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Workshop on the Pilot Programme for Classification of Oil and Gas Resources and Reserves in Mexico using UNFC

14 June 2018

Mexico City, Mexico

Document TitleENG
Availability of raw materials from secondary sources: A key aspect of circular economyPDF
Presentation Title & AuthorENGFRERUS
Thematic Workshop on Classifying anthropogenic resources
Introduction and programme overview
Ulrich Kral, Chair of UNECE EGRC Anthropogenic Resource Working Group and Chair of MINEA
Keynote talks
Why we need a standardized internationally accepted resource classification system for primary and secondary resources: Opportunities and challenges
Friedrich-W. Wellmer, Former President of the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources in Hannover
Quantifying and characterizing in-use stocks of non-fuel mineral commodities
Nedal T. Nassar, Chief of the Materials Flow Analysis Section at the National Minerals Information Center, USGS
Anthropogenic Resource Classification
Why and how to classify material quantities from secondary sources?
Ulrich Kral, Chair of UNECE EGRC Anthropogenic Resource Working Group and Chair of MINEA
Challenges for anthropogenic resource classification on national level
Daniel Müller, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, MINEA WG Member
Secondary raw materials challenges and case studies
Reprocessing of mine tailings: from inventory to practical action
Patrick D’Huges, The French Geological Survey, MINEA WG Member
Challenges for extraction of critical technology elements and radionuclides from phosphogypsum tailings
Michael Haschke, DMT
Gypsum souring: forthcoming challenges and recommendations
Christine Marlet, Eurogypsum, MINEA WG Member
A methodology for the viability of secondary raw materials’ recovery and circularity in the construction sector
Mohamed Osmani, Loughborough University, MINEA WG Leader on the resource potential of construction & demolition waste
Investigating, evaluating and classifying material quantities in fly-ash from waste incineration: A Viennese case study
Florian Huber, Technische Universität Wien, MINEA WG Member
Evaluating the secondary resource potential of Chromium rich slags from stainless steel production
Andrea Winterstetter, VITO, MINEA WG Member
How to evaluate landfill mining? On the challenges of assessing feasibility and performance
Joakim Krook, Linköping University, MINEA WG Leader on the resource potential of waste in landfills
Breakout session on barriers to establish clean, functional and profitable material cycles
Mohamed Osmani, Loughborough University
Tools and Skills
The European Commission's Raw Material Information System (RMIS) – the importance of resource classification
Constantin Ciupagea, EC Joint Research Center in Ispra
European Minerals Yearbook as a reporting platform for anthropogenic resource classification
Zoltán Horváth, EuroGeoServices, MINEA WG Member
UNFC Evaluator Qualifications and Competent Person Requirements   
Soraya Heuss-Aßbichler; Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, MINEA WG Leader on classification and reporting of material resources/reserves
The next steps forward
Target discussion on priority actions for implementing UNFC on company, sectors and government level
Sigurd Heiberg, Petronavit a.s, MINEA WG Member
Wrap up and closing
Roland Gauß, EIT Raw Materials
Special Workshop on Waste Valorization and Critical Raw Materials
Opening and Keynote talks
Opening Speech
Bas de Leeuw, Managing Director, World Resources Forum Association 
Introductionto UNFC Anthropogenic Specifications and summary of the morning session
Ulrich Kral
Raw materials for sustainable development: Opportunities and challenges
Karen Hanghøj CEO, EIT Raw Materials
Recovery of Critical Raw Materials: Opportunities and Challenges
EU Policy and Strategy on secure supply of mineral resources
Rodrigo Chanes, DG GROW
The new monitoring framework on circular economy
Stephan Moll, European Commission - Eurostat
Critical metals recovery from vehicle electronics
Patrick Wäger, Empa, ESM Foundation, MINEA WG Member
Challenges for anthropogenic resource classification on project level / Recent developments in Canada towards waste reduction
Julian Hilton / Julian Hilton on behalf of Carl Weatherell, Aleff Group / Canada Mining Innovation Council (CMIC)