Guidance on Notification

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Guidance on Notification according to the Espoo Convention

Published: December 2009

Guidance on Notification
according to the Espoo Convention

Available in English, French and Russian.

(ECE/MP.EIA/12, 68 pp., no. 10 in the Environment Series)

At their first meeting, in 1998, the Parties to the Espoo Convention adopted a format for notification and recommended that Parties use the format to the extent possible when transmitting a notification according to article 3 of the Convention. The Meeting of the Parties has since endorsed guidance on the practical application of the Convention and adopted guidance on public participation in environmental impact assessment in a transboundary context; both these guidance documents discuss practical approaches to

Nonetheless, through the second review of implementation of the Convention (ECE/MP.EIA/11), the Implementation Committee under the Convention became aware that Parties continue to encounter difficulties in the notification procedure. The Committee therefore requested thatthis compilation of guidance on notification should be published to assist Parties.



1. Introduction

2. Practical application

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Timing of notification

2.3 Contents of notification (article 3.2)

2.4 Responding to notification and confirmation of participation (article 3.3)

3. Public participation

4. Format for notification

4.1 Background

4.2 Specific information requirements

4.3 Form of notification