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Compliance and Implementation of the Convention

Activities under the Espoo EIA Convention and its Protocol on SEA
(period between 5th and 6th Meetings of the Parties, 2011-2014)

See also the previous activities relating to compliance and implementation:


Consideration by the Implementation Committee of received compliance submissions

The Committee completed consideration of three submissions. See Implementation Committee regarding submissions and draft decisions on compliance (ECE/MP.EIA/2014/L.3 and ECE/MP.EIA/SEA/2014/L.3).

Report on the Committee’s activities to the sixth session of the Meeting of the Parties

Completed, see report on the activities of the Implementation Committee and reports of meetings of the Implementation Committee

If necessary, review of the Committee’s structure and functions and operating rules

Completed, see ECE/MP.EIA/2014/L.3, Annex I

Examination of the outcome of the third review of implementation

Completed, see reports of meetings of the Implementation Committee, and correspondence with Parties

Modification of the questionnaire for the report on implementation

See review of implementation for revised questionnaire with two distinct parts for the Convention and the Protocol.

Distribution of the questionnaire to the Parties to the Convention for them to complete and return

See review of implementation for completed questionnaires.

Preparation of a draft review of implementation

Completed, see draft fourth review of implementation of the Convention

Country-specific performance reviews and technical assistance in drafting legislation, in agreement with Parties wishing to strengthen their implementation of and compliance with the Convention.

(a) Review would include a period in-country examining legislation, procedures and practice (case study). 

(b) Development of general guidance on resolving a possible systemic inconsistency between the Convention and environmental assessment within the framework of State ecological expertise.

Recommendations to the country on strengthening capacity, including amendments to legislation, procedures and institutional arrangements

(a) No performance reviews were initiated by the Implementation Committee.

(b) Completed, and adopted by MOP-6. See Decision VI/8.



Pre-accession legislative assistance:

(a) Technical support to Uzbekistan to review its national legislation for implementation of the Convention and to propose amendments;

(b) Technical advice to Belarus and Ukraine on improving legislation to implement the Protocol and advice in drafting necessary amendments. Review of legislation and administrative measures with aim to ratify Protocol.

Recommendations to the country on strengthening capacity, including amendments to legislation, procedures and institutional arrangements.

(a) On-going. Pending final approval from Uzbekistan.

(b) Completed for Belarus, see National round-table held on 5 September 2013 and Review of legislation on SEA.

Cancelled for Ukraine, technical advice was no longer needed.

Collection of findings and opinions from the Committee regarding the Convention and the Protocol, posted on websiteOn-going. For period to 2014, see electronic publication.