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Committee on Sustainable Energy


The Committee on Sustainable Energy is an intergovernmental body that provides member States with a platform for international dialogue and cooperation. It is mandated to carry out a programme of work in the field of sustainable energy with a view to providing access to affordable and clean energy to all, in line with the “Sustainable Energy for All” initiative of the Secretary-General, and to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon footprint of the energy sector. 

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In focus

Open-ended Consultation of the Committee on Sustainable Energy
16 May 2019, Salle VIII, Palais des Nations, Geneva

preceded by

Pathways to Sustainable Energy - Consultation Worskhop
14 to 15 May 2019, Salle S4, Palais des Nations, Geneva

The events will feature inputs from the six subsidiary bodies. Based on the insights, the Committee will be invited to rethink its procedures, structures, and activities to deliver more compelling outcomes.



25 to 27 September 2019
Salle XXVI, Palais des Nations, Geneva

16 May 2019
Room VIII, Palais des Nations, Geneva

14 to 15 May 2019
Salle S4, Palais des Nations, Geneva