Enterprise Monitoring and Reporting

The preparation of pan-European environmental assessments, data collection for country environmental performance reviews and reporting under multilateral environmental agreements reconfirmed that substantial improvements in environmental monitoring and data collection are needed in EECCA especially in such issues as air emissions, water discharges and waste management. Such improvements are difficult to achieve without the commitment and cooperation of enterprises.

Strengthening enterprise environmental monitoring and reporting will improve monitoring of enterprise compliance with environmental regulations. It also will help to improve data collection in order to produce national state-of-the-environment reports and other assessments for decision-making. Furthermore, it will facilitate environmental reporting to the international community. Last but not least, increasing the quantity of environmental information produced by enterprises, improving the quality of this information and enhancing access to it by the general public will help to exert significant pressure on polluters to reduce their adverse environmental impacts.

The Working Group organized a round table on enterprise monitoring and reporting in 2005. It also assessed problems and bottlenecks in the area in EECCA and considered international initiatives to improve enterprise environmental monitoring and reporting. ENG FRE RUS

The Working Group, at its sixth session in 2006, will discuss experiences gained in UNECE subregions in establishing regulations and economic incentives as well as in the application of innovative information tools for database management and online reporting to facilitate environmental data flow from enterprises to environmental authorities for the purpose of national assessments and international reporting. A preliminary exchange of views will also take place on draft guidelines to EECCA authorities on strengthening environmental monitoring and reporting by enterprises. ENG

This followed by a panel discussion at the 6th session.
A Workshop on Enterprise Monitoring and Reporting was organised in Warsaw (Poland) on 4-6 September 2006. It prepared draft guidelines to EECCA authorities on strengthening environmental monitoring and reporting by enterprises.
Workshop documentation