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Implementation of SDG7 at National Level and Regional Level in Asia and the Pacific: Lessons Learnt for the Way Forward

Fabien Kreuzer, ESCAP, Economic Affairs Officer : Evidence-based policies for the Sustainable use of energy resources in Asia and the PacificPDF
Ruben Contreras Lisperguer, ECLAC, Economic Affairs Officer: Rethinking Energy systems and tracking SDG7 as a prerequesite for Sustainable EnergyPDF
Prasert Sinskukprasert, Inspector General Ministry of Energy: Thailand's Energy Policies and Implementation for SDG7PDF
Tomas Barros, Under secretariat for Renewable Energy: Affordable and Clean EnergyPDF
Tea Avazashvili, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Devlelopment, Georgia : Implementation of SDG7 at national level and regional levelPDF
Behnam Zakeri, IIASA, Austria: Data requirements for tracking of SDG7 indicatorsPDF
Alisa Freyre, SIG, GenevaPDF
Hermosillo Gatica: Pemex: in Mexico and the WorldPDF