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Launch of the National Policy Dialogue (NPD): 2016 (as part of the EUWI+ programme)

NPD Chair: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection

Donors: European Union through the EUWI+ programme

The NPD process is steered through the National Interagency Steering Committee under the EUWI+, established by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection.

Current priority areas for UNECE support under the EUWI+ programme until 2020:

  • The development of the Water Strategy until 2030 (led by the OECD)
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment of the developed Draft Water Strategy
  • Support to updating the targets set under the Protocol on Water and Health
  • Support to the creation and activities of transboundary basin councils (with France as partner)
  • Provision of support to transboundary cooperation in the Neman and Western Dvina/Daugava river basins, including joint assessment and bilateral consultations 

Key achievements:

  • Water strategy until 2030 has been drafted
  • Belarus remains active in regular exchange with all neighbours on transboundary rivers
  • Belarus and Lithuania jointly agreed on the priority areas for the elaboration of the joint River Basin Management Plan for the Neman basin and completed major steps in its preparation, as reflected in the full technical report and key findings