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Steffen Warmbold

Geschäftsführer des BPPP e.V., Germany

Steffen spent a period in the USA at the "German Transport Infrastructure Financing Company" (VIFG) preparing a degree dissertation on "Opportunities and risks of a public-private partnership, solutions for rail transport". Following this he received a grant to take part in a programme on "Public Private Partnership-Economics" under Prof Alexander Galetovic, Universidad de los Andes, Chile.

For some years he worked for the globally active technical/commercial consultancy Pöyry, where he was responsible among other things for strategic business development in the Urban International business sector. He concentrated in particular on PPP in the road and rail sector, addressing technical and economic problems either for the public side or the private side in the following countries: Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey, and USA.

During his time at Pöyry, he gained in depth experience on PPP road construction and at the same time obtained a doctorate in political science and economics at the TU University of Resources Freiberg. 

As director of the Federal Association Public Private Partnership Deutschland (BPPP), integrating approximately 800 stakeholders and representing these in the BTG/PD holding company, he is the contact partner in PPP matters for the public or private side.

In addition he is also a member of the German Association of Consulting Engineers (VBI) and the German Association for Transport Sciences (DVWG).

He is currently responsible for the courses at the Private University 21 on management topics for and gives lectures on general business management and business administration for the Bachelor's and Master's programme: "Leadership skills construction"

He is a Member of UNECE PPP Business Advisory Board since February, 2014.