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Resource Manual for SEA

Resource Manual to Support Application of the Protocol on SEA

Prepared by United Nations Economic Commission for Europe & the Regional Environmental Center for Central & Eastern Europe

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Resource Manual, as published electronically in English (December 2011) and Russian (May 2014)ENGRUS
Informal translations by OSCE:
- Armenian
- Azerbaijani
- Georgian

Information is also available on why and how the Manual has been developed.

See also Simplified Resource Manual, published in September 2012.

Table of Contents


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Introduction (draft slides )

Part A: Application of the Protocol

Chapter A1 introduces SEA aims and outlines the concepts, roles and evolution of SEA (draft slides )

Chapter A2 identifies linkages between SEA and plan- and programme-making processes (draft slides )

Chapter A3 describes how to determine whether SEA is required under the Protocol (draft slides & handout )

Chapter A4 describes the SEA of plans and programmes under the Protocol (draft slides - contents, scoping & environmental report, public participation, consultation with authorities, transboundary consultations, decision, monitoring - & handout )

Chapter A5 provides an overview of basic applicable tools that may be used in the practical undertaking of SEA (draft slides )

Chapter A6 describes how the Protocol may be applied to policies and legislation (draft slides )

Health provides guidance on the consideration of human health as part of SEA (draft slides )

Part B: Trainer's Guide

Chapter B1 outlines the broad concept of capacity development for the SEA Protocol

Chapter B2 offers a set of tasks that can be used to design practical work on case studies within SEA training and capacity-development programmes (draft slides )


Annex A0.1: SEA Protocol

Annex A1.1: Health

Annex A1.2: Legal and policy landmarks in the evolution of SEA

Annex A1.3: IAIA performance criteria for SEA

Annex A5.1: Description of selected analytical tools

Annex A5.2: Description of selected public participation tools

Annex B1.1: Example of a detailed capacity assessment for the implementation of the Protocol used in selected EECCA countries

Annex B1.2: Example of simple terms of reference used for national capacity-development strategies for implementation of the Protocol in selected EECCA countries

Supporting materials

International instruments and guidance - e.g. SEA Protocol, SEA Directive and EC Guide.

Further information on the EIA and SEA Directives, including texts in the European Union member State languages. 

Examples of SEA practices (to be added as they become available)

Extra resources

Links to lots of extra resources - these are not included in the PDF version of the Manual