prevention with the use of Indicators and Criteria- Presentation by Jasmina Karba PDF
Self-evaluation progress for the working area 6: information to the public and public participation with use of Indicators and criteria - Presentation by Jasmina KarbaPDF
Identification and Notification of Hazardous Activities- Presentation by Leo IberlPDF
Preparedness - Presentation by Chris DijkensPDF
Observations and Actions- Presentation by Chris DijkensPDF