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ACCC/C/2012/71 Czech Republic

DocumentStatusDate received or posted by the secretariat
Datasheet ACCC/C/2012/71Latest datasheet on the status of the communication21.01.2013
Determination on admissibilityAt CC-3729.06.2012
Communication From the communicant31.05.2012
Annex 1 List of names supporting
Annex 2 Information on Passau hearing (in German)
Annex 3 Email to Czech Ministry
Annex 4 Temelin resolution (In German)
Annex 5 Letter to Mr. Barroso
Annex 6 Letter to Ms. Merkel
Annex 7 Letters to Mr. Necas, Ms. Merkel, European Commission
Annex 7a Response from Bavarian Government representative (in German)
Annex 7b Response from Czech Government representative
Annex 8 Decision of the Bavarian Government to challenge the procedure before the EU Commission (in German)
Annex 9 Letter to Minister of Environment of Bavaria (in German)
Annex 10 Relevant treaty and EU provisions
Annex 11 Summary of facts
Annex 12 Map of the area
From the communicant31.06.2012
Letter to the Party concerned forwarding the communicationFrom the secretariat16.08.2012
Letter to the communicantFrom the secretariat16.08.2012
Answer to the Committee's questions (Cover letter) and Annex (re: complaint CHAP European Commission, reply in Ger)From the communicant28.11.2012

Response and cover letter


A1 Temelín documentation to Germany
A2 Temelín documentation to Austria
B1 Documentation deadline to Bavaria
B2 Documentation deadline to Saxony
B3 Documentation deadline to Austria
C1 Temelín Expert Report to Germany
C2 Temelín Expert Report to Austria
D1 Temelín Expert Report Deadline to Bavaria
D2 Temelín Expert Report Deadline to Saxony
D3 Temelín Expert Report Deadline to Austria
E1 Public hearing invitation
F1 Public discussion to Germany
F2 Public discussion to Austria

From the Party concerned14.01.2013
Comment to the Party's response From the comminicant02.02.2013

Letter to the Party concerned and to the communicants for the discussion at CC-40

From the secretariat

Additional informationFrom the communicant04.03.2013
Additional informationFrom the Party concerned22.03.2013
Oral statementFrom the communicant26.03.2013
Letter to the parties after CC-40From the secretariat11.04.2013
Reply to the Committee's questions after CC-40 (cover letter) and Annex From the communicant14.05.2013
Reply to the Committee's questions after CC-40From the Party concerned20.05.2013
Comment on the reply of the Party concerned on 20.05.2013 (cover letter)From the communicant26.05.2013
Email reacting to the submission of the communicantFrom the Party concerned13.06.2013
Email reacting to the email of the Party concernedFrom the communicant13.06.2013
Draft findings and letters to the Party concerned and communicant inviting their commentsFrom the secretariat27.06.2016
Comments on draft findingsFrom the communicant11.07.2016 (dated 10.07.2016)
Letter enclosing comments on the draft findingsFrom the Party concerned06.09.2016
Letter to the parties enclosing the Committee's findings (advance unedited version)From the secretariat18.11.2016
Letter re-sending comments dated 6 September 2016 on the draft findingsFrom the Party concerned13.12.2016
Findings (official version ENG FRE RUS)