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EIA/IC/CI/2 Azerbaijan

Committee initiative (EIA/IC/CI/2) was opened at the Committee's 17th session further to specific compliance issue EIA/IC/SCI/2/10 with regard to Azerbaijan's obligations under the Convention concerning its national legislation. The Committee initiative on Azerbaijan was prompted by the country’s responses to the questionnaire on implementation of the Convention in the period 2006-2009, indicating that it lacked national legislation on the application of the Convention, and by the request from Azerbaijan for technical assistance from the Committee in that regard.

Information on matters considered by the Committee

Committee initiative on Azerbaijan (EIA/IC/CI/2)

Specific compliance issue EIA/IC/SCI/2/10 related to Azerbaijan and led to a Committee initiative (EIA/IC/CI/2) at the 17th session.


Report of the seventeenth session of the Implementation Committee


The Meeting of the Parties in its 5th session:

  • Encouraged Azerbaijan to implement the recommendations of the second Environmental Performance Review (ECE/CEP/158) with respect to environmental impact assessment and strategic environmental assessment;
  • Welcomed the ongoing technical advice for the review of Azerbaijan’s legislation on environmental impact assessment.



Report of the Meeting of the Parties on its sixth session (decision VI/2 on review of compliance)ENGFRERUS


Report of the activities of the Implementation Committee to the Meeting of the Parties on its seveth session (ECE/MP.EIA/2017/4-ECE/MP.EIA/SEA/2017/4) (see paras 30 - 35)ENGFRERUS

For the outcomes of the Committee’s deliberations since the seventh session of the Meeting of the Parties (Minsk, 13-16 June 2017), please see the Committee’s report on its forty-second session. 

Draft decision on the review of compliance with the Convention (ECE/MP.EIA/2017/8, paras 48-53)ENG
Report of the Meeting of the Parties to the Convention on its seventh session and of the Meeting of the Parties to the Convention serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Protocol on its third session (ECE/MP.EIA/23 - ECE/MP.EIA/SEA/7, para 27)ENGFRERUS
Report of the thirty-ninth session of the Implementation Committee (ECE/MP.EIA/IC/2017/4, paras 32-35)ENGFRERUS
Report of the fortieth session of the Implementation Committee (ECE/MP.EIA/IC/2017/6, paras 13-18)ENGFRERUS
Report of the forty-first session of the Implementation Committee (ECE/MP.EIA/IC/2018/2, paras 15-19)ENGFRERUS
Report of the forty-second session of the Implementation Committee (ECE/MP.EIA/IC/2018/4, paras 14-18) Advance copyENG
Draft decision IS/1c on compliance by Azerbaijan with its obligations under the Convention in respect of its national legislation (ECE/MP.EIA/2019/4)ENGFRERUS